Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Christmas Recap

And just like that, Christmas is behind us! I know many have feelings of sadness that it’s over but I don’t get very sad. I love the season but it’s also fine to move on and get back to our normal routines and eating! I will be glad to pack the advent calendar away… we had a Lego advent calendar for Paul and then in our other calendar with drawers, the boys each got 3 m&ms each day and omg there was so much policing of that thing because Taco did not really like complying with 3 m&ms each and a few times he jammed them all in his mouth. Or he got so mad about sharing that he threw his 3 m&ms. I think Phil was ready to throw it out at times. Hopefully next year will be better? 

But all in all, we had a really nice Christmas! Everyone tested negative for Covid so we could celebrate as planned! Hurrah! Phil brought his mom to our place on Saturday evening - it’s so nice to have a guest suite in our basement so she can stay with us for holidays. Paul and I went to church on Christmas Eve. It was a really nice service but Paul decided to pretend he was a dog for much of the service. Just sharing that in case anyone was envisioning us quietly sitting in the church, enjoying the gorgeous music. They had a beautiful orchestra and choir and I thought of Jenny’s family when the trumpets played during Joy to the World! I’m going to guess her trumpet-playing husband and son played at some Christmas Eve services. I played trumpet in high school and always played at Christmas Eve Mass!

We went to Phil’s cousin’s house on Christmas Eve night and the boys got spoiled with gifts and attention! 

Posing in front of the tree in their nice Christmas shirts!

Taco got some Mickey slippers!

The boys were up later than usual so Paul slept in until 6:30 which felt pretty nice! They played with toys they got the night before and I put the ham in the oven before heading out for a short 3 mile run. 

Digging candy out of his stocking!

Playing with a basketball toy they got on Christmas Eve

It had been SO MILD here so it was a very pleasant run. We set a record high of 54 on Christmas Eve and it was rainy and in the low 40s on Christmas Day! Last year it was -10F. Above freezing is very odd. 

After I had showered, the boys opened their gifts. 

Wearing a Mickey sweatshirt from my parents.

We had ham, mashed potatoes, gravy and asparagus for our Christmas mid-day meal, none of which the boys would eat. They usually like ham but neither of them would eat it. The adults enjoyed it, though! 

Taco’s favorite gift was the suitcase and Paul’s was either the Mario Lego sets we got him or the chess board our family got from my MIL. Paul is very into chess! I need to learn to play. 

How was your weekend?

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