Monday, December 18, 2023

Covid strikes

Just when I thought maybe, hopefully we were in for a quiet, healthy stretch, I tested positive for Covid. I had felt fine all week but when I came home from work on Thursday, I felt like I had been hit by a crushing wave of exhaustion. I had done over 35 client calls in 3 days so I chalked it up to that. But when cold symptoms hit during the night, I did a home Covid test and sure enough - it was positive. 

Last time I had Covid in May 2022, I didn’t take paxlovid since I had just had monoclonal antibody injections the month before (which I qualified for because of my immune suppressed status). But I was sick for quite awhile so my doctor said to get on paxlovid right away when/if I get Covid again. So I started that on Friday night. For me, Covid has felt like a bad head cold and I have been extra extra tired. 

So we laid low this weekend. The boys played Hi-Hi Cherry-O on Saturday. It was kind of a gong show, though. That game might need to ‘go away’. 

It has been unseasonably mild here so we went for a family walk. It was nice to get some fresh air and not wear a mask! We visited the geese who are ready for the holiday season! We are almost certainly going to have a brown Christmas. The kids are sad, the adults are THRILLED. Yes snow can make things more festive and cozy but we got about 100” last year so we are ok putting off the arrival of snow a bit longer! 

By Sunday morning I was feeling much better, I’m sure thanks to the paxlovid. The only downside to the medication so far is that it leaves a metallic taste in your mouth. 

Sunday was more of the same. Games. 

Some coloring.

A short walk - we turned back early as it was kind of windy and Paul was cold. Taco was in the stroller with a blanket so him and daddy lasted longer. 

Lots of shows were watched. The boys watched the new Mario Bros movie twice - once on Saturday and again on Sunday. It was nostalgia-inducing to listen in the background - I recognized so much of the music. 

The weekend felt long. I’m reminded why it’s best for all if we are out and about. Hopefully by next weekend we can get back to normal weekend programming - and most importantly can attend the Christmas Eve gathering at Phil’s cousin’s house. It’s my favorite part of our Christmas celebration so I would be so sad to miss it!

How was your weekend?

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