Monday, December 11, 2023

Weekend recap + favorite things party intel

Happy Monday! We’ve got a busy week ahead of us. I have 40 client calls (more got booked on Friday) and then I have holiday parties for work on Wednesday and Thursday! I am glad our weekend was pretty low key since the week ahead will be a bit intense. Here’s how our weekend shaped up. 

Friday was a quiet night which is what I prefer! It was fairly mild out so Phil grilled tuna steaks and we watched another episode of The Crown. I do so much googling when I watch that show!

On Saturday morning I did a Caroline Girvan full body workout which featured a lot of Bulgarian split squats which are so hard for me! Phil grocery shopped and then I went to my favorite things party! 

This was the Galison puzzle I brought

I was relieved that my puzzle was loved. It got ‘stolen’ a couple of times and then the person who ended up with it stopped rolling the dice because she didn’t want anything else. Woo hoo! The most popular gift was a bottle of casamigos tequila and a set of 4 grapefruit mixers. Apparently that brand tequila is very good! The next most popular items were beauty products. I came home with a lip mask that I’m excited to try. 

The most unique beauty product at the party was this ‘snail 96 mucin’ and a toner. Both are Korean beauty products available on Amazon. The woman who brought them raved about them! And yes that snail mucin product is made out of snails… 

After nap time, the boys and I went to the library since we didn’t go in the morning. They both had fun playing with cars. 

On Sunday I did another Caroline Girvan workout - this time a HIIT workout which was super challenging and left me drenched with sweat! It was not my favorite as burpees were involved but it was effective. 

The highlight of the day was going to see The Grinch at the Children’s Theater! They do such a great job! This was our 2nd year in a row of going but this time both boys went. I think this is going to be annual tradition for us going forward!

I made chicken tikka masala with cauliflower and peas for dinner (for the adults). This is my recipe book set up. I am such a tactile person so I print recipes out and if we like them, they go in a plastic sleeve and into a binder that is organized by course. I can’t stand making a recipe from my phone. Yes this makes me an elder millennial/gen-Xer for sure. 

My tactile recipe system

How was your weekend? What kind of recipe system do you use - tactile or digital or are you one of those crazy people that cook without recipes (I don’t even like ‘salt and pepper to taste’ so this is so not me). 

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