Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back in Minneapolis

I'm back home from my trip back to ND for my Grandpa's funeral. It was a tough couple of days, but it was so wonderful to be around my family. All 5 of us kids were able to make it home and my dad's 3 siblings were there, including his sister who lives in CA. It was wonderful being together, I just wish it had been under different circumstances.

There were lots of tough moments during my visit home, but one of the toughest was walking into my Grandparents' home for the first time. My Grandma, aunts, and uncles were all at the Funeral Home, making arrangements, so my mom asked me to come straight to their house when I got to Wyndmere - that way someone would be there to answer the door if people came by to drop off food. I was all alone in the house that is filled with memories. My Grandparents live less than a mile down the road from my parents, so I spent countless hours in this home, playing Trivial Pursuit, talking about books, and talking my Grandpa's ear off. It was so weird to walk into an empty house full of memories, knowing I'd never get to sit down and talk about my job or politics or my Grandpa's latest great read.

The Prayer Service and Funeral were both really nice. My dad is not one to get up and talk in front of large groups of people, but he spoke at the Prayer Service. He did an amazing job and I was so proud of him. He had a good mix of serious stuff & lighter stuff - he made people laugh and chuckle, which was much needed.

I lost my mom's parents when I was much younger - I think I was in 5th grade when Grandma died and 8th grade when Grandpa died. Being 28 and adult made this experience so much different. This time around, I am an adult. I understand more and am able to help out more. I just wish I lived closer so I could stop by and check in on Grandma. Hopefully I can make it home in March or April to visit her again. For now, emails and letter will hopefully help. Yah - you read that correctly - my Grandma emails!!!!! Sometimes she even sends me emails with emoticons in them! Pretty cool, huh?

My Grandpa lived a very full life - next month my Grandparents would have celebrated their 63rd Wedding Anniversary. They were so in love. Grandpa was always so positive and was someone people wanted to be around. I don't think he had any enemies - not because he was a push over or a people pleaser, but because he lived a life centered around the principles of honesty and integrity.

I just hope that, in some small way, I can emulate his life.


Amber said...

That would be such a hard thing to go through, I'm so sorry for your loss.

I'm fortunate enough to have both sets of grandparents still alive. I'm not very close with my dad's parents but am extremely close with my mom's parents. I miss my Grandma SO much since I've moved away!

qwerkyqook said...

You have been in my prayers every day Lisa. I am glad everyone had safe travels as well. I am looking forward to seeing you Friday!

Jess said...

Losing someone you love and have such good memories with is so tough. I was 16 when my grandmother passed away. She was one of my best friends and I still miss her to this day. I guess it's just about recognizing how lucky you were to have known your Grandpa for as long as you did. I hope you and your family are all doing alright.