Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Recap

First off, thanks for participating in Three Things Friday! It was fun learning random facts about all of you!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous!! I don't remember the last time we've had weather this nice in the spring. I usually hate spring since it's kind of cold, wet, and very bleh. This year it has been awesome!!

Here is my weekend recap in bullet point style!

This weekend I...

  • used coupons when grocery shopping for the first time ever! Confession - I never was a price checker or frugal about grocery shopping all all. Now I am paying more attention to how much I am spending. It's an adjustment but it's good for me to be more mindful of how much I am spending.
  • went over to my brother's for a bbq. We had steak, baked potatoes, and asparagus. Yum.
  • was once again amazed by my nephew's intelligence/memory. We were talking about our favorite meals and he said his was pizza. I told him that wasn't my favorite since I can't have it and he says, 'Because you can't have flower, right?' I had quickly mentioned that almost 2 weeks ago when we went out for lunch at Chipotle. I was impressed that he a) remembered, and b) knew that pizza had flour in it. I think that's pretty good for a kid who isn't even 5 yet!!
  • made this beef stew recipe. It's so not stew season but it makes the BEST leftovers and I didn't want to have to cook after work this week! I do so much better when I do all of my cooking on Sunday!
  • went for a lovely 4 mile run around my favorite lake and ran an average pace of 9:08 minute miles which is pretty good for me! My knee is doing better - hopefully it will be back to 100% by the time marathon training kicks off on June 7th.

What was the highlight of your weekend?


Kelly said...

Oh man I just saw your post below about your gmail account being hacked- I didn't get an email from you but one of my friends also got hacked and I was like what is this when she sent me an email. Hers didn't seen to mess up her computer so hopefully thats true for you too :)

Your nephew is soo cute. I find kids sometimes have the crazyest memories some time, I guess because they have less annoying stuff in their heads! One time I was playing a game with my kids that used empty containers and I saw an Oikos container and said "oh thats my favorite yogurt"- then like 3 months later one of my kids had the same yogurt and was like LOOK its your favorite yogurt- I'm like seriously!? I had almost forgotten I said it!

Charbelle said...

Wow he's not yet 5 and he remembered and knew that, very impressive!!
Sounds like a lovely weekend! Congrats on your pace, that's SO AWESOME!!

Kyla Roma said...

Your nephew is the sweetest, what a gentleman! That's so attentive =)

Congratulations on your running, that's fantastic! I've finally stopped slacking and am getting back on the working out bandwagon and I'm already feeling better.

Becky said...

That's great that your nephew remembered that - he's not even 5?! Wow!

This weekend I cleaned our apartment, got all the laundry done, ran errands, had a movie night with a friend, and just all-around relaxed!

B and B said...

It was a beautiful weekend, wasn't it? We worked in the yard and a trying to unpack. It will take us longer to get settled back in to being home than I imagined. I do believe Andrew is a exceptionally bright young man. Have a good week and let's plan bananagrams!

Emily Jane said...

Yikes! I just saw about the hacking too - not fun!! Your nephew is so cute, and the weekend sounded good - our highlight was our first ballroom dance class (hilarious) and new Dr. Who. And having the guts to ask my massage therapist to hang out!! :)

Jess said...

The weather here is finally getting nice, so I'm with you on liking Spring at the moment!

Glad you had a nice, relaxing weekend. Love the stories about your nephew! Smart 5 year old, for sure.

I'maNolaGirl said...

Sounds like a fun filled weekend (aside from the Gmail hacking). My parents are coming to Beaufort this weekend and I can't wait for some family time!

Nora said...

Highlight of my weekend:

* Our BBM messages :)
* Doing two + hours of yard work resulting in a workout and improving the landscape
*Ignoring school work for a day!
* Treating myself to a naked burrito from Qdoba

Leigh said...

Aw that's so cute of your nephew! Sometimes kids are amazing at what they can remember and with what they know.

Best part of my weekend would have had to been the was gorgeous here! And BBQ'ing that goes along with the weather

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

That beef stew recipe is AMAZING - I need to make it again asap!!

I'm not much of a coupon clipper when grocery shopping but for big trips we do tend to go to the local Superstore which is ridiculously cheap!!

Your nephew is so cute, it's amazing how much kids remember hey! Glad to hear you had a fabulous weekend love! XO

Abby said...

Wow, Andrew is crazy smart! That really impresses me! (And makes me sulk, because I miss my 4 nephews sooo much!!)

Way to go on your 4 mile pace! That is awesome! I'm so happy to hear that your knee is getting better.

I'm the same with you about the coupon-shopping! I try to save money with groceries, but I hate coupons, because I don't like carrying around a bunch of pieces of paper. Messy! But my grocery store (fry's) has the option to download them onto your "shoppers card" so the coupons are on my keychain. Pretty cool!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I think the highlight of my weekend was running over 10 miles (at a much slower pace than 9 minute miles, mind you) and including my husband and dog on different parts of my run!

aimee said...

coupons rock!!! i use them ALL the time and you'd be amazed how much it can save. has good ones every once in awhile. sounds like you had a great weekend!

Sassy Molassy said...

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend. I'm really itching to do some bbq ing! Manfriend needs to get that grill going one of these evenings. I'm too much of a wimp to do it. It's always amazing how much little kids remember. My mentee is reminding me of that. She pays attention to some of the tiny details.

J said...

Glad the knee is feeling better! And hope your gmail account is de-hacked now. Totally stinks.

Highlight of the weekend had to be spending time with "fake" family lol...its like future in laws i guess but Im not married yet so they are like family!

Marlys said...

I didn't get an email either! That is so disgusting, though! Did you have to do anything to stop it? I loved the story about Andrew - he's so observant and sweet! I am anxious for the summer months to get here so we can see the grandsons more often!
It won't be long now!

Anais said...

What a fun week-end :)

The highlight of my week-end was NOT doing homework. i probably should've, but realized that I could afford to take a break from working on my paper so I did :)

Rachel @ MWF Seeking BFF said...

I have trouble with coupons too. I feel like that sounds silly, as its not like I am all about throwing money around. But it takes organization that I dont really have to keep track of the coupons, have the right ones ready,etc.

My highlight of my weekend? I want to say the Cubs game but it was COLD!! Mexican with the husband was a close second.

Nicole said...

I'm so glad to hear your knee is feeling better! That's awesome!!

I am signed up for the Minneapolis Marathon in early June and the Twin Cities in October.

And you are right; the weather here has been spectacular! Last spring (and well into summer, it felt like) I remember driving home from work with the heat on. Not cool.

Ally said...

Good news about the knee! Knees are such fickle body parts. The BBQ sounds delicious.

My highlight was definitely Phantom. Not much else could top that. :)