Monday, September 13, 2010

Marathon Madness Monday: Week 15 - Bear Water 20 Mile Race Recap

Wow, getting really close to week 18, which is marathon week! Yikes!

The beginning of this week was not so great for me, running-wise. I had to cut my Wednesday night run short because it was starting to get dark... For some reason, I feel safer running in the dark in the a.m. than the p.m. Maybe I feel like the crazies don't come out between 5-6 am? So I cut that run short. Then I completely skipped my Thursday run because I was just way too exhausted to get up and run at 5 that day. That morning, I actually got up, put on my running clothes, and then looked in the mirror and said, "nope, can't do this today." And then I went back to bed, in my running clothes. Stellar.

So my mileage was super, duper low for the week... But I knew I had a 20 miler on Saturday so I decided to cut myself some slack.

My legs apparently responded well to not running much this week because my 20 miler went wonderfully! I was pretty nervous that morning... and then I got a little lost. Australian Lee really needs to step it up and stop getting me lost. Once again, I blame the fact that I was in 'lake country' so the roads were winding and there were seriously 3 different roads that were labeled as "County Road 96". Um, how is my GPS supposed to know which one to turn onto? Seriously? And why would County Road 96 also = Highway 61. Seriously?

I digress.

Anyways, luckily I budgeted "Lisa gets lost" time into the morning so had plenty of time to pick up my race number and stretch before the race started. Phew.

Here is a break down of how it went!

Mile 1 - 9:13
Mile 2 - 9:17
Mile 3 - 9:29
Mile 4 - 9:13 (took my first Gu* at this point)
Mile 5 - 9:36
Mile 6 - 9:28
Mile 7 - 9:48
Mile 8 - 9:25 (2nd Gu)
Mile 9 - 9:52
Mile 10 - 10:03 (stopped to go to the bathroom so lost some time here)
Mile 11 - 9:33
Mile 12 - 9:37 (3rd Gu)
Mile 13 - 9:47
Mile 14 - 9:33
Mile 15 - 9:52
Mile 16 - 9:49 (4th Gu)
Mile 17 - 10:16 (starting to feel fatigued at this point)
Mile 18 - 9:42
Mile 19 - 10:23
Mile 20 - 9:25

Totals - 20 miles, 3:13:40 (per my Garmin), average pace of 9:40

*For non-runners, Gu is this sugary gel that I eat. I eat the Vanilla Bean flavor, which I think is pretty delicious. It's sort of like eating frosting in a gel form. Sounds kind of gross, but it's decent...

My goal was to finish in 3:20 so I am VERY pleased with how the run went. One of my co-workers had another friend running this race, so she came out to watch and saw me right when I had finished miles 10 and 16. She ran with me for a bit each time she saw me, which was really awesome!

When I saw her at 16, I told her I actually felt really, really good. On Friday, a co-worker had asked me when I started to feel 'fatigued' during a run. I said maybe around mile 13 or 14? Well on Saturday, I was still feeling great at mile 16. I probably jinxed myself by talking about that because the fatigue started to hit me around 17. I started to feel those miles in my hip flexor and knees, but after stretching at the water stop at mile 18, I felt much better.

I was tired when I crossed the finish line, but I could have done another 10k. I hope I feel this good on marathon race day! I was pretty tired/sore on Sunday, but I don't think I 'over did' it as I felt like I was running at a 'comfortable pace' the whole time.

I am relieved that this run went so well. Truth be told, I was sort of struggling in the confidence area this summer after some not-so-great runs. But now that I've had great 18 and 20 milers, I KNOW I can do this marathon and there is a very good chance I will PR.

I have another long run coming up this weekend - I plan on do something around 16-20. Then it's taper time! The end is in sight - which means my meet-up with Amber is just around the corner! So excited!!

Training Tally:
Miles ran last week: 28 (pretty pathetic, but I'll take it...)
Training-to-date mileage: 404


Becky said...

So glad the run went so well!!! Awesome! And running 28 miles in one week? I don't think you get to call that pathetic. :)

Lisa-Marie said...

Do you realise that your total mileage is the same as the distance between Glasgow in Scotland and London in England. That's some mileage lady!

Jess said...

I want to live in a world where 28 miles is pathetic. Because if I walk a mile I'm ready to keel over and DIE.

Charbelle said...

YAY LISA YOU ROCK!!! I'm so glad this went well!!! I laughed that you budgeted get lost time in, because I so do the same thing :)

Emily Jane said...

You are amazing!! :D

abbi said...

Woohoo! You were awesome on the 20 miles! I think you are definitely prepared for the marathon. Since my schedule is a bit messed up from my skipped and made up runs, I didn't want to make myself do another 20 this weekend, I was afraid two in a row might be pushing it. I ended up close to 16...definitely could've done more and felt the best yet afterwards. Congrats on your great race!

Gracie (Complicated Day) said...

Great race! Your time is wonderful. Good job on even splits, too. I'm predicting a big time PR in a few weeks!
Nothing like a really successful race to pump your confidence up before a marathon, right?

Jess said...

You did awesome!! Like I keep saying - I am majorly impressed by you and your commitment to training and I know you're going to do awesome in your marathon!

My friend ran in a half marathon yesterday and I went to watch her cross the finish line. I so wanted to be running with her. It looked like such a fun time. (Is it weird to say running such a long distance looked fun?!)

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I only ran an ACTUALLY pathetic 18 the week before last, so don't worry about the mileage.

Also, I'm sitting here with my jaw on the desk staring at your splits! I just can't get over how freaking SPEEDY you were! That is amazing! Great, great, GREAT job lady!!!!!!

4 weeks? I actually CAN'T believe it!

Abby said...

I am so so proud of you, Lisa! What a great and relieving feeling to know that you have hit that point where "26.2 is doable!"!! That's great how wonderful your time was too!

You rock! The days prior to the race were really good for a little taper before a solid 20-mile race!

Nora said...

28 miles in one week is NOT pathetic. At least not in my mind. So proud of you & glad that the run went so well =) You're a rockstar!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I think it's just as important to have really good training runs as it is to have bad ones. Glad you can sock this one away as a success. I think you're gonna do great come race day!

Marlys said...

I am so happy your run went so well! Great confidence booster! I'm sure you will do well on the big one!

Sassy Molassy said...

So happy for you girl! That's awesome that you felt strong for 20 miles. I mean, that is serious! Your body and mind are ready for this marathon. My 18er was kinda rough this weekend, but I think it was in part because of such a tough week prior. Hoping next weekend's 20 will go just as fabulously as yours! Good work.

Stephany said...

I know in the mind of someone training for a marathon, 28 miles in one week would feel like a failure but to me, it's amazing. I hope to one day be at that level of fitness! Your 20-miler was amazing, too! WOW. I'm still trying to make it to 12-minutes miles, ha.

Leigh said...

So happy to hear that your 20 miler went well this weekend! So crazy that you and Amber talk about running 20 miles like it's nothing.

J said...

I am so glad the 20 miler went well for you!! Good idea to listen to your body and rest! I totally feel safer in the morning, mainly because there is less traffic and less people out. Plus I kind of doubt the robbers are out at 5am!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Lol I love that you went back to bed in your running clothes! Sometimes your body just says no.

Congrats on the great 20 miler! You are going to rock this marathon!

Mandy said...

You are so going to rock the marathon. I just know it. So glad that this 20 miler went well. You are amazing!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Great job on the run!!! You are awesome girl!! I am impressed!