Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Weekend Recap

The long weekend we just had was just what the doctor ordered. I've tried to avoid complaining about surgery, but truth be told, the last 3 weeks were pretty hard on me. So the long weekend away couldn't have come at a better time. And luckily as we headed into the holiday weekend, I was gaining strength and working on weening myself off crutches, so the finish line to those pesky things was in sight. Here's how we spent our weekend!

On Friday night we went to an amateur league baseball game to celebrate Phil's mom's birthday. She fell in love with baseball after watching Phil play for many years, so this was the perfect birthday outing. We lucked out as the rain cleared off right before the game and it was a beautiful night. Our amateur league plays in a stadium that was just built for them last year and it's a beautiful stadium. We had a fun night and really enjoyed the fireworks after the game!

On Saturday we headed up to the lake for the rest of the weekend. The weather was rainy and cool on Saturday so we stayed inside and played lots of games, like Candy Land, Hi Hi Cherry-O, and my family's version of rummy!

Phil and Charlie playing Candy Lane. Phil won both games!
We also celebrated the birthdays of 2 of my nephews and my sister that evening. We had a delicious meal and ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.

Charlie loved his new umbrella!
It was so great to see 5 of my 7 nieces and nephews! I didn't get photos of everyone, but did snap one good one with Charlie and Evelyn. I can't believe how big Evelyn has gotten. She's a little over 2 now and it such a little spitfire!

Sunday was a nicer day so we spent most of it outside. In the evening we started a fire so we could have s'mores for dessert. Phil got talked into playing some football with my nephews. He was quite popular with them!

It was a gorgeous evening. There's nothing like being by peaceful water.

Mom & dad enjoying the beautiful night!
Oh and this wasn't intentional but Phil and I wore coordinating outfits.

The couple that wears pink together, stays together
I enjoyed a gluten free s'more - a marshmallow sandwiched between chocolate squares. So delicious!

On Monday morning we soaked up some more sunshine before hitting the road to spend the afternoon and evening with Phil's mom.

It was an absolutely wonderful weekend but the best part was completely weening myself off crutches by Monday morning!!  Woo hip!  Let me tell you - it feels AMAZING to be able to walk!

How was your weekend?


Sandra Bond said...

That sounds like a wonderful (!) weekend full of family fun and I am so glad to hear you're off the crutches! You'll be running again in no time ;)

Charbelle4 said...

That picture of the lake is so gorgeous!!!! I love the pictures of the nieces and nephews!!! So glad you were able to get a break and enjoy this long weekend with so many fun activities!!!

Elizabeth said...

Woohoo indeed! So happy to hear that the hip is feeling better and you're getting along unassisted :) And what an incredibly restoring weekend---time with the family can be all that the heart needs. Glad you were able to spend some time with both Phil's and your families :) Happy week ahead!

Marlys said...

It was almost a perfect weekend, despite the weather, but all in all we couldn't complain! We ate well, too, as we usually do and watching the grandkids play together so well just warms my heart! We were so happy to see you crutchless on Monday morning! Yahoo!

Jeanie said...

I noticed you were standing sans crutches in that photo of you and Phil (very cute!) Well, three cheers for that! VERY good news!

I think this was such a needed break for you after the stress of the surgery and the healing. I'm so glad you had the wonderful time you had hoped!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Wow, I loved that picture of you Charlie and Evelyn but I had no idea it was Evelyn! She looks about 4 in that picture!!! Such a great photo. I also love the one of you and Phil and noticed the crutches were not present so I thought that was a good sign! Glad you had a good long weekend. It always seems like Memorial Day, more than other holidays, comes right at the right time!

Linda said...

I love you two in pink! It makes me laugh when Sugarface and I accidentally coordinate. It looks so ridiculous!

My weekend was full. We had Sugarface's sister and her husband in town so we played tour guide.

Leigh said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend! Your niece has the best hair

J and A said...

What an awesome weekend!!! LOVE the pink outfits! And that s'more - now I want s'mores!! ;)

Abby said...

No crutches!!! Yay!! Congrats Lisa!!! Ahh you must feel so free!!!

Are you still going to PT?

Looks like such a fun weekend! Wish we could have been there! Phil appears to be quite a hit with the nephews ;) I'm sure they love having another partner for football!

Our weekend was awesome. Went to a work promotion party for Ryan Friday night. Saturday I went to hot yoga with a friend, we furniture shopped, and did that race. Sunday more furniture shopping and a BBQ with friends. Monday a bike ride with and week prep! Perfect balance. And we found out we are definitely getting the house!

Stephany said...

Hooray for no crutches! That must feel so good. And hooray for such a restorative long weekend... you needed a weekend like that!

Carolina John said...

That is a whole bundle of fun wrapped in s'mores! Well done!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

My long weekend was good. We fit a lot in. I did a yard sale with my sister in law, hit up a beer tent for a local band we used to listen to in college, took isla fishing for the first time, went out on the boat, hit up a parade, and enjoyed laziness. It was fabulous. I love the beach/sun and longer days.

Amber said...

Love love love the picture of you guys both in pink! So fun! And I think a marshmallow squished between two pieces of chocolate sounds better than a regular smore :) Glad this weekend with family came at just the right time for you!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

That does sound like a wonderful weekend, and so nice that you got to spend so much time with family :-) Mmmm, s'mores!! I haven't had one yet this year - soon!