Sunday, August 10, 2008

Babysitting for the Boys

Last night I babysat for Andrew & Matthew so that Kevin and Julie could attend a friend's birthday party. It was their first night out, sans children, since Matthew was born so I was more than happy to provide my babysitting services! They were both extremely well-behaved!

The night was alot of fun. Once the boys woke up from their naps, Andrew popped in a new DVD (Digitally remastered Peter Pan). Matthew hung out on my lap, entertaining me with all his cooing and smiles...

while Andrew tried to hide from his camera-crazy aunt!

After Andrew got tired of the movie, I strapped Matthew into the Baby Bjorn (best invention ever & now topping the list for best expectant mother gift) and we headed outside.

Matthew and I hung out in the shade while Andrew played with every kid's favorite toy - a box. Kids toys have become increasingly high-tech, so it's comforting/funny to see that your basic, empty box is still a favorite toy for kids!!

Then Andrew showed off his pedaling skills on his new bike,

taking frequent water breaks to re-fuel after all that hard work!

Then we went back inside so Matthew could play with one of his favorite toys - the 'exer-saucer'.

The pizza then arrived, so I put Matthew in this little seat that mom gave Kevin & Julie. Can't remember what it's called, but it's up there w/ the Baby Bjorn in my list of gifts to give future parents! Matthew watched,

while Andrew ate. After I took this pic of Andrew he said - 'no more pictures, Lisa.' I respected his wishes and put the camera away so he could eat in peace, with no flashing cameras.

It was Matthew's turn to eat, so Andrew went back to watching Peter Pan while I gave Matthew his bottle. He looked pretty sleepy, so I started singing a few of my favorite songs off the new Jason Mraz CD (which I highly recommend if you are into that kind of music). Matthew seemed to enjoy them.

So much so that he fell peacefully asleep.

Both boys were in bed & sleeping by 8:30 so I was able to watch Michael Phelps achieve his first Gold Medal in the 400m Medley (I'm an Olympics freak, FYI).

All in all, a wonderful night. I am so lucky to live close enough to be able to babysit for these 2. Matthew really got the bulk of my attention, so I am hoping to do another 'Lisa and Andrew' day sometime this fall! Will probably take him to that new bookstore I discovered (Wild Rumpus) and out for some ice cream at Sebastian Joe's.

Hope every enjoyed this beautiful weekend!


Marlys said...

That was so sweet! I hope Andrew is having a better day! When I called them this morning, he was very uncomfortable and crying - not good with a tonsilectomy! I will call later today and hope he is doing better. Poor little guy!

Unknown said...

You do such a wonderful job. I am enjoying your blog SO MUCH!!! I wish I lived closer to Maple Grove so I could baby sit as well.