Friday, August 29, 2008

Traumatic experience......

I had a traumatic experience this morning.

3 hours later, and it still has me shaken to the core.

I was working away at my desk this morning, when my keyboard came unplugged. So I crawled under my cube to plug it back in, and came face to face with a... (wait for it) ... COCKROACH.

What? Do I live in the dirty south? Or NYC? Or Arizona? No, I live in the gall darn Midwest, thank you very much. So rodents like that should NOT be lurking in my cube.

It was around 7, so I was the only person here... which is good and bad. Good because no one was around to witness me shrieking and running out of my cube. Bad because there was no one to help me kill it... So I ran over to the sales area where I knew people would be around. One of the sales assistant (apparently the resident cockroach killer) came over to my cube to take care of the problem... but of course by this point in time, it was GONE.

So now we have a ginormous cockroach roaming the floor... probably lurking in my cube, waiting for me to leave so he can continue nesting by my CPU. GROSS. I guess we have had other cockroaches around, so a bug guy is coming in & will be inspecting my cube for 'rodent feces'. Um, yes. So glad I am wearing tennis shoes and not flip flops or open toed sandals today.

I am considering calling HR & asking if Workers Comp covers mental health problems?? Because I am still really squeamish & am struggling to concentrate. All I can think of is that huge bug.

My co-worker Pat said - how can you be brave enough to go all the way to Europe, alone, for 3 weeks, but are deathly afraid of a cockroach?

It's irrational, I know. I consider myself very independent... except when it comes to things like mice, bugs, snakes, etc. I am probably the most squeamish out of all the kids in my family. It's probably even worse when it comes to mice. We had a little mouse problem at our cabin around Christmas. Have you seen 'Ratatouille'? Barb, I know you have - picture the part where the chandolier falls & the colony of mice falls along with it. That is what I was picturing this winter at the cabin.

I might need to take a mental health day. We'll see if my state of mind improves.

PS - I thought about googling a picture of a cockroach for this post, but I can't even bring myself to look at a picture of one...

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