Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just my luck

Rant time.

I haven't had a haircut since this past March - this is probably the longest I've gone w/out getting my hair cut since I did Locks of Love back in 2007.

Abby's wedding is on Saturday, so I schedule a hair appointment for this evening - I wanted to get it cut & colored as close to the wedding as possible because guess what - I am prematurely graying. Yep, I have more gray hair than my mom who will turn 61 next week. Thank you, genetics, thank you.

So anyways, I was feeling quite smug about this whole set up - getting my hair cut & colored is so relaxing since I finally found a hair person in Minneapolis that I know and trust. Up until this last year or so, I was driving to Moorhead, Minnesota to get my hair cut! Yep, I was driving about 4.5 hours to get my hair cut.

I have some trust issues when it comes to hair obviously. But I finally found someone that I know and like and that knows my hair and doesn't butcher it when she cuts it.

Yah, she called in sick today.

I am not blaming her - I understand that people get sick and have to call in. I am just feeling a little bit whiny about the fact that she called in sick TODAY of all days. I have so many grays right now, not getting my hair colored is NOT an option. And it is in dire need of a trim.

So now, some random person will be coloring it. And another random person will be cutting it. Because they don't have one person who can do both. I wasn't exactly flexible on time since this is my last day in the office this week and I have a report that is due before I leave. And oh, the data for that report isn't available until around 2 today, due to some network issues (seriously, I have the worst luck apparently). So taking a half day to be more flexible on availability for my beautification isn't a possibility.

So for a control freak like me, this whole last minute switcheroo of the hair person is not good.

I am just praying that the hair cut & color goes ok.


Anonymous said...

i have gray hair as well. I'm letting my current dark color grow out and then my stylist is going to put a "shade" on my hair. I'm excited!

Good luck with the hair cut/color. I am so particular about my stylists, I know how you feel.

aimee said...

i'm sure it will turn out fine! have a great weekend and a great time at the wedding!!!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Uh oh, that stinks. I know exactly how you feel. I'm sure it will go fine, just be very specific about what you want! :)

Little Fish said...

OK, deep breathe! I'm sure that your hair will tirn out great. Generally salons don't employ one great person and then 10 other awful stylists. Most likely if one person there is good they're all good.

Amber said...

Ugh that would frustrate me too!

My hairdresser is in FSJ. I love her, she does the best job with my hair. She's also one of the busiest hair dressers in FSJ! Sometimes I call a month ahead of time and STILL can't get in!!! I'm in dire need of a haircut right now since I haven't been home since the beginning of June, but I'm going home again in September and I'm intent on holding out till then!!!

Good luck at the hairdressers! I hope it goes OK!

crystal said...

The gray comes from grad school, and it is just proof that we have lived through (are still living through, in my case) stress to the max! I have had plenty of grays for years now, so I feel for you :)

Unknown said...

Poor Lisa! I am sure you will look beautiful for the wedding. However, one does not need added stress, that's for sure. Hang in there! See you Friday.

Katie said...

I am prematurely graying too! I'm a little mad at genetics. And because my hair is almost black it stands out like a sore thumb.


I totally understand your particularity about hairdresser. I'm the exact same way. I adore my hair and want it taken care of.

Kelli said...

I have gray hair too Lisa that cannot go without coloring, so you are not alone on the whole premature graying thing ;)