Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Learn from me

The day is almost over. Thank God. I had an absolutely craptastic day at work. Boy am I glad I have a nice 4 day weekend - I need a break from that place.

I survived my hair appointment with the strangers. It went fine. Definitely not as good as what I am used to, but oh well. The color looked fine when I was in the salon, but in my lighting at home, it has a reddish hue to it. I have nothing against red heads, but it's not a complimentary hue for me. Oh well. As the stylist said when she was cutting my hair - 'I'm not the bride'. So in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't really matter. I'll have to go back and get it fixed in a month or so.

I should be packing right now. Instead I am sitting her with Vaseline smeared all over my chest & neck, with a layer of saran wrap over that - sort of an at home 'extreme moisturizing skin treatment'.

Why the moisturizing regimen? Remember how I got those funky blotches of white from the misapplication of spray on sunscreen? I tried to fix them 2 weeks ago at the lake, but apparently didn't get enough sun. So on Sunday I headed out to the pool at my condo association to catch some rays and get rid of those pesky blotches.

Yah, I got a sunburn. Not a slight one either. Sort of lobsteresque.

Good news - the blotches have been obliterated.

Bad news - there is a risk of me peeling.

So there I am, sans make-up, covered in saran wrap, with my reddish hued hair. Fan-freaking-tastastic.

You'd think this was my first time as a bridesmaid. Not my 8th.

So learn from me, all you future bridesmaids. a) Don't fix faint tan lines - just roll with them. b) Don't schedule a hair appt for your last night in town.

My bridesmaid dress is already at my parent's cabin, so I know I will avoid that mishap. I am hoping that my bad luck has run out.

Regardless of whether I am peeling on Saturday, or if my reddish hued hair looks terrible, I am going to have a blast at this wedding! I'm sure I'll be back with a recap & lots of photos next week!


Unknown said...

Well at least you're optimistic! I hope the hair gets a bit better. In any case, we're usually more critical of the way we look and so, its probably not as bad as you think!

By the way, ingenious use of saran wrap! haha

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Hope you have a good time!! :)

Unknown said...

There is a least a short story about you and this wedding! Seriously..... I think it is definitely publish worthy material. Love you. See you Friday.

Cherry Blossoms said...

Oh No! Keep positive and just keep putting a lot of lotion on your skin. I would apply several times a day.

Katie said...

It sounds like you've got your share of disasters out of the way! It can be nothing but smooth sailing from here. Right?

Have a great time this weekend. Enjoy your weekend!

Jess said...

I wonder how much your sister would love it if you showed up to her wedding still covered in saran wrap? At the very least, it would be a great conversation piece. "What's the bridesmaid wearing?!"
Sorry to hear about your hair, though I think it looks fine in the picture.
Have a great weekend and congrats to your sister!

Amber said...

Hahahaha - you're so cute! That's too funny.

I think your hair looks fine - not that I can really see it in that picture!

Have a fabulous time!!!

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel better, the first time I was a maid of honor I was peeling due to a similar situation. I have since learned the ropes. I'm glad I'm not the only person who is a perma-bridesmaid!

Have a lovely time!

Becky said...

Lisa I just found your blog and I love it! Have a great time at the wedding and I hope you don't peel!!!

Mama Nastase said...

Lisa, you looked beautiful at all the festivities! You obviously didn't peel and your hair must've toned down. :)

I'm not surprised that this was your 8th time as a did a wonderful job as Maid of Honor!

Anais said...

Oh Lisa I just want to give you a hug :) Obviously this happened a while ago (since I'm catching up), but I hope it didn't turn out too badly :) I thought you looked great sans makeup anyways ;)

For my cousins wedding, I had a farmer's tan. It looked awful lol!