Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend Review

Another fabulous weekend has come and gone. August is off to a good start! The weather was decent this weekend - still unseasonably cool, but it was nice and sunny, so I really can't complain.

My friend Alissa got married on Saturday - her wedding was a blast. I can't believe how fast it came - it seems like we were just celebrating her engagement. Speaking of which - when I was saving photos from this weekend, I started going through the photos from the night of their engagement party in November. That was when I started to work on losing weight. Check out the photos from that night, compared to how I look now!

Crazy, huh? I'm nearly 30 pounds lighter than I was then, and it really shows!! Looking at those pictures make me sort of very sick to my stomach, but the important thing is that the weight has come off and my lifestyle is now conducive to keeping those pounds off. I am about 15 pounds from my goal and am hoping to be at my goal by the time I run my 1/2 on October 31st.

The rest of the weekend was a blur. I have a short week ahead of me since I will be heading to my parents cabin on Thursday morning. I'm going to love having a 3 day work week! I'm not going to be around much in the evenings this week, so I made a big taco salad - I love taco salads. They make the best leftovers. I like mine with kidney beans - great way to get some more fiber into your diet.

Doesn't that look delicious? Mmm... can't wait to have some leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

PS - I hate the dishes the salad is plated on. I bought that set of plates/silverware for super cheap when I graduated from college, and I only bought them because the price was right. If/when I get married, I look forward to picking out some dishes that I actually like.

So my question for you, reader, is this: If you are married, what was your favorite thing you registered for (or received as a gift if you didn't do a gift registry)? For my unmarried readers, what do you look forward to registering for? I'm definitely pining after some fun plates - and if I'm not married/engaged by the time I am 30, I'm going to buy them as a 30th birthday present for myself!

Have a fantastic week everyone!


Amber said...

I saw your new profile pic on facebook and was going to email you and tell you how FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC you look!!!

Seriously, hot!!!!!

Great, great, great job on the weight loss! You should do a blog post about it? I'm curious about your tactics/tips??

I also LOVE taco salad!! One of my favourite meals ever, by far, and that one looks delicous!

Hmmmm... I will probably be in the market for some new dishes by the time I get married so that might be something on the list.. I've never actually really thought about what I'd want for gifts actually. I want people to give us money so we can go on a big fancy-shmancy honeymoon! Is that terrible? Hahaha!!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

We got lots of fun things. We got solar powered tiki torches that we have in our yard that I like. We also got a boat load of money and it paid for a 7 day all inclusive trip to Jamaica. I also adore the china that I got. hmmm that's all I can think of now.. OOHHH wait.. my blender.. I freaking love my blender. Which reminds me I should make a smoothie tomorrow. Good job on the weight loss. I really need to motivate myself to lose about 40 pounds.

Cherry Blossoms said...

Money is always nice but we used that to pay for what we did not get off our registry and plus that is the classic wedding gift I learned. We paid for our own honeymoon ( so no parent help there). Getting my pearl jewelry set on my wedding day was an amazing gift and my red Kitchen aid stand mixer. Every bride to be has to put one of those on her list! Your time will come by dear and registering is one of the best parts! You must do Crate and Barrel!

Kelly said...

Isn't it awesome to look at pictures and see the improvement like that? It's harder to see when you look at yourself day to day. I am having the hardest time registering. I have a lot of stuff I like already, and I am not a big household items person- I'd much rather have new purses, gadgets (cameras, ipods, phones), clothes etc haha. Don't think I should register for those though haha

aimee said...

you look great!!! sounds like you had a great time at the wedding!

if/when i get married, i'm excited to register for a kitchenaid know the big standing ones that come in a bunch of different colors?? i doubt i'd ever use it that much but i always knew i'd register for one!!

Jess said...

You look really great! Congrats for reaching that goal. Very impressive.

Also..that taco salad looks delicious!! I haven't yet that in so long, but I think you've made me realize I'm going to be making some for dinner at some point this week!

Unknown said...

Congratulations! You look fantastic! I love that black dress! When I finished my master's degree, I gifted myself with a new set of dishes!!! However, I am now conscious of how a plate will look "on camera. Maybe you could just buy a few "photogenic" plates to use every day? Then, you can register for an entire set of dishes someday.....

I also bought my Kitchen Aide Mixer with extra money earned from directing a show 30 years ago. I never regretted that purchase! It still works perfectly today.

Little Fish said...

Don't you think all work weeks should only be 3 days?

BTW- You look fantastic in the pics and I love your dress.

Anonymous said...

You look amazing! Congrats on the weight loss and keeping it off. I know how you feel about getting sick to your stomach when looking back but the progress you've made is something to be incredibly proud of!!! =)

Anais said...

You look marvelous lady!!! It's so nice to see actual proof that all the hard work has payed off! When I was visiting my parents I saw a picture of me from christmas, and I literally looked like a big marshmallow with eyes. I couldn't believe that was me, and that I thought I looked alright!!

Oh, and don't get me started on wedding registries :P it will be one of the nicest days of my life when I get to make a huge list of all the things I want lol!