Friday, August 28, 2009

Running Rituals

Good Morning & Happy Friday! Oh, I am so ready for the weekend. Work has been less than fabulous this week, but we won't dwell on that here.

Training for the half continues to go well, but I've been feeling a little achier than usual in my quads and hip flexor. I can't really figure out why, so I decided to swap out my shoes. I haven't really kept track of the miles I've put on them, but I think I am coming up against the max of 600 miles on them.

So it's out with the old...

And in with the new!

I always feel like a bit of a fraud when I start wearing new running shoes. They are so bright white, they practically glow in the dark. A true runner's shoes should look like they have some wear and tear on them. Kind of like my current Mizuno's do. They look much better in the picture than they actually look. I'm excited to step into my Mizuno's for the first time this weekend. It's great that I have finally found a shoe that I love - I definitely went through a couple of other brands before finding the Mizuno Waveriders. I don't even have to try them on anymore - this is my 3rd pair and they always fit me perfectly!

Aside from having a shoe of choice, I have some other rituals that I do. Sometimes I feel like I am channelling Jack Nicholson's character from the movie, "As Good As It Gets." You know, the movie where he played a neurotic, OCD character? Yah, I have some of those OCD tendencies. I think know it runs in the family - most notably on my mom's side. We are just a little quirky.

So what my are my running rituals?
  • I have to hold my keys in a certain way in my right hand. I then spin the bigger of my two key rings as I run. The keys have to lay in my hand in a certain way for me to be able to spin this key ring. I have been doing this since I started training for the marathon in 2006. If I don't do this ritual when running outdoors, my run feels off. However, when I run on the treadmill, I can run sans keys just fine.
  • In my left hand, I have to hold the cord from my head phones in a certain way and then I tuck my first finger into the fold of skin between my thumb and first finger.
  • I only run around the lakes counter clockwise. I have tried switching it up and the runs feel like they take much longer. And my pace is slower, too - even though there isn't a difference in elevation when I run in the opposite direction.

Hmm... writing those out makes me feel like I should get my head examined. My cousin who is in med school has done a psych rotation so I am sure she could diagnose me in no time!

I know I am not alone in having odd rituals. So come on - 'fess up. What are your rituals? Of course, they do not have to relate to running - they can be about anything. Don't even get me started on all of the other weird rituals I do during the normal course of a day!


Becky said...

Again, seriously impressed that you run! Um, I have to put my right shoe on first, regardless of the kidns of shoes I'm wearing (heels, flip flops, sneakers, etc), which is weird because I think it has something to do with your dominant side, but I'm left-handed!

Ashley Gerner said...

I have a thing about when i do laundry, i have to tap the cap of the detergent against the side of the washting machine 10 times when i'm pouring it in, and if i go over 10 (by accident :)) i have to go up to 20. The same thing when i'm making coffee in the morning, i take the cover of my coffee grinder after grinding the coffee, hold it over the filter and tap the top 10 times. Ok, now i'm thinking i need my head examined! :)
Oh and side note: after you mentioned the Ben Folds concert in your previous post i went to his web site and turns out he's playing in Fargo October 23rd! Wade's a BIG fan and i like him too so we're pretty excited to go! Thanks! :)

Abby said...

I can't believe you can run with keys in your hand! I would go absolutely crazy. I even quit running with my ipod b/c I hate having things! Funny!

Okay so my ritual:

1) Shoelaces must be tucked. I fall far too much.
2) GPS MUST be on.
3) I always do about 3 vertical jumps before takeoff.
4) I always have to plan out my day by the hour. Even if the day is done, I will start planning the next day.
5) No matter how tired or bad of a run, my last mile's pace must be increased by at least 1 min/mile.
6) I use a specific breathing pattern "In" and "out-out"

Kinda goofy.

Unknown said...

I really do hope our future psychiatrist shares some of her "quirks." It would make for some pretty interesting reading :) (Not that I have any to divulge)

Mama Nastase said...

*Lol @ B&B-me either! ;)

I do feel like I am not very self-aware. I am told all the time about little habits & quirks I have (usually by one of our kids) that I didn't know that I do. For example, apparently my lips move silently when I'm watching someone else (especially a child) talk, as if I'm encouraging them along. Also, I'm told that I hold my hand in a soft fist with thumb held between pointer finger and middle finger when I'm thinking.

P.s.-Abby, I think all of your habits seem like smart strategies for achieving your fitness & life goals. Not goofy at all!

Anonymous said...

Running rituals: I carry keys in my right, MP3 player in my left or on my left arm (depending on which one I'm using). I also hold the headphone wire in my left hand, rather loosely.

When I need to finish a run strong, I have a go-to song that I find on my MP3 player and repeat it until I'm done. The song name? No clue, but it's from the Step Up Soundtrack and it kicks serious butt.

I don't think you need your head checked; we all get into routines!

Enjoy the new shoes and Happy Friday!

Mama Nastase said...

P.p.s.-Lisa, love your new shoes! Very uplifting and bright!

Amber said...

Yay for new shoes! I got new ones last weekend too and even though they weren't feeling the greatest at first, I think I've got them broken in now! I was really reluctant to get new shoes, my old ones carried me through so much! But now I know it was the right choice because the shin pain I was having is almost completely gone!

I CANNOT carry my keys when running - I HATE it. So, I either tie them onto my shoelace or I hide them under my car :S Probably a bad idea but I don't really enjoy having them on my shoelace and I REALLY hate having them in my hand!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I LOVED Gran Torino!!! I should watch it again soon.

Kelly said...

I have the same running shoes! I love them!!

Shred definitely involves some jumping- only during the cardio circuit which is like 2 minutes, 3 times. It is mainly jumping jacks, butt kicks and "jumping rope". The jumping (and the squatting) is the reason why I have been staying clear of the shred because I was afraid it would hurt my knee. However, if you do it at regular hours of the day I think it SHOULD be fine since like I said its only 6 minutes total.

I have some rituals like this but its been so long since I have gone for a run, I can't think of any right now, I will though!

Oh said...

I have to center my tablecloths so they hang evenly on all sides (very work intensive on the round table that gets a square cloth!) and I have to go upstairs beginning on the right foot and end up on the right foot and I rinse a cup out 3 times (even when it's already clean) before using it for drinking water...omg, there are many more as I beging this sentence! Truly blog-entry worthy.
And enjoyable - loved seeing your sneakers ("tennies" here in STL) and wishing you luck on yur marathon because the fact that you are even training for it is MOST impressive. I think I'd better at least go for a walk - right now!

Shoshanah said...

I think your new shoes are so cute! I love the pink

Anais said...

You just gave me a good laugh :P I also have a shoe of choice, simply because I don't HURT when I wear them! They're the Nike Air trail pegasus (might have forgotten a word or 2 :).