Thursday, March 20, 2014

Currently: March Edition

Happy almost Friday.  I'm definitely anticipating the end of this week!  Here's what's currently going on in my life.

Reading: The Perfume Collector which I am really enjoying.  It's partially set in Paris which makes me love the book even more of course.  It makes me homesick for Paris, though.

Loving:  that some of the trees in Charlotte are flowering.  I am going through another really tough stretch of being unhappy here, so it's good to have pretty trees to distract me when I am out and about in the city.

Thinking: about doing a day trip to Asheville in April so that I can see the gardens of the Biltmore.  I have seen the house twice but haven't seen the gardens yet and feel it's something I need to do while I live close by.

Feeling: stressed.  I thought that things would get easier as I approached my one year mark, but they are actually getting harder because now the stress of finding a job is increasing and I am very worried that I will have to stay in Charlotte far longer than I would like.

Anticipating: my weekend trip to Savannah next weekend.  I made a bucket list of places I wanted to visit while I live here, and Savannah is the last city I need to check off my list.  I am staying in an airbnb place that is in the historical district so I should be able to walk to a lot of the attractions.

Inspired by: people who handle difficult situations with such grace and poise.

Watching: cheesy Hallmark movies because they make me smile and are a good distraction.

Sad: that I don't know when I will see my family next.  Or friends.

Working: on adding more strength training into my workout routine.  My upper body joints are starting to heal more so I have been able to add some low weight strength training which feels great!

Grateful: for family and friends who listen to me, don't push positivity on me, and are compassionate.

Listening: to Lorde's album, which I treated myself to earlier this month.  It's a fun album.

Wishing: that I could find room in my budget for a plane ticket to Tucson so I could spend Easter with my parents, sister, and brother-in-law, but it's just not possible.  Irresponsible Lisa wants to say to hell with the budget and go but practical Lisa knows it's best to not spend money since I most likely (hopefully) have a cross-country move ahead of me in the coming months.  Practical Lisa wins out.  Plus I just agreed to present at a conference in Charleston on Good Friday (weird day for a conference) so it really doesn't work out for me to travel around Easter.  But I so wish I could teleport myself there.

What are you currently reading, anticipating and wishing?


missris said...

I have been listening to Lorde's album nonstop recently too! I'm sorry you're having a hard time right now. If you ever want to talk, you know I've been in (am currently in?) your shoes. I'm sending you hugs and happy thoughts!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I was going to try to convince you to be irresponsible and go to Arizona but because of the work commitment I will not. Haha, this is why it's not good for my bank account when I am unhappy because I like to throw money at my problems :) (for the sake of seeing family of course ha ha)
I'm glad you are liking Perfume Collector- I thought it was a great book.

Marlys said...

Oh, I so wish you could bi-locate and spend Easter with us! It would be just perfect, but alas, I understand why it isn't going to work.
It sounds like you have some fun trips planned which is such a great idea! When we lived in Virginia, we were too poor, so we saw very little of the area. That is something we regret but can't go back! We did get to Williamsburg which we really did enjoy! There is so much history to take in that I'm glad you are doing that.

Nora said...

I'm currently reading a Janet Evanovich novel; one of the Stephanie Plum series. It's fun and lighthearted (mostly, some of the mystery stuff is kind of gruesome).

Wishing... that I could go on another vacation. I know I just had one but I'm feeling so... frustrated with the day to day right now! And also that we could find a cure for cancer.

Anticipating: nothing, really! I guess that's good? It's a bit quiet around here until April/May when the weekends are packed and then before I know it we'll be picking up the bonus kidlets.

Big hugs and love to you. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Reading: 11/22/63
Loving: My boyfriend (I know, puke)
Thinking: about the future
Feeling: All over the place. I couldn't be happier in my relationship, but there are other things in my life that are going pretty terribly.
Anticipating: Becky's visit in a week and a half!
Inspired by: so many of my social justice heroes
Watching: Cosmos. Chris and I are obsessed
Sad: About my work situation
Working: for an f'ing lunatic
Grateful: For Chris, my friends and my family
Listening: to Pandora at work all day
Wishing: that things turn around for all of the people in my life going through tough times right now, including you.

Amber said...

Hahaha I was totally going to jump in with Kelly and push you to be irrepsonsible but I agree with your new work commitment it probably won't work. I have been a bit stressed about money lately too but I keep reminding myself that A) We can always make more money and B) We won't care about money and debts or lack thereof when we die! That's been my reasoning to make myself feel better anyways.

I LOVE Lorde's. May have to get that album myself!

Now that you can add in strength training you should totally try a barre class. It's VERY low impact and the weight training is done with 1, 2 or 3 lb weights (you could probably do it with no weights too)

Stephany said...

I bought Lorde's album a few months ago and I just adore it. It's a fun little CD! :)

I wish, wish, wish there was a magical way you could go visit your family on Easter. What a major bummer.

Let's see, for me: I'm reading The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes, anticipating my upcoming cruise (which is soooo far away!), and wishing for Friday :)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I LOVE Lorde's album!!!

Jeanie said...

A good update -- too bad about Easter. Makes sense, though. Glad you are going back to Asheville and Savannah. I think getting out at least helps some -- and besides, you see great stuff!

More later!

Becky said...

Oh Savannah will be such a fun road trip! Be sure to take pics!

Currently reading: I just got Seating Arrangements by Maggie Shipstead from the library so we'll see how that is - it was recommended on one of the Book Riot podcasts I've been listening to!

Anticipating: My trip to NYC next weekend! I've been itching to get away so this will be perfect!

Wishing: We were done saving our money for moving so we could just move already. I am SO over one-bedroom apartments, this one in particular where we hear EVERY EFFING NOISE!

Shoshanah said...

I'm always wishing for a teleporting machine too! It really would just make life quite a bit easier!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Irresponsible Emily says SCREW PRACTICAL LISA AND GO TO TUSCSON. F U WORK. ;) Love you!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Spending just a few hours in Asheville makes me REALLY want to go back - I can see why taking a day trip to see the gardens would be a fun getaway for you.

When you're in Savannah, be sure to go see Number Four Eleven ( Claire is one of the owners (and works Saturdays - the shop is closed on Sundays at this time of year). Her shop is beautiful (out of our price range, but fun to look) and I define her, her husband and their adorable son as "good people."

Sweets and I marveled at all the blossoming trees we saw as we drove through NC, SC, TN and KY. Spring is such a special time of year for those states.