Monday, March 10, 2014

TLC Book Review: Hope Street, Jerusalem

Synopsis of Hope Street, Jerusalem by Irris Makler from

′I had no idea how demanding this consuming, cruel, dangerous and fascinating place would be. I would fall in love here, I would do some of my best reporting, I would be injured, ending my run of good luck - my life would change dramatically ...′

Moving to a strange city always takes courage, but never more so than in a place where the daily expression of love and hate can turn a simple choice of a romantic table by the window into a life or death decision.

Both a love story and bittersweet tribute to her beloved adopted city of Jerusalem, Irris Makler shines a hopeful light on a part of the world where the news reports often makes it seem impossibly dark. From juggling the danger and unpredictability of her work as a roving foreign correspondent , covering everything from Palestinian suicide attacks to Israeli incursions into the West Bank, to falling in love with a handsome and charming young Israeli, and gaining a mischievious four-legged companion along the way, she allows us an intimate glimpse into a passionate, vibrant and fascinating world.

Adventurous, compassionate and engagingly honest, the award-winning author of OUR WOMAN IN KABUL is a master at capturing the personal stories behind the news we really want to know - and her story is the most interesting of all.

My review:

I was draw to this book for two reason - first because it was a memoir which is a genre I really enjoy, and second because it was set in Jerusalem which is an area of the world that intrigues me but that I know very little about.  It was interesting to read about the author's experiences living in Jerusalem.  I really can not imagine working in a worn-torn country, risking your life and well-being every day.  But I am thankful that there are brave people, like this author, who will take that risk so the stories of people in this part of the world can be told.

Mixed in with tales of her time in Jerusalem, the author also talks about falling in love and becoming a dog owner.  I have to say that reading about the challenges of raising a dog with a very strong personality reminded me that I could never own a dog!!  

The author's experiences raising a dog almost overwhelm the other parts of the story, so if you are a dog person, you'll probably enjoy this book.  However, if you are not a dog person, that part of the story might lose you a bit. 

All in all, it was an interesting read and taught me a bit more about a region of the world that I know very little about.


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Sounds interesting! I definitely could not own a dog either, way too much work! I really think a dog is harder than a kid, though it prob depends on the dog and the kid...
Hope you had a good trip!

Jeanie said...

I always enjoy your book reviews. Another to consider!

Abby said...

Hm - this had me sold until the dog part. Sounds very interesting though! I, too, and so grateful for people with such bravery to give up their lifestyle and safety to live in dangerous locations and tell the stories.

I could not own a dog. I think the hair is my #1 problem. When we moved into this home - I spent an entire day cleaning dog hair off baseboards, window sills, walls, carpet - it was disgusting and has tainted me.

Amber said...

Oh this sounds interesting! And obviously since I'm a dog lover I just might enjoy it! Will have to add it to my list :)

Shoshanah said...

I actually had a friend who had an internship in Israel for about a semester. She actually had a great time doing it, and a big part of me is jealous I never got to do it myself. Which is a lot of the reason this book does appeal to me. Although I'm not really a dog person either, so it's that's the majority of the book, it may not be the best fit for me.

Anonymous said...

I admire people who can live like this because I certainly never could!

Thanks for being a part of the tour!