Friday, May 5, 2023


Happy Friday! We made it through another week and the weather has improved finally!

The book I read this week was Vita Nostra which is my May book club book. It's fantasy with some time looping aspects so it is very out of my wheelhouse. But so far it's pretty good albeit a little longer than I think it needs to be. It was written by a Ukranian author so it a translated work of fiction. It was positioned as being Harry Potter'esq. 

The high of my week was a fun going away party for our neighbors on Wednesday. I'm very sad that my very good friend/running partner is moving. She's staying local so I'll still see her, plus she’s in my book club now - but there's nothing like having your running partner across the street! But 3 families got together to send them off and it was such a fun night!

The low of my week was work. Stress in the banking sector continues and it's starting to feel endless. The last 2 months have been the hardest of my career. I'm sure the fact that my colleague/mentor retired during all of this is not helping.

A show we are watching is the documentary about the Boston marathon bombing in 2013. The details of that time are kind of fuzzy for me because I had JUST moved to Charlotte (through what was basically a forced relocation) for my job... But I do vividly remember the actual bombing as we saw news coverage on the trading floor and I was devastated to learn that a marathon was the target of terrorist activity. But I forgot all the details around how the culprits were captured, etc. It’s a 3-part series that is really well done. It’s a truth is stranger than fiction kind of story. If this was the plot of a book I would think - stop, this is too much/not realistic. 

For workouts <insert crickets> I haven’t done anything besides take a couple of walks or play outside with the kids. I got a bad head cold late last week thar sidelined me from running over the weekend. In normal times, I can run on Monday and Friday mornings before logging into work and I had high hopes of leaving a bit early or lifting some weights during lunch time once/week but I’m too busy to do that. Hopefully things calm down soon. 

The best money spent was $11 on some dress pants at the consignment store by our house. I needed a new pair of black pants and was happy to not pay much for them!

My plans this weekend include nothing tonight, going to the library and gymnastics on Saturday morning and Paul’s park birthday party on Sunday. Hopefully the weather works out so we can have it! 

How was your week? Are you friends with anyone on your block? There are a couple of families with similar aged kids that we’ve gotten to know well. Beyond that there are several families we loosely know. Overall I love the vibe of our block!


Elisabeth said...

I'm sorry the work stress continues; I hope there is a light at the end of this tunnel for your soon, Lisa!!!

Your neighbourhood sounds lovely. We have some sweet people on our block too, though you know there are some complicated situations as well that have really impacted me in the last few years. Sigh. But overall, we love where we live!

My week was good; last weekend was wonderful, so it's always a bit of a letdown to get back to reality and our reality was COLD, WET, and DREARY. But, it's supposed to be hot and sunny tomorrow and Sunday and I'm excited.

I have a biggish event today that's making me nervous too, so I'm excited to think about getting to the other side of it <3

Nicole said...

So much stress in the banking sector. It's awful, and I'm sure your job has been tough these past months.
I do know most people on my block and am good friends with some of them! We have a big "sold" sign on our yard - it only took a day to sell - and I have been inundated with questions from our neighbours who didn't know we were moving. It's been quite a week!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Woof; I am sure that last week and this Monday were a lot of fun for you with the whole FRC thing...and the hits just keep on coming. I hope that you are feeling better this weekend and can get outside and shake off some of the work stuff with some fresh air and exercise!

I have a "hello, how's your day" kind of relationship with my neighbors. I know their names and most of their kids names but I am not really a hang out on the side kind of neighbor. However, you inspired me and I noticed my across the street neighbor going out for a run the other day so I texted her to see if she wanted company the next time and she said yes. I was so nervous that she would think I was crazy, since we really only ever say hi normally. I won't lie, our first run consisted of me jabbering because silences with new people make me uncomfortable but we are going to try again today and see how it goes...

Daria said...

First and foremost, I LOVE these mini-prompts! With your permission, I'm adopting those sentence starters for my own use for weekly reflection and journaling.

I love our street! Very woodsy, and green, and has very little traffic. Our house is also set way down there, in other words, it's built farther away from the sidewalk. So it's very private.
Neighbors are amazing. I pretty much know all neighbors on our block and similar to Kyria it's hello, how are you? I have two close relationships on my block- our next-door neighbors from each side of our property. One is a Columbian family, with a boy close to the age as my son. They are tremendously generous, love to grill, and make sancocho. They always pass dishes along since I think they always make extra. On the right are a Cuban-American family with twins (my daughter's age) and a toddler. The kids play together, we go out to breakfast and have impromptu playdates.

In summation, I'm lucky to have such great neighbors. Thank you for this thought-provoking prompt!

NGS said...

I immediately put that book on hold at the library. I've never even heard of it, which is kind of weird because I feel like I have my finger on the pulse of fantasy books!

Our neighborhood is full of wonderful people. We're so lucky to get along with everyone. I just love it!

Kelly said...

I’m sorry about the stress at work. My week was a little annoying because Jack was home sick 3/5 days and you know how that goes. I’m looking forward to a weekend with not a lot of plans and finally some non rainy weather.

I may have to check out the Marathon show. I remember it so clearly because it was so close to home. My students were fascinated by the boat part of the story that happened probably 2-3 miles from their houses. It really was an unbelievable story.

I hope Paul’s birthday goes well!

Jenny said...

That book actually sounds AMAZING. I had never heard of it, but looked up the description and I want to read it. Fantasy isn't my usual genre, but I've been trying it more and more and of course I LOVED Harry Potter.
We get along with everyone in our neighborhood, but we aren't good friends with anyone. A lot of our neighbors are... odd. Harmless, but odd.
Good luck with the birthday party! I hope it all goes well and Paul has a great time.

coco said...

sorry that the financial sector drama continues... I guess it will take a while to settle. that must be super stressful for you, especially without your mentors to be around. I actually stopped my automatic investment to index fund because I really don't know how it will end, professionally speaking as an economist. so I can expect volatilities in the stock market will continue as any news will be followed by strong reactions.
11 dollars for a pair of black pant sounds like a real deal. I notice that my work wardrobe is quite boring color wise, I might have to buy some colorful shirts when I go to the US, black pant and skirt are basics that I need to upgrade, my current pairs are easily 7 years old or more.

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

Oh Lisa, I am so sorry that you are still dealing with stress at work. I hope this tumultuous period smoothes out soon.

Hoping that you have nice weather all weekend and that the park birthday goes to plan!

Taya said...

Ooft, so sorry to hear about the tough time at work… it’s so hard since we spend so much time there that it tends to spill into other aspects….

Let’s run together soon!

J said...

Oh goodness, such a stressful time to be in banking, especially if you work in a smaller or mid sized bank. I hope (for all of us) that things settle down SOON.

I remember the marathon bombing...didn't one of the brothers accidentally run over the other one? Or am I remembering something else? Crazy stuff for sure.

Stephany said...

Gosh, I'm sorry to hear that work has still been so stressful for you. :( That's a long stretch to go with such a stressful work schedule. Is there any light at the tunnel or is this just the way things are going to be for now?

I am not friends with my neighbors, lol. I mean, I'm friendly and will say hi to them but I don't stop and talk. One of my coworkers lives in my apartment complex and I'll stop and chat with her when we see each other on a walk, but that's the extent of my friendliness.

San said...

So nice you have such a nice, neighborhood community. I imagine having kids the same age makes it easier. We hardly know anyone on our street - and two neighbors that we have met are older ladies (not friendship material for a couple).

I am sorry to hear that work has been so stressful and I do hope that this will become easier, although there's so much turmoil in the financial market right now. Sigh.

Anne said...

Ooof. I hope the financial markets settle down soon, but now we're dealing with OTHER issues and I suspect that the upheaval will continue for at least a while. You. Need. A. Break. From viruses, work stress, weather, everything!

Anonymous said...

I’m so sorry about the work stress!!! I would imagine without your mentor it does feel a whole lot heavier!!!

I remember the move, I wish I could have been more there for you!!! I also remember bits and pieces of that bombing. As runners these events feel a bit heavier to me, although any tragedy is heavy!

Love that you found the perfect pants at the consignment store!!! Also love that you gave your body time to recover from being sick!!! Headcolds hit harder after 40, in my opinion!