Monday, September 25, 2023

Weather Privilege + Weekend Highlights

We have entered the season of the year where us Midwesterners have a lot of weather privilege! The temps are perfect and the fall colors are gorgeous! Here are some photos from my run on Saturday morning! 

Peaks of fall colors around Lake Harriet

But our period of weather privilege will be pretty short-lived and then I will be envious of those living further south. In the mean time, I am soaking up the fall weather and appreciating the gorgeous fall views! 

We had a nice weekend. It kicked off with a birthday party at a park for one of our best friends. Some of the adults played pickle balls and the kids played at a great park. There were lots of families from our former daycare so Paul in particular had lots of buddies to hang out with. 

Paul living his best life - and look, he’s wearing his glasses!

We hit up another park on Saturday before a rain storm moved in. 

Swimming lessons went well on Sunday. Paul is making progress and doing more and more in class. I feel like we will repeat this level several times but that’s ok. We celebrated a successful lesson with a macaron. You know mom is a Francophile when your 5.5 year old a) knows what a macaron is and b) pronounces it correctly! 

Later that day, Taco and I played My First Orchard Game, which we call ‘the raven game’. We’ve tried before and he wasn’t ready but this time it took and we played 5 games! It makes me wonder if Taco is color blind. We also wonder if Paul is color blind. My dad is color blind so boys have a 50/50 chance of color blindness. They tried testing Paul at his optometrist appointment but the results were inconclusive which is common at his age.

We also got lots of rain this weekend which we desperately needed! 

As the weekend came to an end, Phil started to feel nauseated and not well. Le sigh. I thought we were out of the danger zone of this stomach bug. Fingers crossed I stay healthy. 

How was your weekend? What is the weather like where you live?


coco said...

i love fall as season although haven't had one for 6 years. it was a good weekend in term of pollution level, at least when i was outside. hope it improves further when raining season starts.
sorry to hear Phil is still not fully recovered. hope he feels better soon. and stay strong. I get super anxious when my girls get sick as I'm the main care taker, risk of getting it so much higher than daddy.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I love fall! We don't really get a lot of change; it will still be about 50-70 degrees for a while and we do have some trees that change colors, but it won't get colder until probably Nov/Dec. Even then the lows will be in the high 20s or low 30s, nothing like where you are! However, we are also supposed to get rain today and tomorrow!

My weekend was good; my brother and Dad and I met up with K and watched a soccer game then went to a food truck farmer's market for some lunch. We then took a nice walk before going to my cousin's book signing and ice cream. My Dad stayed with me and we stayed up too late chatting! Then on Sunday I went for a run with a friend and then read an entire book, which I have not done for a while. It was a very lazy weekend in some aspects, but full of people in others!

Sarah said...

Minnie has a couple of these games, but she play more on the free play option-- getting her to actually play is a good gaol- thanks for the inspo!

I love making macarons with the kids-- they are very very serious about making sure each one gets feet LOL

Charbelle said...

Oh those views are stunning!!!! I'm excited that I have a girls trip to the mountains coming up in October and should still have some beautiful leaves at that time! I love running this time of year! Yesterday before I left for my work trip I ran 4 miles on the greenway and it was delightful!!! MH and I definitely don't see the same colors! C and I see colors similarly but he always argues with us over the color of stuff. Example, I had a blue car and he always called it green. I promise, it was as blue as his truck. Now that I have white there is no mistaking what color and this is one of those choose your argument things were it's just not worth it and I let it go. Paul looks super cute with his glasses! I'm so glad swimming lessons are going well!!! They are both just too cute!!! I hope you stay healthy and Phil feels better soon!!!

Nicole said...

Oooh lovely!
I mean, not lovely about Phil, hopefully you stay well.
I am enjoying fall so much here! It's just gorgeous every day, even the rainy days. I was just in Calgary and Banff for a short time and the colours were gorgeous. It's a short season in Calgary as the wind can blow all the leaves off the trees by the end of September, and then it's naked trees until May. But right now it's gorgeous, and Kelowna is stunning now too.

Jenny said...

You deserve some weather privileges now, because winter in the midwest is SO HARD. I know because I lived there! Of course it bothers some people more than others, but I don't think anyone really loves it. So I'm glad you're enjoying the beautiful fall weather now.
Sounds like you had a really nice weekend, but oh no- I hope Phil is okay and that you stay healthy!

NGS said...

I see people loving on this fall weather, but I think it's dumb. It's so cool in the mornings and evenings and gets hot and humid during the day and I am constantly wearing too much or too little and I just want it to be pick a way to be and then be that way. Is that too much to ask?

Elisabeth said...

I do not hide the fact that fall is my favourite season - really, fall is not a season, it is a "blink of an eye" that almost immediately gets swallowed up in winter. But I still love it, for the short time that it lasts. The leaves! The food! The crisp mornings! The darker evenings (yes, I LOVE when it gets darker earlier).

I know what Engie is saying about the afternoons being hot and humid sometimes, but NOTHING CAN BREAK MY FALL SPIRIT.

I hope Phil is feeling okay!!!

Stephany said...

I'm glad you get to enjoy the fall weather! I've actually been pleasantly surprised by our weather on the Gulf coast lately - it's been in the mid-70s in the morning and DRY, which has been a great change. We have highs in the low 80s next week and I am HERE FOR IT.

That's so interesting about your boys potentially being color-blind. I don't think I know anyone who is!