Friday, February 16, 2024

5 Things Friday!

Whew, it was another jammed week! And - fingers crossed - we will be heading to my parents after work today. This is our 3rd attempt to visit them (prior 2 planned visits were foiled by dangerously cold temps and kid illness) so hopefully the 3rd time’s the charm! Here are 5 things on my mind today!

1. Snow! We finally got a decent amount of snow! We got about 7" the night of Valentine's Day. So Phil got to use our snow blower for the first time and we got to reap the benefits of our first 4WD vehicle. We have joked that it's our fault we've gotten so little snow because a) Phil took our snow blower in for a tune-up in the fall and b) we finally bought a 4WD vehicle (first in our lives for either of us - we've always been team sedan previously). The boys were very excited and it does make the world prettier! And it was pretty much business as usual on Thursday morning because Midwestern cities can easily handle 7" of snow without school cancellations and such. 

Winter wonderland vibes at our house

Pic from daycare. So much snow which he’s so happy about!

2. Valentine's Day! The boys both enjoyed the holiday. They both did fun activities in school and Taco in particular looked cute with the little headband he made in class. The valentines I had made at the library event were in the backpack that got left at my MIL's on Sunday, so I had to make them again w/ our extremely limited craft supplies. The boys still seemed to like them even though they were way less cool than the ones I made at the library!

Math major mom trying to be crafty with limited success. Paul did appreciate that I wrote 'we love you to pluto and back!' inside. Yes the kitchen island in the background is a bit of a disaster.

Cutie patootie in his V-day headband!

3. Laziness. A local friend that I used to run with posted on her blog about a remote control that turns the pages of her kindle and I could not get on the Amazon website fast enough to buy one for myself! I do a lot of kindle reading in my bed and don't love that the hand that I use to turn the pages gets so cold in the winter. Now I don't need to have my hands out of the covers. Yes this is peak laziness but oh well. I'm a naturally cold person as it is so I appreciate being able to keep my hands warm! So I prop my kindle up with the blankets/comforter on our bed and my hands stay toasty warm under the blankets. 

4. New show! Phil and I started a new show this week - Mr. and Mrs. Smith on Prime. Most of the episodes are 45 minutes long which is the perfect length for us. I was motivated to watch it after it was raved about on The Popcast recently. It’s nice to have a show that we both enjoy that isn’t a documentary for a change!

5. Good luck Jenny and SHU!  Jenny is running a 50 mile (!!) race this weekend!! I am sending her the very best wishes! And SHU is racing a half marathon! Her training cycle has been so strong so I can’t wait to see how the race goes. Best wishes to these 2 Florida runners! 

How was your week? Did you do anything special for Valentine’s Day? Phil picked up take out from a local place in our neighborhood. After working in a restaurant all through college, a restaurant is the last place I want to be on Valentine’s Day! 

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