Friday, February 9, 2024


Hey hey it's Friday! and the month of February is almost 1/3 over. I'm not trying to wish time away but I'm not sad when the winter months come to a close since it's not my favorite  season. We are getting off SUPER easy this year, but it's still pretty dreary out there and everything is grown and dead, so move along, February! 

The book I am reading this week is so many books. I do not generally read multiple books at a time but right now I'm reading My Brilliant Friend for the Cool Bloggers Book Club that NGS hosts! I did not love the first section but I'm keeping an open mind and even if I don't end up liking the book, reading with a group always adds to the experience. I'm also reading Lonesome Dove with a patreon group (every year The Bookshelf in Thomasville, GA hosts a conquer a classic and this year they selected a modern classic). This is a re-read for me and I did not LOVE it the first time around but again, reading something with a group changes the experience and the monthly podcast episodes recapping the section we read each month is always so enlightening and really adds to the experience. lastly, I'm reading a romance called Hello, Again which is a retelling of When Harry Met Sally which is one of my all-time favorite movies. I can't say I am loving the retelling?

The high of my week was celebrating my birthday! I turned 43 on Tuesday. Last weekend's date night was an early celebration but I had a nice day on Tuesday, too. My coworker took me to lunch and my retired colleague/mentor took me to lunch the next day, I received lots of birthday text and emails, and Phil grilled some delicious tuna steaks for my birthday dinner since it was a balmy 52 degrees outside (which is so not normal!). 

The low of my week was rough mornings. Week day mornings are so awful in our house. I think this is something can only be fixed by time. Taco is just NOT a morning person so having to leave the house by 7 is not ideal. My other low of the week was finding out at my dentist appointment that I have another cavity! I had one at my appointment in August. It has been 10+ years since I had a cavity. Nothing has really changed in my diet or lifestyle so I don't know what is going on. I asked if it could be related to age and the dentist said no. So I am stumped. I really hope my kids got Phil's dental genetics because he has ZERO cavities. 

A show we finished watching is the final season of Ted Lasso. I loved it, although it wasn't nearly as good as the first season. But Phil really slogged his way through it and was so happy when it was over. It's just a little too cutesy/campy for him. But I loved it and was sad when it was over. I guess we need to stick to true crime and sports documentaries. That's our very slim Venn diagram overlap!

For workouts I ran outside on Monday before starting my work day which felt so nice. Then on Thursday I did the 3/12/30 workout that lots of other cool bloggers have been doing. I have a client breakfast this morning so will miss my usual Friday morning workout. I'll probably run on day this weekend and will do the final Caroline Girvan Epic Heat workout on Sunday.

The best money spent was on absolutely nothing. This was a low spend week since I was treated to a couple of lunches and enjoyed my free Starbucks latte on my birthday. I debated spending money on Valentine's Day cards for the boys but the cards were each going to be $6 and I am sorry, but that is ridiculous for something that will end up in the trash. Taco's daycare is collecting Valentines for the kids so poor Taco is going to get a nice homemade card from his math major mother who has zero artistic ability (I will make one for Paul, too). 

My plans this weekend include laying low tonight. Tomorrow afternoon I am taking the boys to Disney on Ice and I might be more excited than they are!! I have always loved to watch talented skaters so this is the perfect event for me. The kids are excited, too, they just don't know what to expect. I'm hoping Mickey makes some appearances since that is Taco's favorite character! On Sunday, Paul has a playdate after swimming lessons so Phil is taking Taco out to his mom's so the big boys can play together without interruption from the toddler. So all in all it's a pretty light weekend!

Bonus photos:

Paul and I attended a reading event at his school so we stopped by his classroom hallway to check out his recent art projects. Every month the kids make a new self portrait. I imagine they will be compiled for us parents at the end of the year. He had also written a little "story." He's using his imagination because we do not play football, but we do watch it!

How was your week? Are you watching anything great?

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