Monday, February 12, 2024

A Fun February Weekend

I’ve been vocal about February not being my favorite month (because winter) but this was a pretty great/fun weekend. Here’s how we filled it. 

- I squeezed a workout in after work on Friday - the final Epic Heat Caroline Girvan workout. It was an ‘EMOM’ which means every minute on the minute. She had you do a combo of 3-4 moves x 10 and there were 3 sets. It was an effective workout but I was so glad when it was over! 

- On Friday night I made this Asian noodle bowl meal (for Phil and me). I added peppers to bulk it up a bit. Friday was otherwise very low key as usual. We tried watching a show about soccer captains from the World Cup but we don’t like soccer enough for this show to be a fit for us. 

- Once Phil was up on Saturday, I headed to the basement to workout. I looked at the CG workouts you all had recommended and decided to go with the Iron series because Epic Heat End Game has HIIT workouts and I just kind of hate them? And I get cardio from other workouts so would rather lean on CG for strength. Workout 1 was a great lower body workout! 

- We hit up the library and were thrilled to find out that they were hosting a valentine making event! And we ran into our friends! So the boys made valentines while I stealthily made ones for them. The library had so many cool crafty things like feathers and glitter pens and pipe cleaners and such.

- That afternoon, I took the boys to Disney on Ice which was a hit! They both loved it and did so well. There was something for everyone. I enjoyed the Aladdin set and the boys’ favorites were the Frozen and Cars sets.

Selfie with the boys - Taco was not into taking pictures

Aladdin and Jasmine. As a child of the 80s/90s I was here for the Aladdin set.

The boys were tickled to see Sven on the ice!

- On Sunday morning, I did a CG upper body workout once Phil was up and then did some meal prep. I was influenced by Birchie and Elisabeth to make this curry chickpea salad. This will be my lunches for the week. It is so good! I didn’t have chutney so left that out but otherwise followed the recipe. I’m on a long break from taking salads for lunch since I got too burned out on them.  I had been making sheet pan dinners but all the cutting and roasting was so much work! I’m thinking this will be my lunch plan for the next several weeks (I’m a creature of habit and don’t mind eating the same things repeatedly.)

Voila! I enjoyed it as an open-faced sandwich on toasted Aldi’s GF bread.

- Paul had a great swimming lesson on Sunday. He’s made a lot of progress this session. He especially likes the back float part of the lessons (since he doesn’t have to put his head in the water which is something he does not like… yet…). 

- Phil and Taco went to Phil’s moms while Paul had a play date with a friend. They played well on their own so I was able to finish an episode of Lessons in Chemistry (slowing working my way through this show - I have 3 episodes left) and read some of my book (The Whispers by Ashley Audrain - total page turner). 

- We watched the superbowl although I was mostly there for the halftime show. It was equally entertaining to watch Paul try to mimic the dancing!! 

What were the highlights of your weekend? 

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