Monday, February 5, 2024

Weekend Highlights

We had a really nice weekend with lots of high moments and fewer lows! 

- Workouts! I did the 48th and 49th Caroline Girvan Epic Heat workouts. I admittedly did not LOVE the 48th workout as it was a bunch of different kinds of push-ups. 49 was a full body workout with a HIIT component that I much preferred. But I was happy to fit the workouts in! I have one more workout in the program and plan to do another CG program - any suggestions from those of you have done her programs? I prefer 30ish minute workouts.

- Library. We went to the library on Saturday morning where we saw our good friends. I got to catch up with my friend while the boys played and picked out books.

- Outdoor time! It was another mild spring-like weekend so we went outside after quiet time both days! On Saturday, the boys played with stomp rockets and we kicked a ball around in a big open area about a block from our house. Yes I know this is a volleyball and not a soccer ball but I couldn’t find our soccer ball. On Sunday we went to a park and saw the same friends that we saw at the library on Saturday. 

- Date night! Wonder of wonders, we had our date night! I wore a red dress since it’s February and all. This is one of the dresses I got from Boden in the fall. I love that it has long sleeves AND pockets. All dresses should have pockets. I did mess up and somehow reserved a table at the bar instead of an actual table. But it didn’t really matter and we had a great time! The boys did great for the babysitter. Paul had some tears but Taco was excited to show her all his toys. 

Crappy bathroom selfie

- Target. The boys and I went to Target on Sunday am for cake pops (for them) and a latte (for me). Admittedly this was not a true ‘highlight’ as the boys were not well behaved. But we picked out valentines (which was the reason for the trip) and got out of the store asap. 

All in all, it was mostly a good weekend (we won’t talk about dinner through bathtime on Sunday night…) Getting outside each day really helped. It looks like these spring-like temps will hang around for awhile! 

How was your weekend? Has it been unseasonably warm lately?

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