Monday, March 11, 2024

5 things on a Monday

Happy Monday! We had a nice weekend with some fun social gatherings, the highlight of which was meeting Kae! More on that below! I usually do 5 things posts on Friday but am switching things up and starting with 5 things on my mind on Monday! 

1. Good stuff first! I got to meet up with Kae on Sunday morning since she was in town for a soccer game! We met up for coffee and talked for about 90 minutes and just barely scratched the surface in terms of what we could have talked about! I love it when I can turn URL friendships into IRL ones! We also exchanged some bins of clothes - I took some kids clothes off her hands and I passed along some of my fave pre-kids clothes that I have accepted will never fit again. Womp womp. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon! If she lived local, she would totally be in my core group of friends since we are so similar/have a lot in common. But we are dreaming of planning a trip to Nova Scotia to see Elisabeth some day!

Excuse the fact that I look like a bit of a slob! Also wow, Kae has legs for days!

2. Whelp, I gave up on using the disqus comment form. Last week they stopped sending me comment notifications and I could not figure out how to fix it so I went back to the blogger comment form and I think I have a version employed that won’t result in a bunch of anonymous comments. It seems like I needed to select ‘full page’ for the comment form type. And if you are commenting on my blog from your phone, you need to click ‘view web version’ (highlighted below). Then you will get a better comment form than the stupid one that forces you to comment as anonymous (at least on the iPhone, it seems). Why does blogger suck so much? Probably because it’s free. The thought of moving my almost 16 year old blog to Wordpress sounds like a horrible headache so I will probably keep putting up with things like this annoying comment form issue!

3. Daylight savings time started yesterday. I despise this stupid practice of manipulating time that was put into place during a time of war to conserve fuel. But here we are in 2024, moving clocks back and forth. I’m envious of my sister in AZ because she does not have to put up with this. But post-kids, I prefer losing an hour to gaining an hour. I just wish we could stay on DST! 

4. Now a bit of a work rant/conundrum. Work continues to be kind of insane. I have 2 trips this month (Chicago and Charlotte - again (was there last month)), then 2 in April (NJ and Cleveland), which come on the tails of our FL trip and then I have 2 trips in May (Napa and Dallas area), but the May Napa trip is the week after the back-to-back April+spring break travel which means I am traveling 4 weeks in a row (one trip being a fun one which is different)… I try to limit my travel to twice a month (it has slipped from once a month because of the volume of requests) but I did not put 2 and 2 together and realize the May Napa trip was right after the April trips… but I don’t know what I could have said no to. I only have 1 trip in June (to Seattle) and then I am really hoping to not travel much during the summer. My heart is kind of racing typing this all out. On top of that, I am doing so many calls on days that I am not traveling so I am above capacity (and have other work to do when I am not on calls/traveling)… Gah. My new hire is fully licensed now so he can start to take on some calls which will help. But ay yi yi.

5. I’ll close with a more fun topic of what we’ve been watching lately. On Friday, we finished ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ which is a book Phil and I had both read. You guys, it took us 6 nights to watch it! Why must a movie be 3.5 hours long! Who has the time  - and the attention span - to watch something that long. All in all we thought the film was ok but felt they could have cut A LOT and still done justice to the story. Now we are watching the latest season of ‘Full Swing’ which is a golf docuseries about golf. Oddly, professional golf is one of my favorite sports to watch on tv. I find it so soothing and you don’t have to watch every shot - you can kind of dip in and out. Plus the whole LIV/PGA situation makes it extra, well, gossipy/juicy. I’m fully team McIlroy. He is such a nice, humble guy and the Irish accent makes him extra likeable. 

How was your weekend? Do you loathe the time change as much as I do? Do you watch/follow golf?


Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

I have never watched golf or played it, but I find it so charming that you enjoy it. You make it sound so soothing!

What an incredibly stressful work situation, Lisa. I really hope you and your colleagues can figure out a way to reduce the travel or spread it out more. It seems like it went from infrequent to ALL THE TIME and I'm hoping you can find a workable middle ground.

Yay for meeting blog friends! What a cute photo of you two!

Sarah said...

Yay blog meet up!!

It takes us a week to watch a movie, too. Solidarity.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I am so glad that you finally got to meet Kae! I was kind of hoping that if I get over there this summer (loose plan right now is maybe Chicago/Madison area in mid Aug) that we could all get together but that may be a bit of a stretch; we will see, I guess!! Isn't it fun how people are who they are IRL!? I am always amazed at how good a IRL friendship can be after being friends online for a while. I remember the first time I met you and my other friends were aghast that I would meet someone who I met on the internet! Now it is pretty normal.

Golf puts me to sleep to watch but I do like hitting some balls! I have never played a real course but I do enjoy going to the driving range. There is something so satisfying about the thwack of the club hitting the ball. I feel like McIlroy has been around for a while, as that name kind of goes in my mind along with Nickelson.

Nicole said...

I'm so happy you got to meet Kae! What a fun thing to do! That is a great photo of the two of you.
My husband watches golf too but I rarely, if ever, know what's happening. You'd think I'd pick something up by osmosis. Movies these days are TOO LONG and I don't care how old that makes me sound. They just are. I love a ninety minute movie. We do not need three plus hour movies! I always think they could have been cut down.
You're traveling so much! We have a big trip planned in April/ May, and then when we are back we are immediately going AGAIN to go visit my parents. I'm kind of bracing myself for almost three weeks of solid travel.

Grateful Kae said...

Eeeek it was SOOOOOO fun to meet you! That was a huge highlight of my week! And thanks for driving my way toward my hotel! Totally agree- if we lived closer I'd love to hang out all the time!

So sorry about all that work travel. That really is a rough situation and I don't know what you do about that! At least I guess it's nice that you have it sketched out well in advance, versus having trips sprung on you last minute or something. But still- especially with little kids at home, that's just so much. I agree with Suzanne's comment above. Finding a middle ground would be much better and this seems rather excessive.

ccr in MA said...

Oh, I hate the time change with the fire of a thousand suns! I don't honestly care which way they put it, if they would just leave it alone. It's an antiquated idea whose time has come and GONE.

Mom of Children said...

Yay! Kae is amazing! And, yes, those legs are so long. I've her told that before lol
I am so glad you guys could meet up!
Traveling.. Ugh Lisa, work sounds really busy for you. That is just too much. I don;t have a solution just ((HUGS))

Birchwood Pie said...

Team Blogger! Yes it's jenky but it works and the price is right.

Count me in for the Nova Scotia trip! I did a trip this weekend (for fun, not work) and I've really got the travel itch now.

Diane C. said...

I don't think I realized that we had to change our clocks until I got home late at night on Saturday and saw some reminder online. Sunday morning was rough. We were 15 minutes late to the 4 year old's agility class. sigh.
There were a few jokes on the Oscars last night about how long Killers of the Flower Moon was. I feel like I can watch a 3 part miniseries, but a movie that's 3 hours long... I guess the pacing of the storytelling is different with a miniseries too. I can't stay awake for movies anymore, unless they are cozy Hallmark movies.
What a busy season for travel!

Coco said...

It warms my heart to read about you and Kae meeting up with exchange of clothes!!! that's so my kind of IRL friends!!! I wish I could join you ladies.
Since moving to Asia, we haven't expeirence change of time as it's summer every day. I do get confused when I schedule meetings with US colleagues sometimes and made mistakes few times.
That movie is way too long.. which is part of the reason I didn't rank it the most likely to win.
Golf is my husband's obsession, he watches it all the time, I don't have that patience. haha...

Jenny said...

Well yes, I do loathe the time change! But I think we should turn the clocks back again in the fall one more time, and then be done with it (I like turning the clocks back!) It seems like everyone hates it, yet we'll probably continue to do it for the rest of our lives. Why???
SO FUN that you got to meet up with Kae!!! I"ll bet that was fun, and I think we're all dreaming of a trip to visit Elisabeth in NS.
It's funny- golf is probably my least favorite sport to watch. My husband turns it on sometimes, but it just doesn't hold my attention.
That is a LOT of work travel! I'm curious to know- Phil works in the same field as you but doesn't seem to travel for work? Is it that he doesn't want to, or is his job just different? Anyway... good luck with it all!

NGS said...

LOLOL! But I just fixed it so I could comment with Disqus! Ha ha. The irony of this is not lost on me.

Kae is great! Someday we should do a big WI/MN/IL meetup (I mean, others could be invited - we're not being exclusionary, just geographically based) - it would be so fun.

Sophie said...

I’ve never managed to comment on your blog Lisa but I hope this works! I’m a long time reader though.
So great that you met up with Kae, how fun. That much travel is so much, I have 4 trips (including one international!) at in the first half of this year and it feels like a lot, so I have no idea how you manage so many! Hang in there

Stephany said...

I'm sorry that your work situation continues to be insane - work travel sounds so stressful and not fun. I feel like you need to clone your direct report... maybe a few of him???

I love springing forward because I enjoy the extra daylight... I just wish we could STAY HERE. The moving back and forth is too much.