Friday, March 1, 2024

Five Things Friday

Hey hey - happy Friday! Here are 5 things on my mind today!

1. Today is Paul’s birthday! He turns 6! I kind of think a child’s birthday is as much a celebration for the parents (especially the mom) as it is for the child! His birth is still very fresh in my mind. Will that always be the case? Older/more experienced moms, what do you think? Paul doesn’t have school today so I took the day off to spend with him. I know we are going to the aquarium at the Mall of America and the LEGO store there and I imagine we’ll get him a donut - we will see what else he picks! I’m excited for a day of 1:1 time with him!

Paul when he was just a few days old. He was known for making funny expressions as a baby!

Another funny expression photo from Paul’s early weeks of life! He often had his hand my his face in his early weeks of life - that must have been his favored position when he was in utero!

Wearing his birthday crown from school!

2. I also took yesterday off to spend as a ‘shouldless day’. A shouldless day is a day where you only do things you want to do and nothing you feel you ‘should’ do. Yesterday that looked like a workout in the morning and then getting a 90 minute massage and laying in my bed reading and napping in the afternoon. It was a lazy day but it’s what my body needed so I didn’t feel any guilt about it. Work has been so busy for really the past year and the harried pace of my week days definitely accumulates so I needed a low key day like that. 

3. Paul had his 100th day of kindergarten this week so it’s been quite the exciting week between that celebration, leap day and anticipating his birthday! His teacher made the 100th day so fun! He brought a collection of 100 things from home, they had a special snack and had just an all around fun day. I was relieved he didn’t have to dress up as an old person. Some of my nieces and nephews have had to do that for their 100th day celebration and while it’s cute, gathering clothes for that would have been a pain! 

4. Our weather has been nuts this week! On Monday we reached a high of 60, but on Wednesday we woke to a feels like temp of -11. We have had a mild winter so I shouldn’t complain. I just hated getting ping ponged around from really warm to super cold temps! But it will be back in the 50-60s this weekend.

5. This weekend will mostly be about celebrating Paul’s birthday. We are having a small family party on Saturday night - his 3 grandparent and his Godparents and their teen son will come over to our house for pizza and cookie cake. We struggled to come up with gifts for him as he didn’t seem to want anything specific. We ended up getting him a board game, 2 Wimpy Kid books, and I made a baseball-shaped card and Phil wrote inside that they will go to a Twins game together this summer. He’s a pretty easy to please kid so I think/hope he’ll be happy with what he gets!

How was your week? Have you/would you take a shouldless day? If you have kids, do you vividly remember their births?

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Anne said...

So weird - I can't see any other comments? Regardless, hope you get this one. I hope that Paul had a good birthday and that he is excited about the b-ball game. Also hope that you had a wonderful one-on-one day with him. How special for every kid to get to do that. :)