Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dress Envy...

I'm sitting in Chicago at my brother's, watching The Golden Globes. I love watching award shows - especially the red carpet portion. It's the one time that I allow myself to be shamelessly catty.

I have major dress envy.

I think Eva Mendes looks awesome. I am all about the ruffles, so love this Dior gown.

I also love Kate Winslet.

She's always so classy, looks amazing, and I adore her accent. Ahh, to be able to talk like that - what a dream. Sure beats my Minnesota accent!

I'm not loving these looks...

Drew's dress is pretty, but what's with the hair?

I usually love Renee Zellwegger's dresses, but this one falls flat for me. And the updo??? Yikes. She usually wears such timeless gowns, but this year's? It's a don't, in my opinion.

Not a fan of Maggie Gyllenhaal's dress either... but that's nothing new. Our styles are not compatible.

That's it for tonight's cattyness. I got it out of my system for another year... or until the Oscars!

Tomorrow, I am driving back to Minneapolis with my parents. Or should I say, I'll be in the back seat, praying that I don't die. My father insists on driving. And it. is. scary. Seriously. He insists on tailgating people. Even when the roads are terrible and we are driving in a near-blizzard. Seriously. I tried to suggest that he implement the '3 second rule' but he is not receptive to his 27 year-old daughter's driving advice. I am hoping he'll allow me to drive tomorrow. Cross your fingers. If I am not allowed to drive, I am going to put my sleep mask on, turn up the iPod, and pray that I make it to see my 28th birthday.

Oh, and it's supposed to blizzard across MN & ND tomorrow... but I am hoping the weatherman is wrong!!


Jess said...

What was the deal with Drew Barrymore's hair?? Wasn't getting it, at all.
Have a nice drive...good luck :)

Modelmental said...

Hi I've been snooping around here and read most of your French blog... Just wanted to say hi and great to meet you! (Call me a freak but I liked Drew's hair, okay? Renee's outfit was a disaster though.) x