Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Things

I was tagged on Facebook to do this, so thought I'd do it on my blog instead. I'm unofficially tagging anyone who reads this blog (whoever you are!)! If you do this on your blog, leave a comment & let me know so I can go read it!

Here goes!

1. I am a super jumpy person. Don't try to sneak up on me, I jump like a mile. Especially if I am concentrating on something at work.
2. I hate surprises. I should clarify - I like gifts and can wait to open them, but don't ever, ever throw me a surprise party. I would pretend to like it so the person throwing it wouldn't feel bad, but deep down, I'd hate it.
3. I have a black thumb, meaning I kill most plants I come into contact with. I have a plant at work that is surviving so far, but I feed it whatever it left over in my cup at the end of the day. So some days it gets green tea, some days it gets Crystal Light, and some days it gets just plain water. So far, it's not dead, but it's only a matter of time.
4. I worry entirely too much about what other people think - this is something I am working on.
5. I adore Chipotle. I used to eat there weekly, but have only been there once in 3 months which is quite an accomplishment for me.
6. I am a total home body. I enjoy meeting up with friends but love Saturday Nights spent at home, watching a movie, and knitting. Hmm, kind of hard to meet a guy when are sitting on your couch... not too surprising that I am single, I guess!
7. I am really afraid of mice. One ran across my room one morning when I still lived at home and I screamed so loudly, my parents thought someone was attacking me. The mouse got scared too and peed on the carpet. We couldn't get rid of the smell so they had to replace the carpeting. Gross.
8. I absolutely adore my nephews! I love buying books for them for every holidays from Easter to Halloween to Valentine's Day.
9. I am afraid of heights but have gone bungy jumping! And loved it!
10. I spent countless hours of my childhood with my Grandpa Dotzenrod and his brothers in their shop where they rebuilt engines. I talked non-stop and ate all their lemon drops. And amazed them by the fact that I could count to 10 in Spanish (thanks Sesame Street!)
11. I wish I would have taken gymnastics or ballet as a child. I am not athletic at all but think I might have been good at them.
12. When I fly, I am polite to my seatmates, but not the kind to chat them up at all. I put my iPod on right away in the hopes that they'll get that I'm not the 'make best friends w/ your seatmate' type. I'm normally a really chatty person, but not on planes for some reason! However, I would bend this rule if I actually got seated next to an attractive guy. Which NEVER happens.
13. I was a Delta Gamma in college - sororities are not for everyone but I had an amazing experience and made so many great friends.
14. I dream of some day owning a quaint little bookstore, kind of like the one on "You've Got Mail."
15. I don't dream of having a nice car, I dream of having a driver. This will never happen, but a girl can dream.
16. I usually prefer to do long driving trips alone. Unless I have a best friend with me. I don't like awkward silence and always worry that the person won't like the music I am playing.
17. I am in love with Damien Rice. His music is wonderful and I am a sucker for his Irish Accent. I have been to 2 of his concerts and hope to some day attend one in Ireland.
18. I learned to knit last summer & absolutely love it.
19. Laid-back, patient, and creative are not words I would use to describe myself.
20. Inquisitive, driven, and sentimental are.
21. I am a little OCD about loading my dishwasher. I don't want anyone else to do it, I'd just prefer to do it myself.
22. I never really watched cartoons as a child. Maybe the occasional 'Muppets' but cartoons just never were my thing.
23. Out of the characters on Sex and the City, I identify most with Miranda - we have the same sarcastic (bordering cynical) sense of humor and I think I can be pretty brutally honest with my friends at times (in a good way I hope).
24. On any given day, at least one article of clothing that I am wearing is from Banana Republic. I love that store.
25. I'll finish my MBA in May & say that I will NEVER go back to school. But I could see myself being bored in 5 years & taking random classes. I love school.


Abby said...

I loved reading your random facts! The peculiarities about you make me laugh :) I can also tell we were raised in the same house. I hate when people help with my dishwasher. In fact, I hate when people try even HELPING with dishes. I also never watched cartoons, and Ryan and I were talking about this the other day--and I came to hte realization that I NEVER watched cartoons because we were always DUSTING and CLEANING on Sat!! haha

Cate Subrosa said...

Nice to get to know you a little better : )

I'm OCD about loading the dishwasher too - Nate makes a right mess of it!

I'd love to hear what you thought of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas when you finish it. I couldn't put it down on my honeymoon!

Amber said...

Aw what a great post! I also LOVE school and Miranda was always my favourite on Sex and the City :-)

qwerkyqook said...

alright lisa, i gave in too!