Friday, January 16, 2009

A Change of Plans

So, I've alluded to the fact that I am a bit of a planner. Ok, I'm more than a bit of a planner. I'm a serious planner. For instance, when I was going to school at UND, by sophomore year, I basically had my schedule through Senior year planned out. And when I started my MBA at Carlson, one of the first things I did was plan out my 3 years in the program. Certain classes are only offered in the spring/fall, and I had to figure out what to take in the summer, etc. I even had it color coded, and knew what days the classes were going to fall on.

I personally think my planning abilities are one of my better traits. It's a strength of mine. It's something I use is my Finance job. So it's a good thing that I am like this.

But it also kind of sucks. Because life isn't something you plug into an Excel spreadsheet. And while I am very good at planning, I am still working on being flexible. It's something that I honestly can say I struggle with.

Well, today I learned that certain events I had 'forecasted' in this spreadsheet need to be re-forecasted. Changes I saw happening in May or June? Well, those are going to be happening in October. I think. I hope. I don't know for certain, but I have to trust. Everything happens for a reason, and God has a plan. I just wish he could email me that plan so I could have a heads up! ;) Ha.

So for now, things I had planned on happening are sort of on hold... I won't be listing my condo on Feb 1st. I probably won't be buying a house in 2009. I won't be taking that vacation to Peru. Instead, I am just going to hold tight. I am going to employ the 'wait and see' approach. I never do this. It's going to be a stretch assignment for me. But it's good to challenge ourselves.

I'm a bit bummed about this. But there are some upsides:

- I won't have to move while in grad school
- When I return from AZ, I won't have to work like a mad woman to finish the organizational projects I was working on
- I won't have to leave my house in 'showing condition' every morning starting Feb 1st. Instead I can leave it looking 'lived in'.

I have a tendency to sort of rush into things head first. Yes, I analyze the heck out of things, but I sort of have a 'bull in a China closet' approach at times. So hopefully taking a step back and putting the spreadsheets on hold will have a positive effect on 2009. I guess I have no choice to but to 'wait and see' if that is the case...

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