Monday, January 19, 2009

Can I get a table for 4 please?

Yah, so I'm not buying a house in 2009. So that means I need to make my condo work for me. I have needs that my condo isn't fulfilling.

Like having a nice dining room table.

Yes, I am limited on space, but I have room for a new table and chairs. The one I have now is something I bought from a friend who was trying to get rid of his old table and chairs. It has done the trick for the last 5 years, but I need something new. Oh, and it doesn't help that it has a huge burn mark in the shape of my flat iron. Yah, kind of forgot that the flat iron heats up to a temp around 180 degrees. And that's probably not something you want to set on a wood table. So it has a lovely V-shaped burn mark. Classy, huh? Plus my mom has told me I really need a new dining set and she is NOT a frivolous spender. So if she says I need one, I really, really need one.

The crappy thing about buying a table now is that the table I want probably doesn't fit in the space I have... but I guess I just have to buy something and then if it doesn't fit in the next space, I can try to sell it on Craig's List or something.

I am having a dinner party the last weekend of February so I am hoping to have something purchased by then.......

A few of the tables I am thinking about are this one

this one

or maybe this one?

I'd have to see these in person. But for now, they are an option....

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qwerkyqook said...

ooo i like #2. very classy! my first dinning room table was a leftover from a friend and so gross and sticky you couldnt even clean it. I got a new one on craigs list which is pretty except for the glass marks and the gigantic lysol stain on a cushion...dont ask:) I believe my mom has a story about grandma telling her she needed a dinning room table too, those women!!! the joys of life! can't wait for AZ pictures. hope you had a fun time.