Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Phoenix Vacation - Part One

So I start classes tomorrow. My final semester. You know what I should be doing? Reading the books I just bought today so I am prepared for class tomorrow. What am I doing? Blog post part one of my Phoenix trip...

I arrived in Phoenix on Thursday night. It was 79 degrees. Seriously. It was like -30 when I left Minneapolis that morning. It was so weird to walk to Chris's car in the airport parking garage. Before we went into the parking garage, I instinctively braced myself for the cold. Then I remember that I was in sunny AZ & not frigid MN! Alleluia!!!!

When we got to Heidi & Chris's house, I immediately made Heidi open her birthday gift. Her bday isn't until Feb 1st, but I had sent the gift down ahead of time so I could be there when she opened it. She loved what Brooke & I got her! The high-heel cake server is just SO Heidi! I found it at Patina which is the BEST store ever for gifts!!

Chris got busy making us girls dinner (Heidi is so lucky, btw. A husband that cooks? Seriously?). While he cooked, Heidi and I started getting caught up. We hadn't seen each other since September of 2007 - this is the longest we've gone without seeing each other since we met during my freshman year of college. We talk on the phone a couple of times a week, but it's not the same as seeing each other, face to face.

Heidi and Chris have a beautiful house - Heidi has done such a great job decorating it. I wish that was a strength I had, but I just don't possess those abilities! I love the 'clothes line' picture hanging technique!!

Also love the red kitchen!!

The next day, while Heidi and Chris worked, I relaxed. I slept in and spent the afternoon in their patio furniture reading "Revolutionary Road." Nothing like sitting in 70 degree temps with a good book and an ice cold Diet Coke (by the way, I've now gone 20 days w/out a Mt Dew! I think I kicked the habit for good!!!)

I had a wonderful view of the Lemon Tree in their backyard. You might not be able to tell in this photo, but it is COVERED in lemons.

Lemons are kind of the Pumpkins or Zucchini of AZ. They can't get rid of them fast enough. Heidi and I took a few shopping bags to various people while I was there.

But it barely took a dent out of their crop!! I took some lemons off their hands, but not nearly enough!

Unfortunately, that's all I have time to cover tonight... Stay tuned for the rest of the posts about this wondeful trip!! I'm off to read about implementing Strategy so I am prepared for my first night of class tomorrow night. Tomorrow will be my last first day of school. EVER. Yippee!!!!


Unknown said...

Hi! What great pictures! I am so glad you were able to escape to Arizona before your semester started up again. Hope your trip to G.F. is safe. That's quite a contrast in temperature from AZ to ND! But, you are right, we must hang on to those traditions.

Jamie and Missy said...

Great vacation post! I love keeping up with family via these blogs. I must make Zuel get one up and running about us! I'll put that on my honey-do-list. Safe travels to GF.