Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed...

This morning, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Or maybe I woke up on the wrong side of the globe. I turned the tv on, saw the -3F in the corner of the tv, and wanted to go back to bed. Seriously? The fact that it was 45 on Saturday & 32 on Sunday almost makes seeing -3 worse for some reason. The weekend was gorgeous - I didn't wear a jacket, it just felt so heavenly. I thought, "Self, I am so sick of winter, but the end is in sight! It's only going to get better."

Then Old Man Winter decides to show his face again. The last few days have been down right frigid, and it's not making me feel too rosie.

Add to that the fact that I have a sinus infection, and well, my disposition is just not great. Then add in the fact that it took 5 phone calls over a span of 24 hours to get a dang Z-pack prescription filled. I was about ready to just jump across the counter at Walgreens, take the Z-pack, and go. Seriously, people, I just want my meds.

I usually don't have these types of mornings. I think it's just the result of being sick and only getting 5 hours of sleep on Sunday night (I need about 9-10 to really function, I know that is alot and is not normal... I have 'go to a sleep clinic' on my list of things to do with all that spare time I have).

But when I feel like this, I give into thoughts like,

"Gosh it would be nice to have someone that I could call and ask to pick up my prescription for me so I could have had it when I got home from class at 9:30 last night."


"It would be really nice to have come home last night to a husband who would have given me a hug and told me it's okay that I don't really understand what a replicating portfolio is and how it hedges your risk on a forward contract" (That's what I 'learned' about in class last night)


I guess today is just going to be one of those bad days that will come and go. Hopefully I will wake up tomorrow and think that it was so silly how upset I got over the little things today.

Good news though - I just picked up my prescription so hopefully I'll be on the road to good health in a few days. When the Walgreens Pharmacist asked me if I was feeling any better I almost started crying. But I didn't want to be that girl, crying at the pharmacy.

I usually relish my independence and ability to 'do it all' but sometimes, it's just really, really freaking exhausting.


Amber said...

Lame. Being sick sucks. I think I've got a cold coming on and that's why I've been feeling so sluggish and exhausted lately!

Medicate and feel better soon!!!

PS: I had to return the Mizuno's :-( I really loved them but I ran in them again on the treadmill and they rubbed my pinky toes and gave me bad blisters. I have really wide feet and so I think I might need a wider shoe than they can offer. So I returned them and am currently waiting for them to get their 2009 selection of shoes in!

BandB said...

Poor Lisa. If I was in Minnesota, I would bring over a pot of chicken soup!!!

aimee said...

i totally hear what you are saying..i have to have a procedure done next week at the hospital and my mom has to come with me because i don't have a husband/boyfriend to drive me home when i'm drugged up. it's a weird feeling sometimes.

anyways, i hope you feel better soon!! stay warm!