Thursday, February 11, 2010

Perks of Being Single

Valentine's Day is just days away!! This is a very couples-centric time of year so it would be very easy for a single girl like me to start to feel sort of sorry for myself. However, self pity won't do me a bit of good. And really, while there are many things I miss about being part of a couple, there are perks associated with being on my own.

  • When I make decisions about a job or where to live, I don't have to factor another person into my decision - which makes it much less complicated!
  • I get to spend every holiday with my own family!
  • If I want to eat a baked potato every night for dinner, no one is going to complain.
  • Last night, when I came home and worked until 10 pm, it didn't impact anyone else. Granted, I don't enjoy long days like that (at all - I am quite worn out), but it helps to not feel guilty about neglecting someone at home.
  • I have more of an active role in my nephews lives than I would if I was single. They get more of my energy and free time. I have babysat for my 2 nephews that live in the area the past couple of Valentine's Day weekends and this is a tradition I hope to continue - even if I do have a boyfriend next year! I love the looks on peoples faces when I tell them I actually have 2 dates on Valentine's Day. Granted, they are 4 yrs old & 2 yrs old. Details, details...
  • I don't have to explain any purchases to someone! If I want to splurge on a new outfit or go on a book buying spree, I only have to talk myself into it and don't have to then go home and sell my husband on why it was ok to spend our money!
What are the perks of your relationship status?


I'maNolaGirl said...

Good point on holiday sharing!! That is one of the hardest things about being married. And while mark would never require me to get his permission to buy something, the pure freedom to shop with abandon is gone.

Also, how cute are you with your two dates !!!

Abby and Ryan said...

You also get to read in bed as long as you want to before you go to sleep at night without irritating your spouse with the light on. I know this one is important for you -- since your night ritual is to read before falling asleep!

And you don't have to have meat a commodity of every. single. meal. cooked. in. your. house. :)

Have fun on your date with the boys!!! I miss our nephews sooo much!

Carolina John said...

There are lots of benefits of being single. general freedom is certainly the most important. sorry, i'm feeling quite cynical today.

J said...

There are perks to being single or in a relationship! All that matters is that you are happy! I feel like a lot of people who aren't in relationships hate Valentines days but i think its really about showing the people you love that are in your life (family and friends) that you appreciate them.

Cherry Blossoms said...

Best part of what I miss about being single is not having to share my bed. We need to buy a King soon, I hate sharing as I am a bed hog!!

Nicole said...

Um, why do I have a boyfriend again? Just kidding. I love him, but sometimes I miss just the "me" time. He does make a good dog-sitter though when I'm off at work, classes, extra things.

Mandy said...

I enjoy doing all these things and then some because I have the freedom to do so. I love just being able to come and go as I want, not having to explain my thoughts and decisions to anyone else, and just spending my time as I want. I love that you spend the time with your nephews on Valentines Day!!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Being in a long-distance relationship (as much as I complain about it) totally has it's perks. I can do a lot of the things you listed like eat whatever I want for dinner, not have to worry about cleaning up after someone else, make my own plans without asking someone else etc. But I still have the support of Eric even if he's a long ways away!

The biggest NON perk for me is definitely #1. SO hard to make decisions about your life/future when someone else is factored in!

Great post. And I am not a big fan of Valentines day anyways. We NEVER go anywhere on V-day because it's so busy so even when I'm with Eric we don't have a special "date". I think babysitting your nephews sounds perfect!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

I wasn't really looking forward to V-Day b/c the relationship is still sorta new and I hate the pressure of finding the perfect gifts. I was so happy when Cy suggested the $10 limit. Surprisingly, I even make THAT stressful! Hahaha!
Btw, I see you're reading Sarah's Key. I've picked that up a few times, is it good so far?

Allison Blass said...

This is only my second Valentine's Day with someone, and I just love it because it's an excuse to go out and do something. We're not buying each other gifts (though he did get me flowers and is buying dinner) but we're going to the ballet together and that's our gift because that's more special to me than another "thing" that I have in my already-too-tiny Manhattan apartment. Haha.

Best thing about relationship status: always having someone to go to stuff with. Friends can say no, but he HAS to come with.

Worst thing: My bed is too small so I routinely feel like I'm going to fall out of my own bed. And the whole "planning with someone else's desires" like Amber said. That kinda sucks. But luckily Erik and I are remarkably in tune with what we want in life (i.e. stay in NYC for many years, and then move somewhere else to have a family).

Chelsea said...

Yes ma'am. Those are all perks! Sometimes I just want ramen for dinner and Stephen is like, "But that's not food... Where's the meat?" UGH.

We don't do much for Valentine's day. Just a card. Usually it's Stephen's night to cook. But we definitely don't go out.

Becky said...

What a great list! Ohh, and such a good point about the holidays! I love both our families and it sucks that we have to split time on the holidays. Plus my dad and the mister's dad both have the same birthday (weird, right?) so that's one more day to split!

Nora said...

I don't have to shave my legs if I don't want to... and thus don't worry about grossing anyone else out in the process.

I can go a whole weekend in my sweats or workout clothes and not have to worry about impressing anyone.

Less presents to buy at holiday time = more money to spend on family!

Watching chick flicks whenever I want :)

aimee said...

i think there are pros/cons to being single and being in a relationship. i really missed being single one night a few weeks ago..i had the most horrible day at work and started crying as soon as i left work and continued to cry for the next 6 hours. when i was single, i could just go to my apartment and shut off my cell phone and not have to talk to anyone all night. but now i went home and my boyfriend was all concerned because i was upset and i had to explain to him that i'm not mentally unstable, i just had a really bad day and i had pms and that's a bad combination!! he kept making sure i was ok and asking a million questions and i just wanted to lay in bed and cry!!!

P.O.M. said...

Hi... remember me??


Eating dinner standing over the sink.

Drinking a bottle of wine for dinner

Spending half the day at a yarn store (I am just teaching myself to knit!!!)

crystal said...

Great post! The thing I miss most about being single is knowing that I can clean the house and it will STAY that way until I mess it up!!

Kyla Roma said...

That's awesome! Holiday sharing is a huge thing- for me, being with Mister means I get an oasis of sane (his family) in an other wise crazy (that's my family!!) time lol

As long as you're enjoying what you're doing right now, that's all you can ever ask for in live, other people be damned (okay not really, but you know what I mean! lol)

The only thing that I miss about being single right now is that I'm contemplating getting some tattoos but I don't want to freak out Jess ;)

Anais said...

Everything is being focused on ME. It's nice to know that I hang out with who I want, when I want, and like you said - I can have whatever I want for dinner :P