Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Probably Mint Chocolate Chip. Although Sassy posted about a Peanut Butter cup ice cream that sounds just divine!! I should probably test it out just to make sure it's good. After Lent, I guess (I gave up candy/sweets for Lent). And assuming it's Gluten Free. God I hope it's GF!

2. What is your earliest memory?
My earlier memory was when I got a black eye as a young child. I was probably 4? I was crawling around and basically ran into a chair or something like that (I'm such a klutz). I remember laying in the recliner with my panda blanket (which is currently in my lap as I type this) and being pampered by my mom!

3. What is your earliest memory of a dessert?
Earliest memory is probably this Jack-in-the-Box cake that my Grandma made. It was amazing and to this day, I don't know how it worked. She was an amazing cake maker!!

4. Do you have any recurring dreams?
No, they are crazy, but they never seem to repeat themselves.

5. Have you ever dreamed about dessert?
Nope, I am actually not a big dessert person, truth be told!

6. What is one thing (aside from a cell phone or computer) that you cannot go the entire day without?
My iPod. It is a sad day when I forget to bring it to work with me. When I listen to my iPod, it's like I am in a sound proof room or a different universe. It helps me concentrate and I am way more effective/productive when listening to it! Plus, it kind of keeps people from coming up to me and chatting with me at work. I know it sounds anti-social to say that, but I have so much crap to get done at work, I don't have a ton of time for chit chat.

7. What is one dessert you could go your entire life without ever having again?
Well, that's easy. Anything with gluten in it! So mom's Chocolate Chip cookies & her home made chocolate cake are 2 things that stick out in my mind.

8. If you could go on vacation tomorrow, where would you go? (Assume someone else is footing the bill, but within reason…so “the moon” won’t work)
Paris. I might buy a one way ticket and my very own little Marais apartment. After all, someone else is footing the bill, right?

9. If you could have any dessert tomorrow, what would you have (assume someone else is buying it for you. Within reason though, no “gold sprinkled ice cream cones.”)
I'd go for simple home made ice cream with raspberry on top! Mmm, it's to die for. You have not lived until you've had home made ice cream!!

10. What was your first impression of your significant other? If you’re single, what was your first impression of your best friend?
First impression of my best friend was that she was very stylish and fun loving!

11. What is your first impression of dessert pizza? (Personally, I think it’s weird. I love dessert but I don’t want any on my pizza.)
I am not a pizza person so it doesn't sound all that appealing to me!


Kelly said...

The ipod at work thing is a good idea- not that it would really work for me haha, but I would think that would make the day go by a bit faster :)
Can I just say every Tuesday I have a good idea for a post but then I see your Ten on Tuesday and I want to do them! haha

I'maNolaGirl said...

I love homemade ice cream. Just plain homemade vanilla bean ice cream!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

When I worked in an office I did the exact same thing with my ipod. It really works!

Carolina John said...

looks like somebody got bit with the sweet tooth when they were making up the questions today.

Carolina John said...

looks like somebody got bit with the sweet tooth when they were making up the questions today.

Mandy said...

Mmmm, mint chocolate chip ice cream is among my favorites as well. I have been wanting the ice cream maker attachment for my kitchenaid since I bought the mixer. I have seen some amazing recipes for homemade ice cream.

There is a resturaunt close to where I work that serves chocolate chip pizza, its the best dessert pizza ever, espeically when its hot from the oven and gooey.

Nicole said...

I finally did this on my blog today.

I sometimes listend to Pandora on the computer with headphones at work. I guess I'm antisocial too.

Nora said...

I kind of love and hate that this was all about dessert because now I want some dessert and it's only 9am! My favorite ice cream is also mint chocolate chip or peppermint ice cream. YUM.

Dessert pizza. Gross. Mostly because it's like cream cheese and fruit and I can't eat fruit so they don't do a thing for me. With that said, there is one dessert pizza that is pie crust, peanut butter, chocolate sauce & whipped cream (and maybe one or two other ingredients). I haven't made it or anything but it *looks* yummy.

Amber said...

Hahaha, this is a really dessert themed list of questions!

Fruit pizza (which is kind of dessert-y) is really good. I love it!

I listen to my iPod when I'm working sometimes, but I can't do it when I'm writing. I need complete silence to write. But if I'm doing something boring like website content management my iPod totally helps me get in a groove. I also listen to it when I'm shredding! Haha

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

Not a pizza or dessert person? Wowzers! Although being gluten free, that's probably tough. I second your Paris idea. Sounds fabulous. Would you stay in the same work realm in Paris or branch out totally?

Anais said...

Dessert pizza??? I didn't even know that existed... that sounds so weird!

Abby said...

I was just thinking....

Isn't it funny that both of our "first recallable memories" consist of being comforted or in our Mom's lap?

I thought that is a good, comforting thought in itself. We are so blessed to have been brought up by such loving parents!!

That is really interesting that we both love Mint Choc Ice cream -- but I definitely didn't try it until I moved away from home!

Chelsea said...

Try fruit pizza - You'll love it!