Monday, June 6, 2011

Je suis fatigue!

So...  I said I would take a couple of days off from blogging.  But here I am! 

The test is over.  Finished.  Finito.  I feel good about it - or as good as I can feel.  I am resisting the urge to analyze how it went.  I have an idea of what my score could potentially be and am pretty confident it should be in the passing range (whatever that is, it's not published and is determined every year).  I don't want to jinx it and say I definitely passed.  Instead I will say, the odds of me passing are good.  I will find out in August.  It's out of my hands now! 

It was pretty funny to see the guy to girl ratio on test day.  I am going to say it was probably 80% men.  Possibly more.  I was definitely the only girl in a dress (it's what I feel most confident in).  I definitely developed some test rituals.  Besides wearing a dress, I wrote the exam with a pink #2 pencil.  And I decided it would be good luck to eat lunch at a French restaurant (Nicoise salad, fresh squeezed lemonade.  Mmm).  If I pass the test, I will repeat those rituals next June when I take level 2 (here's hoping I am taking level 2 and not re-taking level 1!!)

Oh and the CFA institute should totally host some sort of speed dating event.  There were some good looking guys there!  Ha!  Maybe they could hold it over the 2 hour lunch break.  ;)  Although as I used to say in my math program when I was totally the minority, it might be another case of "The odds were good, but the goods were odd."

When I walked out of the exam room, I felt about 100 x's lighter.  I wanted someone to high five me!  I wanted to skip!  I headed to my aunt & uncles where I was greeted with wine!  And then a champagne toast!  And then a yummy Mexican meal with margaritas!  It was such a fun night - lots of laughter, lots of sighs of relief on my part.

Yesterday, the exhaustion set in.  I don't think I let myself really feel exhausted until the test was over because I didn't have time to think about how tired I have been lately or to re-adjust my schedule. 

I sat down and thought about all the things that have happened this year.  Since January 1st, I...
- healed a broken heart
- visited Abby in Tucson
- visited Nora in St. Louis
- started a new job
- celebrated my 30th birthday with a fabulous French-themed party
- spent a week in Paris and chronicled my adventures here
- visited Becky in DC, ran a horrible race with Charbelle, and met Jess, another DC-area blogger
- studied for and passed the Series 7
- found a tenant to rent my condo and a condo to rent downtown!
- studied for (and hopefully passed) level 1 of the CFA

Le sigh.  That is freaking lot to pack into 5 months!

It's no wonder I am exhausted.  Looking back, I may have slightly over-scheduled those first 5 months of the year.  I can't say I would change a thing.  I'm just really, really tired. 

I have to get through the next 4 weeks of packing/moving/settling in...  (luckily some friends have offered to help.  My friends rock!)  And I have plans to go to my parents lake cabin every weekend this month, so I will get some much-needed R&R on the weekends. 

But after the move?  I need to take time to do things I enjoy instead of doing things I HAVE to do.  I plan on doing a whole lot of running.  I want to watch all 6 seasons of SATC whilst knitting (not in one sitting, of course, but over the course of a couple of months.)   I want to take walks with girlfriends around the local lake or along the river.  I want to try new recipes.  I want to dine al fresco and drink wine on my balcony.  I want to check out my new, fun, vibrant neighborhood.   

I think when it's all said in done, I will look back on the first 6 months of this year and think - "I don't know how you did it, but you did it.  Now let's not do it again."

Is there a period of your life that you look back on and wonder how you fit it all in?


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Yikes- you really HAVE done a lot the past 6 months. It makes me exhausted just thinking about it! I love traveling but that is a lot of it!

But yay for the test being over! I can't believe there is a another part next year, wah! But let's not think about that yet :)

Maris (In Good Taste) said...

Wow What a year! Congrats on the end of testing!

J said...

Great job Lisa on the exam! I hope you pass too! You have been busy! I feel the same! I need a vacation!

Gracie said...

Wow, I didn't realize until you recapped it how packed the last few months have been. Take a much-deserved break!

Marlys said...

Whew, I'm exhausted reading your blog! You definitely need some down time! It was fun celebrating with you on Saturday and Sunday! I hope you snuck in a nap yesterday afternoon! All that pent up tension is now released and you are feeling it! I agree with Kelly - don't think about the next test level until after Christmas!

Raquelita said...

You have had a jam-packed start to the year! I am so happy for you that that test is behind you! I love that you did things that would inspire confidence while you were taking it, too!

Last spring and summer were crazy hectic like that for me, too, and down time is always necessary. Our brains and souls need rest days just like our muscles do. :)

Abby said...

You have had a very overwhelming 5 months. I remember moments where you were unsure of the outcome of all this stress -- and now you can look back, sigh, and smile. You should feel very good about yourself right now!!!

Post-exam speed dating at the CFA sounds like a good idea ;)

The time of my life that was the most stressful is a tie between finals week, having pneumonia, & packing up my life to move to Tucson all in one week.

Or.....starting my new career the same week as we moved into the house we live in now.

Apparently I like to make "moving time" extra stressful.

missris said...

Oh wow I'm tired just reading all of that! Congrats on getting it all done and being finished with the big test. It sounds like you did a great job preparing and I'm sure all your hard work will pay off!

Anonymous said...

You've been doing so much- it's amazing! I'm so excited to see how the next year after your move changes things for you. It seems like you have the right job and you're going to be living somewhere that makes you so happy :)

I think it's going to be all kinds of lovely from here on out.

And yes, looking back I have no idea how I worked 25-35 hours a week while taking a full course load at university. Just thinking about it makes me want to break into hives! lol :)

Unknown said...

I am laughing at your statement about watching all those seasons of SATC while knitting and then feeling the need to add not all in one sitting!

What an accomplishment! Congratulations! Five months of insanity and now, some very well deserved happy times ahead!

Amber said...

You have had SUCH A BUSY 5 months. Some INTENSE R&R is definitely in order!!!

The busiest time of my life was probably my last semester of university. Running/training, planning Europe, school, work, freelance, trying to maintain a university social life. BAH! I do not miss that point of my life at all!!

Don't even think about the CFA until August. And then when you find out you PASSED we will celebrate again in August and then don't think about again until January 2012 :)

Jess said...

Yes! You definitely need and deserve a break! At least you’ve managed to pack a whole lot of fun into all your busyness! Glad to hear you managed to get some drinks and relaxation after the test.

There are actually several times in my life when I look back at things and wonder how I managed to do it all – mostly when I was a student. In my undergrad, I took 6 classes, worked 2 jobs, did note-taking for a hearing impaired student and tutored. During graduate school, I worked full time, TA’ed, wrote a thesis, worked on the graduate student conference and published an academic paper. Now, working full time sort of seems like a breeze! Ha!

Nora said...

I feel that way about a good chunk of my graduate school days, specifically most of 2010. I have no idea how I pulled off all that I did then. And before that, probably all of 2005-2007. I was constantly go-go-go-go and it was just insane.

Also, I'm so proud of you. And loved chatting with you on Saturday night! You rock!!!!

crystal said...

Congrats on having it behind you!!! There are few better feelings than that sense of relief, so enjoy! I will say this about your crazy beginning of 2011 though, take care of yourself while you are coming down!! My end of 2010/first few months of 2011 was a crazy, stressful, and emotional time for me and when I finally came down I ended up getting sick for 2 months! :( So take care of yourself and enjoy the calm.

Oh and I loved the idea on speed dating during the lunch break, nothing like putting stressed out people together and making connections! ;)

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

As I was reading your post and thinking about how much you packed in, I couldn't help to think, "but, this is the time in your life to pack it all in!" I feel the same way about my late 20s and early 30s. I was single and feeling good about my career and really living the life. There wasn't a week that passed by where I didn't have at least 4-5 nights of plans. I loved it. It was crazy. And there were times when I was exhausted. But, after short breaks to re-energize, I'd start doing it all over again.

And now? Looking back? I'm so glad I did! Because there's no way I could keep that pace now that I have a husband, dog and child. I have no regrets about that time in my life ... and I'm pretty sure you won't either!

Stephany said...

YAY! It's over, it's over! I agree with Amber - don't even let the CFA cross your mind until August. :)

I think the busiest time in my life was January - May 2010 when I was so incredibly busy with work, school, and my internship. I do not know HOW I did it!

Mandy said...

You did pack a lot into the first 5 months of the year! I agree with Nilsa, this is the time of your life to do all that and take different trips and what not. Besides, you needed those trips to help you stay sane. Cant wait to see what the next few months bring your way!

Becky said...

Seriously. You're amazing! Enjoy the lake cabin this month and definitely let yourself relax!!!

Jeanie said...

Pooped and more to come -- but congratulations on completing the test and look at all you've accomplished! Good for you! It's "good" pooped because it comes with accomplishment -- and seeing a new home and a bit of R&R in the future is good indeed! It will pass. Trust me. I always overcommit. It always passes. I say never again. I never keep to that!

qwerkyqook said...

Congrats Lisa. I want to try new recipes, dine al fresco and drink wine on your balcony too! hint hint :)

Jamie and Missy said...

Congrats, Lisa!! You celebrated at my favorite Mexican restaurant! Here's to a relaxing summer. It will be well deserved.

Amanda said...

I think that period of my life is the last 3 years, ha! I have no idea how I did it. I'll probably be saying the same thing about these next couple months come next year.

Congrats on finishing your exam! I'm sure you did splendidly!

Leigh said...

Congratulations on finishing the test and feeling great walking out of it! I beat you passed it with flying colours!

Those are some very busy months! I hope you are able to slow down and enjoy things now :)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Congrats on finishing the test!! I am sure you did great!!

You definitely have had a busy year so far.

When I look back on my last semester of my second degree, I wonder how I fit in 3 classes, running an experiment after work, writing an thesis, coaching v-ball, and working full time. It was completely draining. Glad that time is over!

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

That sounds like the perfect post test celebration! You should suggest the speed dating thing. :) Yeah, overscheduling...maybe one day I'll figure that out.