Friday, December 12, 2008

'Tis the Season!

So, I haven't been doing as much reading as usual. Wondering what I've been doing? Well, knitting. A lot. I took a class at Bella Lana where I learned how to knit these little ornaments. And I've become addicted!!

They are a little time intensive... But worth the effort, I think. Here are some pictures of what I've been working on!

I was showing some of my co-workers a scarf I had knit for myself and was explaining how knitting is such a good hobby for me since it so soothing. Which, I went onto explain, is really important since I am sort of a high strung person. I got blank stares back. None of them knew I was high strung. What? How is this possible!! Granted I don't work super close with them, but still... I thought I just exuded an aura of stress... Guess not!


Meg said...

nice work! these look great! loved the christmas card!

Unknown said...

Our people stress inwardly, giving others no clue of our worries, until it erupts out of us with great exuberance (either great joy or great anger). Coworkers may miss the outward signs of our stress, but those near and dear to us are very aware!!! Sound familiar? Great knitting by the way. My friend Angie who is a pro knitter gave me an ornament she had made last year that is a little bird's nest with tiny eggs. It just rests on the branches of the tree and I just love it!! I envy you who are so talented. I only know how to purchase things, not make them!!!