Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesdays To-Read List...

So I have been slacking a bit on the reading front lately. I have been so busy around the holidays, especially with all the ornament knitting I was doing! Now that Christmas has come & gone, I am focusing on getting my condo in "showing" condition. Thus, I won't be reading at my 'book a week' pace, at least not during the month of January when I have 3 trips planned (Chicago, Phoenix, and Grand Forks)!

Since this blog is supposed to be about books and reading, I thought I'd start featuring books from my 'to-read' list each Tuesday. Lord knows the list stretches on and on, so I have plenty of books to suggest! I haven't read them, so can't speak on their quality, but they are books I hope to tackle in 2009!

Since it's cold & snowy here in Minnesota, today I am featuring two travel-related memoires that might help you "mentally escape" those frosty temps!

The Best of Friends: Two Women, Two Continents, and One Enduring Friendship by Sara James & Ginger Mauney - What can I say, I am a sucker for any book that involves travel. This books follows the 30-year friendship of the two authors. Sara is a NBC Network Correspondent who has covered stories in countries such as Sudan and Nicaragua, while balancing her career with a marriage and parenting. Ginger is a wildlife filmmaker who has raised her child in Southern Africa, but misses the USA, which she once called home. Sara and Ginger use the examples of their life to answer questions such as, When your heart is broken, how do you heal? How do you realize your dreams without compromising yourself? How do you tame ambition to make room for family & friends? And what does it mean as an adult to be a "best" friend?

Summer of my Greek Taverna: A Memoir by Tom Stone - The author, Tom Stone, travels to Greece for a summer to write a novel, and stays 22 years!! The book is the story of a man in love with a place, a woman, and a dream and also features a few of the authors recipes for Greek food such as Chicken Retsina and Moussaka.

* I had told myself that I couldn't buy any more books until I read the ones I have... but I am oh so tempted to purchase these today. It certainly doesn't help that Barnes & Noble is just a few blocks away and easily accessible through the skyway.....

Let me know if you check either of these books out!

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Meg said...

yikes you sound busy busy! getting ready to sell ha?? and all of those trips! thats sounds like fun! i think i need to go through all of your recomendations and find some to read me through the month of jan! god knows i am going to need something to do! and yeah i am almost 35 weeks! YIKESS!!!!