Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend Review

I had a jam-packed, fun-filled weekend! Christmas is coming faster than ever, and I have yet to buy any gifts... better get my rear in gear, maybe next weekend!

I started off the weekend by babysitting for Matthew & Andrew on Friday night. As usual, they were so easy to watch. I don't know why, but kids seem to behave better for their aunt/grandma than they do for their parents! Andrew has already learned how to detect behavior patterns: as soon as I got there, his first question was, "where's my present?" He's gotten used to little treats from his auntie, I guess! Luckily, I had picked up a new National Geographic DVD to keep him entertained while I was putting Matthew down. He was pretty excited about it since it had one of his favorite animals, penguins, on the front cover. He was happy about this gift so willingly posed in front of the Christmas Tree for me!

Matthew was his happy, easy-going self. He has learned to crawl and can blow 'raspberries' now! I felt like he had changed since I saw him a week ago at Thanksgiving!

On Saturday evening, I headed over to McGovern's in St. Paul for my cousin Missy's graduation party; she just finished the Nurse Anesthetist Program so had alot to celebrate! It was so much fun seeing the McDougall side of the family! We sat around, telling stories & reminiscing about Grandpa & Grandma McDougall. The night flew by - I was so surprised when I looked down at my watch & saw that it was almost 1 am!! The fact that I stayed out until 1 am just goes to show how much fun I am having since I am NOT a night owl. Apparently my cousin's baby, Meredith, is a night owl! She slept a little bit but was still wide awake when we were leaving! Her new nickname should be "Party Baby."

My parents are coming to Minneapolis for Christmas, and my awesome aunt Barb (in the picture below) has graciously invited us over for Christmas Day! I can't remember the last time I got to see the McDougall around Christmas - what a treat!!

Brooke, my personal interior decorator, came over to help decorate my tree. She's been doing this for the last three years. I love having a tree in my place but really don't enjoy actually decorating... it's such a time-consuming process for me since I hem & haw over every ornament placement & think about things like balance & ornament symmetry... Brooke loves it, is good at it, and doesn't over think it! So she came over & worked her magic!

After the tree was decked out with ornaments and lights, three more girls came over for what has become my Annual Christmas Cookie Decorating Extravaganza. I provide the cookies, frosting, and beverages, and the girls bring food to share. This is only the 2nd year we've done it, but I am sure it's a tradition I'll continue for years to come. I am by far the LEAST creative of the bunch, so it's fun to watch what they all come up with. I didn't get any close up shots, but did get a picture of the finished products! We decorated lots of sugar cookies as well as some cupcakes which I made in honor of Brooke & Leslie's birthdays!

We got some snow on Friday night and more today, so it's really beginning to look alot like Christmas. And I am loving it.
Happy Holidays!

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