Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A year in Review...

I seriously can't believe today is the last day of 2008. I feel like I just got used to writing 2008 on the rare occasion that I write out a check! And now 2009 is upon us.

Truth be told, I kind of hate New Years Eve. I think it is the most overrated holiday! Plus, to me, it's very much a couples holiday. I have gone out on NYE for the last couple of years, and without fail, the clock strikes midnight and everyone around me is kissing while I stand there, fidgeting and wishing I could sort of just disappear! It's not the best feeling in the world - kind of makes you feel more single than ever! So this year I am heading to my parents' cabin and will ring in the New Year with my parents, siblings, & nephews.

2008 was a big year for me! Here are some of the highlights:
- Became an aunt for the 4th time in April! Matthew was born on 4/2 and is a wonderful addition to the family!
- Traveled to France for 3 amazing weeks, which prompted me to start my first blog, which prompted me to do this blog since I enjoyed it so much!
- Abby got engaged and started planning a wedding for 8/8/09 - I'll be her maid of honor and have already started writing my speech!!!!

2009 is shaping up to be equally fabulous. I have lots to look forward to and countless things to be thankful for. While I don't particularly enjoy NYE, I do like how a New Year sort of forces you to reflect back on the past year and start thinking about goals for the following year. I'm not huge on resolutions but have a few goals for 2009:

1. Quit Mountain Dew for good!! Seriously, it is so bad for you... but it tastes so good and has always been a weakness for me. I am hoping to replace it with either coffee or Diet Coke... we'll see how this goes!

2. I want to try to cook at least one meal a week. I have gotten in the habit of eating things like a can of soup for dinner... which is fine, but not the most 'fulfilling' meal. I have lots of cookbooks so I need to start getting more adventurous. And I need to mentally prepare myself if it doesn't turn out perfectly!

3. I will be running a 1/2 marathon on May 3rd. I registered yesterday so need to start training for that. I used to run a ton. Even ran a marathon. Then I started grad school and running was something that just didn't work with the schedule! I need to start incorporating 2-3 runs/week into my week though, so hopefully it will help to have a goal to work towards.

4. The hugest focus of 2009 will be selling my condo & hopefully buying a house. I know this will be a huge undertaking, but I am ready for the responsibilty. I want a guest room for my parents to use when they are visiting. I want a dining room so I can host dinner parties. I want an area in the backyard where I can plant a small garden. And I actually sort of look forward to shoveling & mowing the lawn (ahem, you'll probably have to remind me that I said this if/when I complain about those chores down the road!)

That's it for now. I think those 4 goals are pretty realistic. I know #4 is sort of out of my hands. And #1 might just be impossible, but who knows. I wish there was a "Mountain Dew Addicts Annoymous" group to join. I need a sponsor or something! Maybe someone I could call when I am standing in front of the vending machine at work, trying to decide if I really need that Mt Dew.....

Happy New Year everyone!! I'll leave you with this great quote about New Years that I just found!

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called ‘Opportunity’ and its first chapter is New Year's Day.” —Edith Lovejoy Pierce


Abby said...

Happy New year, Lisa! Wish we could be at the cabin with you all!! Have you tried drinking Diet Mountain Dew?...Or does it just not do it for you. I think the dew flavor-craving may be heriditary....b/c I have a problem with Diet Mountain dew. I could drink like a pack a day if I wanted probably. So, if you find this "Dew-addicts annonymous support group"....let me know! ;) Love you

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Unfortunately I don't like Diet Mt Dew at all... I wish I did but it just tastes off to me. Diet Coke is ok, I like it best if I can drink it on ice! Random... Happy New Year Abs!

Melissa Hope(s) said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE this quote. Happy New Year!!