Monday, December 22, 2008

You might not know this...

Well, this is my 3rd post in less than 24 hours... I'm definitely getting side-tracked today! :P

Saw a tag on Lauren's tumblr page that I thought would be fun to do. The directions say, write a post on your blog telling your readers SEVEN things about yourself they are not very likely to know:

Here goes!

1. I am obsessed with Passport stamps. Seriously. When I was in Europe with Brooke, every time we took a train somewhere, I'd get excited and ask her, 'do you think we'll get our passports stamped when we cross the border?' Sometimes we didn't, but when we did, it absolutely made my day.

2. I usually start my day with a Mountain Dew. These days I am trying to watch my waist line since I'll be in my sister's wedding this summer, so I have switched over to Diet Coke. Which is so less fulfilling, but much less bad for me....

3. When I walk on a tiled floor, I try to step on every other tile. Yes, I realize this makes me similar to Jack Nicholson in "As Good As it Gets."

4. I love peanut butter, but HATE the smell of it if I am not eating it. It makes me nauseous actually.

5. I sit cross-legged (aka indian style) whenever possible. Like right now, at my desk at work. My legs are covered by blanket so no one can really tell. It's the most comfortable way for me to sit... I think I have funky hip joints or something.

6. I get major anxiety if I think I am going to be late for something. As a result, when meeting up with friends for lunch, I'm usually first there, and when traveling, I get to the airport super early since I'd prefer sitting at the gate for an hour vs. feeling rushed.

7. I think French Toast is disgusting. Soaking bread in an egg mixture & then cooking it on a griddle? Yeck. I actually just got the shivers thinking about it. I'll politely choke down a piece if that is what's being served for breakfast, but could go the rest of my life without ever eating this dish.

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Meg said...

this is so funny! i love it! you dont like french might be one of my favorite things ever--i crave it actually! and the passport are hillarious!