Friday, October 23, 2009

Chicago Trip - Part II

Happy Friday! Whew - what a week. I'm kind of exhausted. But I am looking forward to the weekend. Tonight I am doing my 'culinary bootcamp' with my aunt Barb. We are going to make a Julia Child recipe for a big family dinner. My parents are driving down from North Dakota, my brother & his family are coming, and my Godparents will be there w/ their son & grandchildren, so it will be quite the big group! I can't wait - I do so love that I have such a big family!

So it's been almost a month since I went to Chicago and I am just getting around to Part II of my trip. What can I say - life has been a bit chaotic since then. New Job. Training for a half. You know - not a lot of free time!

Anywho. When I last left off, I had told you all about the Frank Lloyd Wright tour that I took on Saturday. Today I am going to tell you about my Sunday - in pictures. We spent that Sunday north of Chicago in an area where my sister-in-law's siblings live. There was a farm show that had tractors, hay rides, and a petting zoo so we thought it would be fun to take Kolin there. He LOVES anything that has wheels so of course, this was a hit with him.

Without further ado, here are the pics!

Hanging out in his pj's before we headed out for the day.

I love tractors!!

Feeding the goats

Watching the tractor parade. This is my favorite pic - I love how he has his head resting on my brother's head. So sweet.

On the Hay ride

It's tough to get him to sit still long enough for a picture!!

The yummy veggies my sister-in-law's brother cooked up at the end of the day. Yum!!

I am so glad I got to spend 3 days with my brother, his wife, and Kolin. I don't get as much Kolin & Lisa time as I would like so those 3 days were amazing. Now that Southwest flies between Minneapolis and Chicago, I am hoping to do more trips like this!

So what are you up to this weekend? And how often do you see your siblings?


Mandy said...

Your nephew is adorable! Your weekend sounds like it will be a very fun one. I enjoy big family get togethers, in moderation. =)

Becky said...

Love those pictures! I have an older brother and a younger sister. My sister is at college only a couple hours away and we live close to my parents so I see her a decent amount. My brother, his wife, and my niece live a good eight hours (driving) from us so we don't get to see them as often. They're really good about sending us pictures of my niece though!

Abby said...

So jealous your the family night you get to have tonight! How fun!

Love the pictures from Chicago! Kolin is so so cute -- He melts my heart! Looks like you had such a fun weekend.

Well, you know the answer to my question....:( I never see my siblings anymore. I would give anything to have the ability for Ryan and I to get together with you guys more often. But hey!--Exactly 2 months from today Ry and I will be on the plane home for Christmas!

My weekend will be pretty low key. Ryan is deer hunting all weekend, so I will be cleaning, doing a long run, and doing projects around the house.

Anonymous said...

How cute are those photos!? The last one is definitely one for the fridge or a frame =)

This weekend I'm going to visit MY brother at college. Now that he's in school I see him maybe once a month? Not terrible, really but it would be fun to see him more. Then I'm starting my volunteer work at the animal ranch on Sunday!

Nicole said...

Cute kiddo! I'm going to be hanging out with my mom this afternoon before we go to a basketball game tonight.

My sister lives an hour away, and I rarely see her. Between the two of us both being in school, we hardly ever have the time.

Jessica said...

Your nephew is so sweet!!

I don't get to see my siblings nearly as often as I would like to. I am actually currently visiting them, but it is the first time I have seen my sister in about 6 months. I hadn't seen my brother in maybe about 2 months. It's hard to be so far away, especially since my sister has 2 babies that I absolutely adore, but one day when I finish school I hope to be closer!!

Good luck with cooking..can't wait to hear about it!

Amber said...

SOOO cute! You seriously have the sweetest little nephew!!

I see my brother every few months when I go home. He's only 16 and in high school, though, so we're not very close. I'm hoping we'll get closer as he gets older. So far it's happening since we used to HATE each other and now we can at least hang out and have fun haha!

Amber said...

PS: Eric is REALLY close with his brother and sister, who are both older than him and have kids and I absolutely ADORE his two nieces and one nephew!!

Chelsea said...

Well isn't he just so stinking cute?! :)

Cherry Blossoms said...

How cute! I love the goats and the photo of you and Kolin is adorable!

Marlys said...

Now I miss him all the more and can't wait for Thanksgiving so I can spend some quality time with him! Great snaps!

Anais said...

Hope the cooking bootcamp went well! It's too bad Julie & Julia isn't out on DVD already, it would've been awesome paired with a Julia Child recipe :P