Friday, October 2, 2009

Vacation Recap

Well, here we are on the final day of my vacation. Sure, I've got the weekend, but I know that is going to fly by! I can't believe how fast my 2 weeks have gone. I kind of thought that the time would go by a little more slowly! I have gotten quite a bit of stuff done, though. I've seen lots of friends - I basically had a dinner or lunch w/ someone every day during my vacation.

And I've done so-so on the to do list.

I've crossed off quite a bit - mostly cleaning tasks. Most of the stuff I have left to do requires a trip to Home Depot. Can I just say how much I hate going to that place. First off, I can NEVER find anyone to help me, and when I do manage to track someone down, they treat me like a complete moron. I hate it. I usually try to seek out some retirement-age employee because they are usually the most knowledgeable and helpful. *sigh* But I have decided to go to Home Depot today so wish me luck.

I haven't solved my book problem yet.

Houston, we have a problem. Do you see all the stacks of books on the shelves - my cup runneth over. I already have 2 other bookshelves that are packed to the max. So I either need to pack these books away, or I need to swap out my bedside stand with yet another bookshelf. Let me remind you that my condo is a whopping 720 square feet. I buy books like I live in a mansion. You know the whole "old woman who lived her in shoes" rhyme? Yah, I am going to be the old woman who lived in a house made of books. I think I am going to end up swapping out my bedside stand... I just can't bare the thought of packing these books away!

Oh, and when I was cleaning my closet out, I discovered that I own 6 black cardigans. No joke. In addition to hoarding books, I apparently hoard cardigans. Let's not even talk about how many cardigans I own in total. Yikes. You know those people who store like jars of water in case the end of the world comes so they are prepared? I guess I am doing that, but I'm preparing for J. Crew and Banana Republic to close down their operations (which would be a really, really sad day in my world).

Alright, enough about my hoarding habits. I am fully expecting an email diagnosis from my cousin Suzanne who is in med school and has done some psych rotations.

The Twin Cities 10 mile is on Sunday so that is kind of the focus of my weekend. This will be the first time I will be 'carb loading' gluten free. I am going to make some quinoa pasta so I guess I'm not quite off my quinoa kick just yet.

Oh, and for you runners out there, you will appreciate this. I was talking to my best friend that works for the company sponsoring this weekend's marathon/10 Mile (Medtronic). She said she had to volunteer and I asked what she'd be doing. She said, 'oh, I have to escort this guy around.' I asked who. She said Hal Higdon!! She didn't even know who he was! I used Hal's books & training plan when I trained for the marathon, I am using his 1/2 marathon training plan for my 10/31 half, and I am currently reading his book, "Run Fast" - so I am kind of fan.

So yah, I might be the dork that tries to get his autograph. Or Brooke might snag it for me if I can't stalk him track him down at the expo on Saturday night.

What are you all up to this weekend? Is there anything you buy excessive amounts of - like black cardigans? Come on - share and make me feel more normal!


Mandy said...

I own entirely way too many books too but can't seem to stop buying them. I also hit the library once or twice a week too. Its a sickness. =) Good luck in your race!

Unknown said...

We have always had a problem with book ownership. When we were first married, Paul and I even belonged to book clubs that mailed you new hard covers monthly. When we both received the same book on the same day we decided it was time to curb that habit! Suzanne should be able to talk to you about hoarding things as well. She is the person, you know, who still has a chunk of cement from the sidewalk at her daycare mom's and a bottle of lake water from where we would go for vacation each summer.....

This weekend we are going to J.D.'s college football game. We leave shortly for Beth and Gary's. I am bringing layers of clothes to stay warm at the game. Wish I had more cardigans!

Enjoy the weekend. It sounds so fun!

Nicole said...

I aparently also have a problem with cardigans. I have too many, yet still seem to buy more. I have at least two black cardigans as well as at least three other black jackets of some sort. You are not alone!

Anonymous said...

Well this past week my big bookshelf started falling apart! I'd wake up to crashing shelves in the middle of the night so I think a trip to find a new one is in order. So right now? I have a HUGE stacks of books lying around in the corners of my room. So attractive. I keep a bunch of other books at Irish's house since I don't have room for all of mine !

This weekend: going to the last Cardinals game of the year, taking a friend for a mani/pedi as a bachelorette present and the family birthday celebration tomorrow afternoon. It's packed but hopefully I can get some sleep.


Little Fish said...

I probably own six black cardigans too. Right now I can only think of 5, but I'm sure if I searched I might find a 6th!

I don't think that on my blog I've ever fully delved in to my clutch purse addiction. To my credit most of them are from ebay, but I probably have more then any person should own*. Last year when two friends were staying with me for the weekend I opened my purse drawer and my friend looked at it and said in this half amazed, half concerened voice, "Oh sweetie I didn't realize how bad it had gotten."

*OK full disclosure... I'd guess I own about 20-25 clutches. Don't judge me!

Amber said...

Good luck in your ten-miler!!!! Sounds FUN!

That's soooo funny about your friend, haha!

I definitely have WAY TOO MANY CLOTHES!! Seriously, I clean out my closet about 4 times a year and always, always get rid of a HUGE bag of clothing!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

I own way too much black! I'm not goth or anything but just like wearing lots of black! I try to buy more colors but always end up with the black option!

Abby said...

Hal Higdon??? Can you like, photocopy me his autograph? Lol. Just kidding. That's a little creepy. He has such a running career though! Amazing!!!

Secondly--I have the same problem with cardigans. Ever spring, I end my winter saying "Okay, I am done buy cardigans. I don't need anymore.
Then fall comes around and I SWEAR they are the first thing placed in every store to taunt me!

However, I don't have 8 black cardigans....;)

Sounds to me like you had a pretty accomplished and fun vacation! I'm glad you were able to do it before the big job start! :)

Kelly said...

I am the same way with books. I have REALLY tried to use the library lately and that has helped. I hope you enjoy your last two days of vacation! Even though it might not seem like it, it IS very productive to see everyone!

Becky said...

Hope the run goes well! I tagged you in a photo meme if you're interested!

Shoshanah said...

We definitely don't have enough bookshelves either. We've pretty much taken to just lining them up against the walls. Not the prettiest of solutions, but its working for now.

Anais said...

I hope you got his autograph!! I know I'm a bit late in saying this but I guess I'll get to know soon enough ;)

My bookshelf used to look the same, but now it's half empty (guess why, lol) so I think I could spread out my books :P