Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Wish List 2011

First off, I want to wish Kyria good luck this weekend - she is running her first marathon on Sunday!  Hop over to her blog and wish her luck!  She won't need luck, though, she is going to rock this marathon!!

Now onto the post at hand.  Ready or not, the Christmas Season is upon us!  I have enjoyed the other Christmas List posts I've seen around the blogosphere, so I thought I would share some items on mine!

1.  A New Anthropologie Apron - a girl can't have too many aprons in my opinion!  It's hard to pick a favorite, but this one is definitely towards the top of the list!

2.  Fun Prints!  I have a lot of blank wall space and have been eyeing these two prints for quite awhile!  Math and reading are two things I love and these prints are just so me!

3.  Silicone Potholders - Yes, some of my list is quite practical.  I have cloth potholders and I really don't like them because they get dirty very easily.  I like the silicone ones because you can just throw them in the dishwasher. 
4.  Chopper - I actually like slicing and dicing vegetables as it's really soothing for me, but sometimes I want a fast, efficient way to chop veggies for sauces and salsa and such.  My mom has this chopper and loves it!
5.  Penguin Clothbound Classics - I am hoping to eventually have all of the clothbound classics, so hopefully I will get more to add to the collection this holiday season.  So far, I have Jane Eyre, Little Women, and Alice in Wonderland!

6.  Peas & Thank You Cookbook - I bought this cookbook for Amber for her birthday and she RAVES about it, so I'd like to add it to my collection!

 7.  Paris Christmas Ornaments - Eventually, I would like to have a tree full of Paris-themed or travel-themed Christmas ornaments.  I know this will probably take years, but I have to start somewhere!  Here are a couple that I have seen!

8.  Point-and-shoot camera - I have had my camera for over 7 years now and it is on its last leg!  I've heard good things about the Canon Powershot.

What is on your holiday wish list this year?


Jess said...

I want to wear that apron as a dress! Way too cute!!!

Becky said...

GREAT list! The Canon powershot is an awesome camera - you'll love it! (And maybe it'll keep you motivated to take more pictures - ha!)

Happy Friday!

abbi said...

I have that chopper - I've actually never used it though. Got it as a gift a couple of years ago. Seemed like too much to deal with washing, I need to try it someday. I might need some of those potholders! Obviously I like practical gifts too.

AshleyD said...

Those Paris ornaments are too cute. I love them!

missris said...

I love that reading poster-too cute!

Abby said...

That apron is awesome. I love how it's actually "figure-complaint". Also, those pictures are adorable.

I think you should work yourself up to having a Parisian or travel-themed christmas tree some day! It'd be very fitting for you :)

Marlys said...

That chopper is wonderful especially if you have lots of chopping to do as it goes so fast and everything is a uniform size - comes with two sizes of blades so works for lots of things! If I just have to chop one onion I don't use it but if I'm making homeade soup or salsa or something like that, it's ideal!
I, too, love that apron and the pictures you posted! Lots of good ideas, Lisa!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

A Paris themed Christmas tree would be *perfect* for you! You have to do it!

I still do not have an Anthropologie apron - maybe I should add one to my list??!

Great list, Lisa! I loved reading yours!

Caroline said...

Great list! I love the apron!

Carolina John said...

The only thing I want for christmas is for someone else to pay my race entry fees. They add up so fast! A point and shoot camera would be nice too, we don't always want to carry around the big dslr.

Great list!

Stephany said...

I hate cutting up vegetables so that food chopper would really come in handy.

That apron is SO cute. For some reason, I've never been one to wear aprons but Anthropologie may change my mind...

Raquelita said...

I have two really cute aprons (neither Anthro) but I rarely remember to put them on when I cook unless it's something I know will be really messy - like homemade spaghetti sauce or enchilada casserole. I definitely can't justify another apron until I start using my current ones more.

Those posters are adorable!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

You are so sweet. Thanks for the shout out!

I love that apron. I actually (gasp) don't own an apron. And I cook a lot! I just never got into the habit. I may actually get one like that and wear it out and about. It's so cute!

I love these Christmas lists. Mine is actually scheduled for Monday. It's fun to dream and it's nice to get ideas from other people!

Marisa A. said...

I have those silicon pot holders and I love them! Haha, hop on over to my blog today to see whats on my Birthmas list ;)

Jeanie said...

My list is small. At least today! But I'm loving yours!

crystal said...

Great list! That "reading is cool" print has been on my etsy wishlist forever, too cute! :)

Oh said...

Lisa! go to for a look at some other "reading" art that you might consider for your walls! I think you'll like some of it a lot!

and I adore the Xmas ornament you picture that shows Pei's pyramid at the Louvre!

more later-- we gotta do a Paris-at-Christmas chat.

J said...

Great list! I have a little list collected on my iPhone - I just write notes every time I think of things I want. But I need to start to organize otherwise I wont get anything!

Anais said...

I have the Alice in Wonderland cloth book - so pretty :) Plus I got myself some nice Owl Bookends and I love showcasing my pretty books ;)

I would definitely need some silicone potholders - my cloth ones are so crappy and I always burn myself...

Jeanie said...

Would you please email me your address? ( -- Thanks!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

My sister has that apron on her Christmas list, but the shipping is over $20! That is too much for one item. I wish there was an Anthro in Canada!

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

Great picks. A lot of my wish list items are very practical. A new belt, $$, running shoes, etc. I love that apron. I just wish I could remember to wear the ones I already have. ;)

Anonymous said...

Fun list Lisa! I think that's the camera I bought my mom last year & it works really well. Happy holidays! :)

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