Monday, March 4, 2024

Birthday Weekend Fun!

This past weekend was all about celebrating Paul! Our 1:1 day on Friday was so fun! We started at Starbucks where I got a latte and he got a cake pop. Then we headed over to the aquarium place. I would have walked through it slower than Paul did but we both had a great time seeing all the fish and sea life!

They had these cool walkways where you were surrounded by fish.

There were also spots where he could be in the middle of all the action.

Next up, we stopped at the LEGO store to buy the sets for his birthday party later this month and then headed to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch. Paul was totally charmed by all the animals and sound effects. 

When people asked about his day with me, he also noted how much fun he had riding the escalators at the mall! We rode some extra ones since he thought they were so fun. It’s the little things, I guess! I took advantage of the fact that we were at a mall (which rarely happens) and bought some skincare products at Sephora and a pair of jeans at Madewell. 

We were both tired after our full morning so cuddled up on the couch and watched the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie from the 1960s. I may have dozed off for a bit…

Then it was off to karate for his first belt test! He got his yellow striped belt. Since we only go to karate once/week it took him 4 months to get this belt. He was pretty excited about it! 

We capped off the day with dinner and presents. He was happy with the books and game. 

We played Sequence for kids several times over the weekend. 

Saturday was his family party. The boys helped with the cake in the morning. Our family birthday dessert for kids is a GF cookie cake!

The recipe has you mix the chocolate chips with the flour. Not sure why but I am a recipe follower so I did as I was told.

My parents came that afternoon and my mom decorated the cake with a little bit of assistance from me. Paul requested a cat on the cake and wow did we struggle to pull this off. 

When we showed Taco the cake after he woke from his nap he said, ‘oh, it’s a bunny!!’ But hey, it tasted good which is all that really matters!

We kept it easy and ordered pizza and I served my fave bagged salad from Aldi that has pepitas and toasted quinoa. 

The boys also got hair cuts that morning and I had Taco’s hair buzzed because it is so fine and never lays nicely. I love the way Taco is looking at Paul in this picture - and of course he’s wearing a Mickey shirt.

Blowing out his candle!

The boys were definitely overstimulated and SO WILD!! I am sure our guests were happy to get back into their quiet homes when they left our house.

We lucked out and had gorgeous weather both days, too. The boys played outside both days. We divided and conquered on Sunday - Phil took the boys to the park in the morning so I could do meal prep and I took them after naptime. Weekends are so much more enjoyable when we can comfortably be outdoors!

This was a Paul-centric post so I’ll close with this adorable photo of Taco in the bath last night. It shows his buzz cut which I think he wears well! 

But it was quite the drastic cut - felt like a locks for love kind of haircut. Lol. This was him a few days before the cut.

How was your weekend? Does your family have a traditional birthday dessert? When I was a kid, my mom would make a homemade chocolate cake with chocolate frosting usually or we’d get a DQ cake. 


Ernie said...

What a great day. Love the way you spent time with Paul. He looks like he is having a great day. So much fun. I really like the buzz cut. A cookie cake that's GF? Hmmm. Growing up my mom made a boxed cake and frosted it and often decorated it with M & Ms. I so remember the kids getting super wound up when we had guests over. Ha.

Anne said...

Looks like a fantastic day, Lisa! I'm so glad you and Paul were able to enjoy one-on-one time. And, Taco's face in that picture is *priceless*. So glad you captured it!