Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Signature Scent Possibility?

The thermometer is still registering temperatures in the negatives, but I am feeling much better today. It sounds like we might hit the 30-40's by Friday. Thank God. I really hope that this February is like the February of 1988. Why would I remember such a February? Well, that is the February that Abby, my little sister, was born. I can vividly remember the day she was born (Feb 27th). I was outside, riding my bike through puddles, wearing shorts. I think it might have been in the 60's or 70's. I know we have a few weeks until we arrive at the 27th of February but darn I really hope this month turns out like that one did!!!

I made a great discovery this week - I think I might have identified a perfume that I need to buy....

Seriously - a scent that is called 'In the Library'? Sold. Unfortunately it isn't sold in any stores in Minneapolis, but I will be going to NYC in March or April and definitely plan to check it out & possibly purchase a lifetime supply. It's just so me, especially since I am often told that I have a 'librarian' look. When I am told this, I am not sure it is a compliment, but I take it as one.
You can read more about it here, if you are interested! It's pretty funny to read the 'story' of the scent. And yes - this is legit, it's not a joke. This is actually a perfume!!


Amber said...

That's really really funny. I wonder if it smells good...

As for the training plan I'm doing I just kind of made it up to be honest. But heres what it looks like

Mon/Wed- Swim for one hour, usually between 2100-2600 M (i'm skipping tonight because I'm sick. boo)

Tues- 3.5 miles, speedwork, 50 minutes of weights (full-body)

Thurs- 4 miles, yoga

Fri- 45 minutes on the elliptical, 50 minutes of weights (same as Tues)

Saturday- Long run. I did 5.5 miles last weekend and this weekend I'm doing 6.

So for the past five weeks I've only been doing three runs a week, but when there's only 10 weeks left till the half I'm going to add in a fourth run in exchange for my elliptical session. I basically started out with my long run at 2 miles and have bumped up each run a mile every week, and now I'm at 6!! It seems to be working pretty good for me so ya..

Do you have any training tips? I'm going to check out that plan you said that you use. Are you training for a race right now or have you just done one recently?

Amber said...

Oh ya and I usually do another hour of Yoga either on Saturday after my run or on Sunday mornings. I just do yoga tapes! Sorry for the uber long comment :-)

Abby and Ryan said...

I think that perfume was meant to be for you, Lisa. I have been praying for you as it looks like your week has been rough! Your poor immune system!!! Or lack thereof! I can't believe I haven't gotten yet this year (knock on wood...I haven't had a full night of sleep yet this week with all the tests I've had....)

I wish all my birthdays would have been like the one where I was born!! I am sure I will be wearing shorts this year on my bday, however, ;)