Thursday, April 23, 2009

One step closer

Well, still no bag. But I am sure it is in Mexico City. I talked to NWA this morning and asked them to pick up the phone and call Mexico City. Apparently this request was equivalent to asking them to move heaven and earth for me. At this point in the baggage recovery process, I lost it and started crying on the phone. The NWA lady said - 'Lady, it's just stuff.'

Really? Oh, thank you. That is so reassuring. It just reflects how much NWA cares about my so called 'stuff'.

Luckily, the person's whose bag I have called me and gave me his baggage claim info so I confirmed my bag is in fact in Mexico City. How I will get it back is a whole other story. I bought an international calling card & called Mexico City, but of course no one speaks English and my 1 semester of Spanish in college wasn't much help. And NWA is standing by their policy of not calling international airports.

So yah. At this point, I've accepted the fact that the bag isn't going to get to me during my trip. So now I am just hoping and praying that I see it eventually and that it has all of my 'stuff'.

I am enjoying NYC, though. I've walked through lots of different areas & ate at great restaurants. Yesterday I saw South Pacific, which was amazing! The MN girl who played the lead was amazing! Today we took the subway to Brooklyn & walked back across the Brooklyn Bridge.

I have one more day in Manhattan. Tomorrow I head up to see my friend Ali on the northern tip of Manhattan, and then head south to Long Island on Saturday morning. My time is flying by, especially since I have spent at least 2 hours each day trying to find my bag... But nonetheless, it's been a great trip!

And seriously - mark my words, I will never fly NWA/Delta again. And I will somehow learn how to pack more efficiently and will never check luggage again.


Lady Jane said...

Can you report her??? I know you said you will never fly NWA again...but you should be able to get some kind of comp from them!

Cate Subrosa said...

Glad you're enjoying it despite the absolute nightmare and unbelievably bad service from those airline eejits!

Meg said...

this is so ridiculous.....wont call an international airport---they got it there for goodness sakes. glad you are still having a great day!!!! :)
d is going to a daycare in a home wtih a great lady--- today went well...he is sick and slept most of the day!