Friday, October 9, 2009

Yoo Hoo! Over here!

Happy Friday! I am going to keep this short because you can go here - I am the featured runner on the Runner's Lounge this week!!! So go over there & read about me, if you feel so inclined! And if you are interested in running at all, Runner's Lounge is a great place to check out!

Week one at my new job is coming to a close and boy has it been an intense week. I am averaging about 5 hours of meeting a day, much of which is training. It's kind of overwhelming, but it's all good. I definitely feel like I am 'drinking out of a fire hose' right now, but I expected that since I changed industries. And with a new industry comes new acronyms, processes, financial measures, etc. It's great to be challenged again, though! My schedule has been turned upside down, though. I leave the house around 6:20 and get home around 8 so the days are long! I've still managed to fit in runs after work so I am proud of myself for making time for that. I wasn't so good about that when I was in grad school...

My insomnia continues. It's really frustrating. I am hoping it's just the anxiety of a new job. So hopefully after a month or so, things will improve on that front. My alarm goes off at 5:15 which means I am averaging about 5 hours of sleep a night which isn't nearly enough... So yah. I kind of feel like I am running on empty right now, but hopefully that will change!

I have a pretty low key weekend ahead of me. I am going to a house party on Saturday night and Sunday I plan on doing a 10 mile training run and making some savory comfort food for dinner because guess what - we are getting a rain/snow mix on both Saturday and Monday. WHAT!!!?!?!? Um, fall, seriously - don't be the petulent child and please bring back the lovely fall temps. I am not ready for winter outerwear. Thanks.

What all are you guys up to this weekend?


Lisa-Marie said...

Well done you, being all famous and featured!

I'm glad your new job is going well, even if it is a bt intense, I'm sure you are more than capable of doing it.

I get insomnia every time I have a new thing or a big worry, I'm sure that's all it is. It's still a big pain in the bumoley though! The only thing I've found helps is using lavender stuff(Original source shower gel) and getting into bed with a cup of tea and a book.

Amber said...

LISA - that was such a cool little interview you did over on Runners Lounge, thank you so much for mentioning me - I would LOVE to go running with you, too, obviously :D. And what a cool place to connect with other runners, I've never checked it out before but I definitely will now!

Also, I cannot believe your crazy schedule! Those are such LONG days. Are your days always going to be that long? Or will they slow down once you get more into the job? I'm glad you're enjoying it and feeling challenged though. So excited for you!

Have a GREAT weekend :-) Send me an email after your party on Saturday and let me know how it goes!! XO

aimee said...

Awesome interview!!

I hope your insomnia eases once you get into the swing of things at your new job. That happens to ne when I have a lot on my mind too.

Get some rest this weekend!!

Jessica said...

I hope you have a great weekend. I have really bad insomnia also. What the doctors told me to try is Melatonin if you've heard of it. It's natural & it doesn't leave you groggy. It knocks me out every night by 11 :)

Becky said...

Great interview!!! "Um, fall, seriously - don't be the petulent child and please bring back the lovely fall temps."

best. line. ever.

Unknown said...

Congratulations! That interview was very impressive! I do hope you get a chance to relax this weekend. You deserve a break!

Abby said...

VERY cool interview, Lisa! That is awesome! :) How did they get ahold of you?

You poor thing--I didn't realize how awful, crazy, hectic your schedule has been! Very impressive that you are still finding time to run! It will be helpful in the long run (haha..) for your overall health/stress management!!

Be sure to eat some oranges, and take your vitamin B! I recommend Zip-Fizz (you can get a pack at Sam's) for your immune system since you're running on empty lately!

I hope the insomnia gets better. That is awful :( Nothing worse than staring at the clock all night! :(

crystal said...

Ok, for starters; a house party and a 10 mile run does not equal a laid back weekend!! :)
Also; let me know what you think of the Brandi cd.... ;)

Oh said...

very cool open mic interview at runner's lounge.
Yeah, maybe I will read Murakami's THINGS I THINK ABOUT WHEN RUNNING (did I get that right?) Still reading through his NORWEIGAN WOOD.
Yeah, what is UP with this weather? awful (cold, that is.)

Anais said...

I love snow!!! I wouldn't mind having some right now lol!

I hope your insomnia gets better... It's definitely up there in the category of awful things to experience!

I'm making my pizza tonight! I wish it was dinner already :P

Kelly said...

I LOVED the article about you- I learned so much new info about you :) I can definitely relate to your feeling that you weren't particularly "athletic" when you were younger- I think being athletic can be really limited when we are kids and we can expand it as we get older.

I am REALLY impressed that you have been running after those 12 hour days at work! Especially if you haven't been sleeping great. I have trouble sleeping when I'm nervous/stressed too.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

It is Thanksgiving in Canada, so I am relaxing and going to 2 different families homes for Turkey Dinner!!!

Mama Nastase said...

Very cool interview! I'm impressed...and will be asking for your autograph the next time I see you in person! ;)

Hope you had a nice weekend...I had a full/crazy one. Friends in from out of town so we went out to our local karaoke joint (Abby & Ryan joined us...we even duetted a couple of times!) Yesterday was a full day of spa time with the ladies, then a girls night out dinner at this cool sushi place in town. Afterwards we went dancing. Today we're digging out our fall decorations and then going to a pool party and a "good bye" party!

Hope your Week Number Two is wonderful!

Nicole said...

Knowing that someone else is super busy with life and still manages to make time to run is encouraging. I want to badly to start running, but I have so much going on right now! I just need to get out and do it! Thanks for being an inspiration!