Friday, September 19, 2014


Oh Friday, I'm so happy to see you!!  Now if this weekend could by reeaaallllyyy slooowwlllyyy that would be awesome.  Here's a recap of my week!

The high of my week was the traveling tap social event that I did last night with some coworkers from my previous company.  It's a really cool concept - it's easier to show you a picture than to explain how it works!  It was so fun to see some former coworkers.  Staying with my former company was not an option given my dislike for living in Charlotte (working in the Minneapolis office was not an option as my department was in Charlotte) but I do really miss my coworkers so I am glad I was able to see so many of them last night!

These are random people, not my coworkers

The low of my week was a snafu with the delivery of my RA injections. Long story short, my condo building messed up and didn't tell me I had a perishable package and I had to throw away half of the syringes because the medication has to be used within 14 days if it reaches room temperature, and that might have happened as the building couldn't tell me when they put my package in the fridge.  Financially it's not a huge deal as my deductible is low but that is $1,000 worth of medication so it's incredibly wasteful to have to throw it away.  And it involved going home during the day and making multiple phone calls.  And I cried because I don't handle unexpected stress right now. 

A blog post I loved was Becky's birthday post.  That girl amazes me because she's been through so much in the past year but she's still so positive and has such a peace about herself.  

For my workouts, I completed an arms workout on Monday morning, a 7-mile tempo run on Monday night, a bike ride on Tuesday, an 8 mile run that included a ladder speed workout on Wednesday night and a shred workout yesterday morning. Today will be my rest day, tomorrow I will run 16 miles (I think?  We will see how I feel) and Sunday I will bike 35-40 miles if the weather permits!

The best money I spent was on the trip to Jamaica in early December that Phil and I booked for his best friend's wedding!!!  This will be my first relaxing/beach vacation EVER!

My plans this weekend include going out to dinner with Phil tonight and stopping by his friend's birthday get together, run club tomorrow and another friend's birthday get together in the evening, and weather-permitting on Sunday my friend and I plan to bike to this cute town called Stillwater which is about about a 35-40 mile bike ride round trip but we'll stop in the middle to have lunch and walk around.  I have less planned this weekend than last weekend which makes me happy because I've had a busy week and the next several weeks are sort of jam-packed.

What was the high and low of your week?


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Yay JAMAICA! So awesome!!!!
That traveling tap looks SO awesome. I looked up if we have it in Boston and it looks like we don't but I'm going to keep searching because maybe it's just called something else.
Also, Becky amazes me too.

My highs of the week were all swimming related- I swam at the pond twice and I took Max to his swimming lessons :) I also did a webinar about teaching science and normally no class is going to be the high of my week but i liked how I could do it sitting at home and also it was nice to think about teaching science for once since it gets pushed aside in a big way due to all the literacy and math standards.

My low was just Max's sleeping issues lately. We are having a lot of success with bedtime sleep training but we have had some rough middle of the nights. I'm hoping we are on the upswing now though.

Caroline said...

Oooh Jamaica will be so fun and relaxing! That's such a nice thing to look forward to.

My high this week was getting out last night to take photos around Boston. I have so much on my plate right now, but I'm making an effort to get out and still have "me" time.

Have a nice weekend, Lisa!

Marlys said...

Wow, Jamaica! Sounds enticing! December will be here before you know it!
This week was pretty mediocre for me, with no big highs or lows. I ordered new glasses yesterday so that is exciting! And the grass is slowing down so I didn't have to mow on Tuesday night! Now that was a real high for me!
The only low was one of our employees left and we desperately need him, but he's going to work in Fargo for a big company for the money. He will find out that $$ isn't everything but we wish him well.

katielookingforward said...

Is there a bike path to get to stillwater? Or are you going to be on the sides of roads?

missris said...

Jamaica! That sounds like so much fun!!

Emilie said...

The traveling tap event sounds so cool! I would be frustrated about the medication as well. I hope your condo at least tried to make good on their error! You are killing it with your workouts! This weather is making me want to get in some more challenging runs but a.) I'm officially on taper and b.) my legs were all sorts of tight and sore this week following my 20 miler so I stuck to mostly cross training and one easy 4 miler. Woohoo to booking a trip to Jamaica! My cruise earlier this year was my first beach-y vacation and it was wonderful. You'll have a great time!!

My high was my 20 mile run on Sunday and my low has been feeling so tired all week. I've been going to bed around 9pm and waking up feeling so sleepy!

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

Ugh, that sucks about the RA meds. But SO awesome that you and Phil are going to JAMAICA! That sounds like a dream. I know it will be really good for you. Oh and the sun and the beach... I can just imagine it. Good luck on your run and don't overdo it if your body's not feeling it! After all, the race is only a week away. Can't wait to see you in less than a week!

Leigh said...

Oh man, sorry to hear you had to deal with that and that your building messed up :( Hopefully it won't happen again. The event with your former co-workers sounds like fun :) And Jamaica...lucky duck! It's gorgeous there!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I cannot imagine you on one of those booze bike tours ... but, I'm sure seeing your old co-workers was the draw, not the booze. ;)

Sorry to hear about your meds - what a bummer! But, YAY to Jamaica! That should be such a fun trip!

My high this week was taking Gavin to see his new preschool and to meet his new teachers and friends. My low this week was learning the director of Gavin's current daycare (the one who is the reason we looked for options elsewhere) is resigning. I read the news as I was sitting in the parking lot to Gavin's daycare, ready to pick him up to take him to his new place. Hello, irony! Sigh.

Jeanie said...

Sounds like Jamaica is perfect! And I've never heard of a traveling tap -- looks fun!

High and Low -- the high was having the dedication for the new outdoor theatre I have worked on (fundraising, communication, etc.) A nice party and a job well done.

Low -- a note from a friend indicating that her terminally ill husband seems to be declining rather rapidly. I'm hoping it's the therapy, but that's a lot to hope.

Amber said...

Love these TGIF posts. The low of my week was definitely last night when our power went out at 8pm! I had fully planned to write one of these TGIF posts but when I saw on Twitter that the power in our area wouldn't be restored until 11 - 11:30pm I ended up in bed at 8:45. The high of our week was definitely our kick-off breakfast on Thursday morning. It went off without a hitch. My boss even said it was the best breakfast in the 12 years she's been doing it. Our whole office was on a total high all day yesterday and today from it! This weekend I am working, but it is at fun, active events so I'm not dreading it too much.

See you in ONE WEEK! :)

Stephany said...

I'm so excited for you for your Jamaica trip! I lovvvvve beach vacations more than any other kind, and I hope it's a great one for you! I will cross fingers and toes for beautiful weather. :)

The high of my week was definitely meeting Nora! She's an absolute sweetheart and it was fun talking in person after so many years of reading one another's blogs!

The low of my week was having to deal with a difficult coworker on a project. Ah, well. I guess THIS is why we always had to do those group projects in school - you will always have difficult people to work with and you just make do as best you can!

Becky said...

I'm here trying to catch up on blog posts and what a sweet shout out from you! Thank you my friend!

Okay so the high of my week would have to be my birthday - it was quiet and wonderful. Low of my week? Ahhh allergies. I think I've shaken the worst of them now, so we'll see!

And Jamaica?! Ah-mazing!!!

Happy Sunday (even though you wrote this on a Friday!)

Shoshanah said...

I've seen pictures of those traveling tap things before and think they look like a lot of fun, and obviously quite unique. I'd love to try one myself someday.

And you're trip to Jamaica sounds like it will be amazing, and at such a perfect time to escape the cold weather. I'm sure you guys will have a blast!!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

We went to Jamaiaca for our honeymoon! It was awesome. ;) I need to go to a new island to be lazy in the near future! Beach vacations are our favorites. ;) My high was going to see Shrek the Musical and my low was everything at work.

Abby said...

Awesome!!! Jamaica!! That will be so much fun!

That is an awesome weekend of workouts! Way to go!!!

Omg that is so frustrating about your syringes - ack!!!! I'm sorry, Lisa.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Oooooh Jamaica will be so fun!!! That is one of the "all-inclusive" resort places I haven't been to, but I'd really like to go. It just seems so much more expensive than Mexico, Dominican or Cuba.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

That biking pub crawl looks like so much fun. I remember seeing it when I was there! We have a similar thing but it is a "cable car" and it drives you around the city. The people on it are always so loud and crazy!

My weekend was full of highlights! I especially loved biking across the bridge and hanging out in Sausalito (as well as the burrito in the Mission. Of course). This week is shaping up to be a busy one, so I am sure there will be many highs and lows!

I hope you got home okay and that you have a great week at work this week!