Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Review

Whew, another weekend come and gone!  The weekends fly by way too fast!!  Here's how I filled mine!

On Friday night I found out that the side swipe repairs were done so I was able to pick up my car that night after work.  I was actually a little bit disappointed that the repairs were done so quickly as I was kind of enjoying driving the rental car which was newer.  But my good old 2003 Accord with 170,000 miles on it is still in fine shape and I'll take driving an older car over a car payment!!  That night Phil and I made dinner and watched part of Up in the Air together (which I had already seen).  He finished it on his own as I went to bed early since I had a big run the following day.

Oscar played peek-a-boo in the cupboards while I made dinner
 On Saturday morning I was up bright and early for a 22 mile run with my club.

22 miles on deck, but first, coffee.
It was around 45 degrees when we started, so perfect running weather.  I was a little nervous for this run but it ended up going very well despite the fact that I had to run about 12 miles of it on my own since my usual running buddy was working on Saturday. 

22 miles = done!!  Gotta love all of the pink/purple I am sporting!
I was pleasantly surprised by my pace as I did not really feel like I was "pushing" it for the most part so I was surprised to see that my average pace was 9:14 for the 22 miles.  I'm really hoping to run a sub-4 hour marathon and while this run did go well, it does make me question whether I will be able to do that but we'll see what happens on race day!  All in all, I can not complain as I never thought I'd run another marathon so I'm focusing on being thankful that I'm able to run the marathon!

After the run, I dashed home and got ready super fast (26 minutes!) and headed to my friend's baby shower.  I was nearly 2 hours late but I am glad I was able to be there for the last hour.  The shower was so nice and there were so many great decorating details!  Her due date is about 6 weeks away and I am so excited to meet the baby and see if it will be a boy or a girl (I'm guessing girl!).

On Saturday afternoon I had a total of 90 minutes of downtime at home before going to church.  After church, Phil picked me up and we headed to his friend's birthday party.  It was fun to see his group of high school friends and the birthday boy and his wife had a baby recently so I got snuggle with her for a bit.

Since the party started at 4, we were home by 8:30 on Saturday night, which I was so happy about as I was exhausted.  We Phil watched a movie while I dozed off.  Oscar is usually a total hyper spazz but she was very calm that night and sat on my lap for awhile which was extra calming/relaxing for me.

I slept like a log that night and slept for 8 hours straight.  I can't remember the last time I got 8 continuous hours of sleep.  It's been many, many months. Turns out 22 miles of running and a full day of social activities is the ultimate cure for insomnia.

On Sunday morning I was surprisingly not sore from my run. It was a beautiful morning so I went for a short 5 mile bike ride to work out any lactic acid that was still in my legs.  I had a quiet morning at home which was just what I needed after the busy day I had the previous day!

On Sunday afternoon I met a friend for coffee at one of my favorite coffee shops.  I hadn't seen her since the spring so we had lots to catch up on!  After that, I spent the rest of the afternoon doing things like laundry, ironing, grocery shopping and meal prep, aka "adulting."

A whole lot of basil...

Became a triple batch of pesto which I froze for use this fall and winter!

I roasted broccoli...

which accompanied a dairy-free caprese salad and the meatloaf I made (which was delicious)

And on Sunday evening, I put my feet up for some much-needed relaxation!!

How was your weekend?


missris said...

I'm the same way--I will happily take an older car (2005) over a car payment any day! ;)

Nora said...

I love my 2007 Accord. It has about 111k miles on it and I'm hoping to get several more years out of it, as long as our family structure permits it. Love not having a car payment.

Way to go on the long run. I'm pretty sure running 22 miles would take me forever and I would not see a pace in the 9 minute range at all.

Happy Monday!

Marlys said...

I can understand why you slept so well Saturday evening after that busy day! Gosh, I would be so tired after walking 22 miles, let alone running them! No way! I am glad you are done with long runs before the big "Marathon Day"!
Oscar looks like lots of fun and am happy she relaxed on your lap that evening!
Our weekend was good, but not as busy as yours!

Stephany said...

You had such a strong run this weekend! Great job - you are going to kick butt at the marathon.

My weekend was spent moving! My feet and legs were so tired on Saturday night that I gave them a long soak in a massaging foot bath. Felt divine! And Sunday was my first night in the new place - soooo weird! :) Hoping it starts feeling more like home soon.

Carolina John said...

Outstanding! I'm starting to guess at the weather already for our marathon. trying to figure out what to pack.. ugh.

katielookingforward said...

22 miles?!!? nice work!!!

Leigh said...

What a busy weekend you had! Glad to hear your 22 miler went well. I bet that makes you feel better going into taper now. What is the date of your marathon?

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Yum. I want some homemade pesto! I had such a lazy weekend and it was needed after the last few crazy weekends! I watched a ton of football and got a ton of snuggles from my girl. Did some reading and took some walks. My foot is messed up again so I'm thinking I need to find some other workout option than running for awhile. :(

Charis Faith said...

I'm so thankful that you are able to run another marathon! I know at one point in time you thought this would never happen! I personally want to die at mile 12 in a half marathon so I do have plans to run another half but still less than 0 desire to run a full!

Sounds like all in all it was a really great weekend! My crazy scheduled weekend ended up changing, which happens more often than not. Saturday I had my race but all the other plans were cancelled so I got to go see a movie with my mom and spent some time shopping with her.

Happy Tuesday!!!

Amber said...

Wow I cannot believe you got ready in 26 minutes after a 22 mile run! Colour me impressed!!! I still need to make pesto, maybe tonight. Your post reminded me about it and really I love pesto so why wouldn't I make it with all the excess basil we have! I finally got a little tired of the caprese salads this weekend after eating them all last week as well :)

Jenny said...

Loving all the pink! My running shoes are neon pink and I love them so much I tried to get another pair recently but they don't have that colour anymore :( You did a great job on your 22 miler, that must be the best confidence boost going into the marathon.

I had a great weekend, on Saturday morning we did a our housework and then cycled to the grocery store to do our shopping for the week. The weather was just perfect! On Sunday I had a 7km race which I was very pleased with and then I made French onion soup for the first time - it was ok but I made a couple of mistakes so I'll need to have another go.

Abby said...

What a full weekend! You are amazing!! Whenever I train for a marathon, I cannot plan anything for a few hours after my really long runs - because I seem to need a few hours to recover! I usually have a stomach ache, etc. Maybe I need to play around with better hydration next 26.2 ;)

That basil looks amazing! Miss my basil plant! But will be planting again to sell our house Lol. Seems kind of counter-intuitive to plant a bunch of stuff so we can get rid of the house?! ;)

Oscar is sooooo cute! I want to cuddle with him. Luckily Miles is starting to mellow out a little, and thinks he belongs on my lap when I set down. And he's 52 pounds lol.

My Sunday evening was perfect. I made a pork roast and chicken tortilla soup to freeze. We watched football, and I did laundry. Glamorous, but perfect!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I'm just like you when it comes to the car thing! My car is also a 2003, and has about 180,000 KM, and I don't plan on replacing it until I absolutely have to. I love not having a car payment :-)

My weekend was great! We enjoyed spending some time with my mom in Saskatoon.

Jeanie said...

Sounds like a great weekend Oscar is the most adorable little girl. Such a cute face! I'm in love!

And I know what you mean about the car. Mine goes till it is more expensive to repair than to have a down payment on a new one.

I had a good one, too. A concert, a movie, time to cook, time to play. And a good week so far!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Sounds like a busy, but fun weekend! I cannot believe how big Oscar is getting! It seems like we were just talking about how Phil wanted to get a kitten.

My weekend was a great mix of relaxing and errands and running and fun! I did some chores around the house, got together a few meals for the week, paced a friend for his last leg of a 100 mile race, read a book and a half, gardened a bit, pulled a lot of weeks, raked leaves (that just seemed to come right back!) and got some organizational things done around the house (finally hung a few photos). It was a good weekend. I was so glad to finally spend a little time at home.

Linda said...

I just got a bunch of basil from the farm after volunteering there for a few hours this morning! I was going to do stir fry but that would require me to buy some meat and mushrooms (thai style) and I'm moving so soon and want to use down my pantry that maybe pesto is a better idea.

Also, can't imagine what 45 degrees right now would feel like. Lows here are 80s right now.

Caroline said...

Wow, way to go! Sounds like training is going really well. I can't believe how much you did after your 22 miler! I agree the weeks/weekends have been flying by lately, I can't even keep up with what day it is!