Monday, May 7, 2018

Baby Paul: 2 Months

Baby Paul turned 2 months last week! He was such a good sport for our 2 month photo shoot!


He still likes to make funny faces. He often looks like he is judging us.

He also likes stroller walks, as long as he isn't hungry. If he gets hungry during the ride, things go downhill fast!

He likes laying on his side on dad's lap. This will often calm him down if he gets upset. 

He also likes to be bounced before going down for a nap or to bed (which gives me quite the workout as it's like doing mini squats over and over and over), bath time, and laying on his changing table. 

His changing table is his "happy place." Note that his ankles are crossed - his ankles are pretty much always crossed!

Dislikes: his car seat, tummy time (he'll tolerate it if he's in a good mood but doesn't really care for it in general), and being overtired.

Sleeping: he's still a pretty good sleeper. He sleeps best if he goes to bed around 9-9:30 but some times he gets tired earlier so goes down around 7:30-8 and then he is up more often during the night. He used to predictably nap for 3 hours around 3pm but that is not the case anymore. Now he takes 2 longer naps (1.5-2 hours) during the day but we can never predict when those longer naps will happen! 

Feeding: he's still primarily eating bottles. He nurses in the morning and then at other times of day if he is fussy and I want to try to get him to calm down, especially in the evening. 

Growth:  He had his 2-month check up last week. He weighs 9 lbs so is not quite 1st percentile, so he is quite the peanut. His pediatrician was not concerned about his size, though, as he's hitting all his developmental milestones. She saw him smile and follow things with his eyes and she was impressed by his head control/neck strength and how strong his legs are. She said he is just growing at his own pace. She also saw him eat a bottle and was very happy to see that he is eating much, much better. 

He moved into some 0-3 month clothes as he was getting too long for a lot of his newborn clothes. 


We have some first coming up in the next couple of weeks. This week he'll go on his first longer car ride as we are driving about 3 hours so he can meet my grandma and then we'll spend a couple of nights at the lake with my parents. Hopefully our first longer car ride goes well! 

Then later this month, we'll be leaving him for a couple of hours so we can go out to celebrate our 1st anniversary. A couple of college friends will be watching him. He's recently become more afraid of strangers so I am hoping this goes ok. I know it's good for us to go out on a date so hopefully it goes ok and he doesn't scream the whole time we are gone! 

Overall, the first 2 months have been wonderful! They have gone by pretty fast since we've been busy with doctor appointments, but things should really slow down in mid-May and I'm hoping the remainder of my maternity leave goes by a little bit more slowly.


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

His faces are THE BEST. I love his judging looks. So funny!

I'm glad he is eating so much better, and even nursing once a day- just one less time you have to pump sounds good to me!

I bet he will do well with your college friends. It's so hard to get away when they are that age, but also so important because they are so demanding ha. My MIL always reminds me that them screaming isn't that big of a deal to her because after I get home she will go back to her quiet house and have a full night of sleep ha ha. It makes me feel less guilty when I think about that! (And my kids never screamed the WHOLE time, I just always worried they would ha ha)

Charbelle said...

I agree with Kelly, his faces are THE BEST!!! I love all his expressions! It's been my experience in the nursery that generally when they are still this little you can get them to calm down with a variety of tricks. Bottle/music/rub their head/bounce, whatever you can to get them calm but generally, eventually, they are okay. I'm so glad y'all are able to get outside and walk, I know that is a good feeling!

Marlys said...

I can get enough pictures of him - he's so gosh darn adorable! Some of his expressions just crack me up! I hope he isn't afraid us us this week when you come, but we'll let him get used to us before I try to hold him! Or just maybe, he remembers me! Wouldn't that be sweet?
I am so glad we have warmer weather so you can get outdoors and walk. It does sound like we will get cooler weather after today, so we will see what happens!

Carolina John said...

He's so adorable!! wow

Our first long car ride was when Ella was about 5 weeks old. Around 1 am we were only halfway to myrtle beach (5 hours into the 3.5 hour ride) with the entire backseat covered in puke, Kelley and baby both naked, and Kelley screaming "why are we doing this?" and I'm answering "Because it's fun!"

It did end up being a fun trip. Hope you guys have an easier time!

suki said...

Haha, I love his judgey face. :) Hope the longer car ride turns out okay!

Gracie said...

Good luck on the car ride with your cutie! He totally looks like he's judging you. So funny. His expressions crack me up.

Jeanie said...

Wow, Lisa! He's getting bigger and such personality! Is he extra long? He seems like it in his sleeper but maybe that's his pointed crossed ankles! Wishing you well on the car ride!

katielookingforward said...

here's hoping the ride north goes well! how awesome to meet your grandmother!

Stephany said...

He is such an expressive little baby! And he's only going to grow MORE expressive in time. I can't wait for that! :)

Fingers crossed that the ride goes well. I can only imagine how nerve-wracking taking a wee babe on a road trip is.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I think I commented "Happy belated anniversary" in one of my last comments - oops! I thought the royals had already gotten married, but just realized that is still coming up, haha!

And I totally know the Indian place in Vancouver that you commented about on my post; it must be Vij's! Christopher and I went there our first time in Vancouver together!! Yummmmy!

Glad to hear that the doctor wasn't concerned about Paul being so little. He sure is cute!

Amber said...

I can't believe I'm so late commenting on this! Paul is just getting cuter and cuter all the time - I LOVE the crossed ankles photo!! His judgey facial expressions and his eyebrow raises really crack me up!!