Wednesday, August 15, 2018

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Oh boy I am on the struggle bus right now. Paul got a nasty virus that turned into an ear infection and kept him out of daycare for an entire week last week. He's on antibiotics and on the mend but he's still not quite himself and is waking up so much (as much as 6 times/night!). I caught his cough/cold so feel extra tired since my body is worn down. I am sooo ready for the weekend and it's only Wednesday. Womp womp. The only silver lining from Paul being sick is all the cuddle time. When he's feeling well, he's way too busy to cuddle with mom as he wants to be looking around/wiggling.

Reading: The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. I read this for a course when I studied abroad in Australia and HATED it. I gave it one star! I can't remember why I hated it, though. I was 21 at the time, though, and maybe I was too young to appreciate the concepts in the book? I'm re-reading it for book club.

Loving:  watching Paul figure out how to move. He's a ways off from figuring out how to crawl, but boy he's trying to figure it out! He's very good at rolling, though, and can spin around on his stomach so he's sort of on the move.

Feeling: really tired and worn out. These frequent wake-ups are just killing me! I'm glad that Phil and I can split the night up so I'm not handling all of the wake-ups but it's still exhausting to get woken up so much. And it's tough to see Paul feeling so tough. He coughs so hard that sometimes he ends up gagging and throwing up. :(  I keep telling myself - "this, too, shall pass."

Anticipating: the weekend. I kind of live for the weekends right now because naps are saving my life right now. Plus this is Phil's birthday weekend so we are going out for lunch at his favorite local restaurant (Marla's Caribbean Cuisine). We rarely eat out anymore as eating out with a baby is just not fun. But lunch is a good time to go out with a baby since he's in a good mood usually!

Grateful: that we were able to work from home last week so we didn't have to burn through vacation days. I took Monday off as I didn't have my computer at home with me and then worked from home on Wednesday and Friday. Phil worked from home on Tuesday and Thursday.

Working:  on canning some of the produce from my garden. I've been skinning/freezing tomatoes as I pick them and have enough to make some marinara. I'm hoping to can it this weekend so I can free up some freezer space. 25 pounds of tomatoes takes up a lot of room!! I've also been freezing roasted/pureed tomatillos so I can make salsa verde again.

Listening: to the second season of Slow Burn. The first season was about the Watergate scandal. The second season is about the impeachment of Bill Clinton. I was so young when Bill Clinton was in office so I really don't know the ins and outs of what happened.

Wishing: for some cooler temps. Don't hate me, fellow Midwesterners. I'm just over the hot/humid temps we've had lately. I just want to be able to sleep with the windows open!

And here are some bonus pics of Paul!

Looking handsome in his dino outfit - 5 minutes later he puked up his amoxicillin dose. :(

He can hold his bottle for about a minute!

Super smiley even though this was day 2 of being sick.

Daddy's future golf partner

We got our photos back from our 2nd session with our wedding photographer. This is one of my favorites!

What are you loving, anticipating, and grateful for?


missris said...

Hooray for pictures! Poor little angel (and poor you and Phil!). Hopefully everyone feels better soon!

Jeanie said...

It makes a world of dif when you can work from home. I'm glad you have that option. Poor guy and poor mom and dad. I hope he's on the mend and better very soon and that you two can get some R&R!

Charbelle said...

I'm so sorry he's been sick, that is so rough and miserable :( I'm glad y'all are both able to work from home! I know a sick little one can burn through vacation days faster than anything else! Weekends are definitely a blessing! I hope y'all enjoy the birthday lunch!!!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Having at least one spouse who could work from home when we had a sick kid and/or school snow day was amazing. There was a two week period when she was 18 months that I may have worked 2 days a week (no PTO) and Anthony only went in to the office about the same but could work from home because of RSV. One thing I've always been irritated about as a parent is bringing your sick kid to places that are not necessary. Or not telling other parents that you've decided your kid attending Thanksgiving is more important than the other kid's health. I can sit out holidays if someone NEEDS to bring their sick kid. BECAUSE IT IS NOT FUN. Hence the 2 week RSV incident. May still be bitter on that.
Loving - lazy days with my girl
Anticipating - a fun weekend camping and kayaking
Grateful - for all my lazy time with my kiddo

Marlys said...

Taking care of a sick baby & working full time is not easy, so am glad you both can work from home. He really got clobbered with his first illnes! I so hope the cough abates soon, as that is so hard on little ones. I also hope that you feel better soon, too!
But, I know you really enjoyed the cuddle time with Paul. Those are special moments!
I love his pictures!

Carolina John said...

So you totally understand why sleep deprivation is used as a torture technique? We got it too when the kids were little. It's unreal.

Stephany said...

I hope Paul is on the mend soon, if only so you guys can start getting more sleep. That sounds so awful! I'm glad you guys are able to work from home, though. That has to be super helpful because I know sick time is a precious commodity for you guys right now!

I haven't start the second season of Slow Burn yet, but I'm really looking forward to it. I was only in elementary school when his affair with Lewinsky came to light, so I don't really know much about it, other than her name got dragged through the mud. It will be another interesting season, I think!

Amber said...

Ugh it really has been a rough go for you guys! I really hope you are ALL better soon! Hope you have fun going out for lunch for Phil's birthday! I actually LOVE going out to eat now that Olivia is sitting in a high chair and loving to eat so much. She is easily distracted and happy and content as long as food is in front of her :) I know this phase will pass and she will become an active toddler who is annoying to eat with so I'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts!

Slow Burn sounds really good and I've seen a few people recommend it so I should check it out!

katielookingforward said...

Poor Paul and mom and dad! I'm glad you have work from home options! I hope this weekend is giving you some much needed rest and enjoyment with the meal out!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Oh no! I'm sorry to hear you guys haven't been feeling well, and with 6 wake-ups some nights, I can't even imagine how you are functioning well enough to post! That's great that your jobs allow you to work from home sometimes. That must be super helpful. Hopefully you can catch up on sleep soon!

I am surprised you didn't like The Handmaid's Tale. I read it last summer on Christopher's recommendation and loved it!

Loving - the heat; we've been having a heat wave like crazy, but our backyard is so shady it's really enjoyable back there. I walk in the morning though, as it would be waaay too hot to walk in the afternoon. I feel bad for Christopher walking all day in the heat though, and I am sure, like you, that he could also use a bit of a break from it.

Anticipating - Back to Work ... soon. Back to school/work time is my New Year.

Grateful For - this weekend with no plans, as we have social engagements nearly everyday next week (we're looking forward to them, but need some down time too).

Shoshanah said...

I love the photos of Paul sleeping on you. I have photos like that with both kids and just seeing the photos brings me back. As annoying as it may be being trapped as they're sleeping i wish I could go back just one more time.

Abby said...

I have been horrible about reading your blog lately. Glad I checked it out - looking at pictures of your sweet boy seriously makes my day.

Hope he is feeling better now?!

Motherhood sounds exhausting :( -- but this is not coming as a shock to me. More restful days are ahead of you! Those baby years are no easy task!

Hope you had a good weekend and got to enjoy a nice lunch to celebrate Phil's bday!!

San said...

Oh no, I hope Paul is on the mend. It's so hard to watch them when they're sick. I am glad that both you and Phil have the option to work from home though... that makes things a lot easier!