Monday, September 17, 2018

Weekend Recap

Gosh it's been a long time since I did a weekend recap, but we actually had plans each day of the weekend so I have something to talk about for a change!

On Friday night we met our realtor at a house that was coming on the market soon. It checked all of our boxes and I really, really loved the location and the layout. But the basement smelled really musty and the seller's disclosure indicated that there had been water damage. The seller said it was remedied but Phil did not think it was properly remedied since it smelled so strongly.

Snuggling with my little man while he drank his pre-bed bottle
After sleeping on it, on Saturday morning we decided not to submit an offer. Water damage can cause major issues and we didn't want to take on the risk of the future repairs that might be needed down the road. Plus the house didn't have a "true" second bathroom with a bathtub/shower. The 2nd shower was in the basement but it wasn't in a closed off area - it was in the laundry room area so it would need work to make it a true second bathroom with a shower. I was disappointed that the house didn't work out because I loved the layout but I know it's better to be patient and wait for the right house to come along.

Later that morning I was supposed to meet up with a former marathon training partner for a walk with our boys who are only 3 days apart. But it was super humid and already in the upper 80s so we opted to meet at a coffee shop instead. Paul does not handle the heat and humidity well so I knew that he would not be happy on a 3-mile walk! It was really fun to catch up and watch the boys interact. Paul looks soooo petite compared to Lochlan, though, as he's 99th percentile for height and has about 5 pounds on Paul.

Future running partners!
On Saturday afternoon, we tried another solid before putting Paul down for his 2nd nap. This time we tried yogurt. As you can see, he was not a fan but he at least swallowed some of it which is more than I can say about the sweet potatoes and oatmeal we tried the previous 2 weekends! I'm thinking/hoping he'll enjoy foods that he can feed himself but he needs to be sitting up on his own before we can let him feed himself bits of food. Hopefully he masters that skill soon as puréed foods or foods that you feed him on a spoon are clearly not a hit.

Must you torture me?

Why, mom, why?
While Paul napped, Phil and I team-cleaned the house. After his nap, he spent a lot of time rolling around and playing with toys on his blanket. He's gotten way more interested in Oscar lately and she's been getting closer and closer to him.

On Sunday morning we got together with some of Phil's high school friends. It was supposed to be a baby shower for a HS friend and her husband, but she ended up having her baby at 35 weeks last week due to preeclampsia. We decided to get together even though the new parents couldn't be there as we hadn't seen this group of friends in quite awhile. It was fun to catch up over a yummy brunch. There were 3 other kids ranging from 1 to 4 years old. Paul had fun watching them as he loves other kids!

On Sunday afternoon Phil went golfing with one of his HS friends and Paul and I hung out at home. We both napped and I watched the Vikings tie with the Packers. Our kicker had a horrible game and missed a 35 yard field goal with seconds left in overtime. Doh!

When Paul got up, he played in his jumper for quite awhile. He loves this toy so much! Our friends lent it to us. We've been so lucky to be on the receiving end of lots of borrowed items which we really appreciate!

We also worked on sitting up as this is a skill Paul has struggled with due to his big head! Ha!

So much personality!
For dinner on Sunday evening, I made this Instant Pot Wild Rice Soup. It may have been 90F and super humid, but it was fall in my kitchen. If you have an instant pot, I highly recommend this recipe as it was super easy. I added 2 chicken breast and left out the mushrooms since Phil doesn't like mushroom (womp womp). The chicken breast fell apart and made the soup extra hearty. I had to add an extra 1.5 cups of broth to thin out the soup since the shredded chicken made it extra thick. It was easy and delicious!

After dinner, I pumped, read for a bit, and went to bed. I was tired after a full but fun weekend!

What did you do this past weekend? Has the weather been unseasonably hot where you are? It's going to cool off this week and I CAN'T WAIT. I'm so over heat and humidity.


Marlys said...

I love the silly face Paul is making in the last picture! He's a ham! I also pinned the soup recipe as we love wild rice soup and your Dad loves mushrooms so will use them for sure!
Bummers on the house, but when you smell mustiness, there's a reason! I'm sure the right house will pop up someday!
We had to get on the plane to leave Denver yesterday just as the second half was starting so of course, we missed the exciting end of the game!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

We had a streak of cold and then went back to hot. Basically the end of August/beg of Sept was cold and then it went back to 80s. Of course we are camping next weekend on the water and it will be cooler. This weekend we had dinner with my parents on Friday, Saturday Isla had a bday party/sleepover and we hung out with some of Anthony's high school friends. Yesterday we were extremely lazy.

Stephany said...

Not that you need my opinion, I think that was the right call about the house! If you have a bad feeling about something, you're probably right about it! Plus, converting that semi-bathroom into a full bathroom would be such a pain. The right house will find you, but I know that's probably frustrating to hear after you've been searching for so long.

It is SO hot here, but September is always like this in Florida. We're hitting 100+ degrees on a daily basis and I am so over it. I just want to be able to walk outside comfortably!

Jeanie said...

Soup looks delish, Paul looks adorable and smart move on the house. Trust me -- I've had water issues. They are a huge pain.

I closed the cottage this weekend. Just as busy as you but not as much fun!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Just catching up on posts, but I'm glad to hear you didn't put an offer in on that place. Potential water issues are something I'd be really afraid of if were were buying a new place. Yes, patience will definitely be worth it in the end.

This past weekend we went to Saskatoon to visit my mom. She was feeling good on this visit, and ate a lot, which was great (since she's a very tiny woman, we're always worried on the visits when her appetite isn't as good).

All the pictures of Paul trying solid food are so funny! He really is NOT a fan!

Amber said...

As you know it's been unseasonably COLD where we are! I wish our temperatures could meet in the middle!! I think it has finally cooled off for you though, thank goodness.

The picture in the jumper is so cute! Love that Paul loves it so much. Olivia also loved her exersaucer / jumper around that age but now that she's moving she no longer likes being contained at all! She's even started fighting the stroller a bit which makes me super sad.

San said...

I am sorry that the house had water damage issues and therefore wasn't an option for you guys. That's a bummer.

From all my Mom friends, I have heard that introducing new foods to a baby/toddler is a true adventure of facial expressions LOL