Monday, April 13, 2020

Easter in Isolation

Easter looked quite different from usual, but we made the most of it. Here is how we celebrated the holiday.

- It was beautiful on Saturday so we did our Easter egg hunt after Paul's nap on Saturday. He was not very into it. I had been asking if the Easter Bunny was coming to our house for days and he would say 'NO!' We had read an Easter book about a bunny hiding eggs but he was still very suspicious of the whole thing. Paul would help look for eggs but once he found one, he wouldn't touch them and made me put the eggs in the bag. Maybe he'll get it more next year. He did love what was in his eggs, though. Nana Joan put some little animal figurines in 4 of the eggs and the other eggs had small bags of teddy grahams. Paul quickly started to line up his new animals, which is his favorite thing to do!

- We spent a lot of time outdoors on Saturday. We went for a long walk to the creek and played in our backyard. We knew cold weather/snow were in the forecast for Sunday so figured we better make the most of it. Paul is obsessed with playing outside and will ask to play outside over and over and over again.

- On Sunday morning, Paul slept in until almost 8am!! That was the best Easter gift I could receive. In general, he's been sleeping later since he's been home with us. We used to have to wake him at 6:30 at the latest when he was going to daycare. A lot of days he would be up already but now his body seems to have adjusted to sleeping later which has been wonderful, especially on the weekends!

- We came downstairs and I pointed out the Easter basket. He was pretty scared of it, hence him standing across the room! But once I started to pull out books, he became excited/interested. He got some books, a toddler scissors for art projects, a sticker book and soap with a rubber duck in it. He also got crayons, construction paper, and a coloring book but I pulled that out on Friday when I needed an activity to entertain him. He was most excited about the duck soap as he's obsessed with ducks, so that was a good find by Nana Joan!

Reading his new Llama Llama book with daddy
- We had our Easter meal about 11:45 so we could eat before Paul's nap. So I got started on everything that morning. I watched Easter Mass on my phone while working away in the kitchen. We kept things pretty simple. We baked a ham and I made mashed potatoes, ham gravy, and asparagus. Here is Paul's plate. He's been eating better lately but was not a fan of this meal. The only thing he ate was the apple sauce. Oh well. He's never liked mashed potatoes but I thought the gravy might entice him. Nope! I didn't even try to give him asparagus because I knew he would not eat it. His loss, I guess!

- After Paul's nap, we took out some of the art supplies and worked on cards to mail to his grandparents and my grandma. We got 2 made before he lost interest. He has about a 7 minute attention span for art - neither Phil or I are artistic so I imagine he'll take after us!

- This is a pretty terrible picture, but it gives you an idea of our weather that day. We ended up with about 6" of snow, which is super depressing for April. But it should melt fast - hopefully by the end of the week. I'm so over winter!

- We also Facetimed with both sets of grandparents and had a zoom chat with 2 of my siblings and my parents. So we still managed to 'see' family despite not leaving out house!

If you celebrate Easter, what did you do? Did you make a special meal?


Jeanie said...

Yikes. That's serious snow! Glad you did your hunt before!

The photos are cute and I'm glad you had a good Easter. We did a Zoom with the kids. Dinner -- a nice pork roast, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, corn and carrot cupcakes. It was a great day.

Stephany said...

Haha - I feel like Paul is already suspicious about the logic behind the Easter Bunny. ;) And hooray for him sleeping until 8am! That's amazing!

I love that you made a special Easter meal! I didn't do anything for the holiday and it was really rather depressing. I slept terribly the night before so I didn't even feel up to streaming a church service. Oh well. Next Easter will be better!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Isla did the same thing with the easter bunny and santa gifts around that age. Acted like wtf?? It's wierd that some rando brought me gifts ha! She still walks weirdly into the room on Christmas Day! We enjoyed a very lazy day on Easter. We thought we'd be getting rain but it missed us until night. We had a late dinner of lasagna, garlic bread, salad and homemade applesauce. My husband made homemade pineapple upside down cake which was yummy. We enjoyed day drinks on the front porch, went on a walk and enjoyed not having to go anywhere or get dressed up.

Gracie said...

You're doing so well with a toddler in isolation! I would definitely be team "TV all the time" at this point! It's so funny how we have these grand traditions and think kids will be all into them and then they're like... this makes no sense, why would a bunny be hiding eggs?! Hope you all get some nice weather back so you can play outside again. I know that gives you options at least.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I love how he lines everything up! He is going to a very organized dude.

I had a very quiet Easter with a couple of chats with the family, but not the entire family shindig that it normally is. Of course, I would have normally been studying, so it was not a total bust. We had nice weather and I spent the day in the yard with the cat.

Amber said...

Oh my gosh Paul scared of his Easter basket is sooo cute! haha.

I really hope the snow is over for both of us now!!

San said...

The weather has been so weird.. but I guess that's April for you... it was unseasonably warm for us here.

I am glad you were able to have a little Easter celebration with Paul and some Zoom sessions with family. It's feels weird not to be able to get together for holidays.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Paul's plate of food looks pretty delicious. Too bad he wasn't too interested in it. Kids just don't know what they are missing out on, haha!

This was my first Easter at home in about 10 years, but since we couldn't see anyone, and we had a fridge full of veggies that were going to go bad, we didn't cook a big meal until two weeks later. On Easter Sunday we zoomed with Christopher's family, and this past weekend I made a turkey dinner with all the fixings and delivered a bunch of it to my dad. He lives alone, but at least he is still going to work full time (at 78!) so he is still seeing people. He says he is being very careful, and he's not around too many people, so I hope he stays safe.

It has been really hard not being able to go and see my mom in her care home, and I don't know when I will be able to ... that has been the roughest part of all of this for me.